November Spotlight Author Duncan P. Bradshaw


Duncan Bradshaw is witty, funny, kind, smart and a damn good writer. I met Duncan not that long ago on Facebook. Hit it off right from the start. He’s happy to be talking about books, friends, family and just plain joking around with everyone. He will stand behind you and beside you.

Duncan has a long list of books available …stories in a few anthologies, and ebooks. You can find a complete list at Duncan’s author page on

When not writing, Duncan can be found spending time with family and friends, and at some of UK’s book conventions.

Duncan’s newest release is “28 SECONDS LATER: A ZOMBIE SHORT STORY”. Which was released at the end of last month. Available on Kindle price $3.95

“28 Seconds Later” is taken from the upcoming zombie collection, Chump, by Duncan P. Bradshaw, released on 12 November 2016.

Finally, the true story behind the Eastern Bloc boycott of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics is revealed. Brace yourself for an inspection of the top secret Khimki Sports Preparation Facility in the Novogorsk district, near Moscow. Just another normal day of injections, feats of sporting excellence, and a Scottish super-spy.

There’s a fine line between infection and zombism.

A popular anthology that features a story by Duncan is EASTER EGGS & BUNNY BOILERS: A HORROR ANTHOLOGY. Kindle price is $0.99

Matt Shaw invites you to learn the true meaning of Easter. Yes. That’s right. Easter. Learn the true meaning of Easter in this anthology featuring some of the biggest names in horror right now with authors from across the globe. Come, take his hand, and experience demented rabbits, chocolate obsessed children drowning in their own greed, serial killers, resurrection and more in this collection guaranteed to kill the cravings of your sweet tooth. Featuring the authors: Matt Shaw Graeme Reynolds Luke Smitherd Jim Goforth Stuart Keane Kit Power Jack Rollins David Owain Hughes Rich Hawkins Duncan Ralston Kyle M. Scott Duncan P. Bradshaw J R Park Glenn Rolfe Chantal Noordeloos Kindra Sowder Matt Hickman Neil Buchanan Mark West Michael Bray And an introduction from Gingernuts of Horror’s head honcho, Jim Mcleod

Duncan has a zombie story collection coming our way 11/12/2016. Kindle price $2.99 and it can be pre-ordered NOW.  CHUMP: A COLLECTION OF ZOMBIE STORIES…..

All of these stories are unpublished and have never seen the light of day before. A mix of humour, brutality and over-the-top mayhem, which Duncan P. Bradshaw is becoming famed for. Pick it up, and shamble inside some unique takes on the zombie genre.

I really hope you give Duncan a try. Him and his books are pretty amazing. Duncan was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

1. How old were you when you discovered books?

My brother and I were really lucky that our parents read to us from time to time when we were little, and encouraged us to read when we were able. I’d say the first two I can really remember, (and still own), were Puff the Magic Dragon and a pop-up book called Duncan the Dinosaur.

2. What was your favourite childhood book?

My favourite author was Roald Dahl when I was a kid, I loved the mad stories, and the barmy illustrations by Quentin Blake. It is tough to pick just one, but I’d have to go with The Twits. To me, it encapsulates the zaniness of both of them, and is a perfect book for any child.

3. Do you have a current favourite author / book?

Oh yes, all-time favourite, is World War Z by Max Brooks. It is rare for me to re-read the same book, as I just have so many ready and waiting for me in my TBR pile. However, once every couple of years, I’ll pick up WWZ and read it again. I just love the way Brooks approached it, reporting after the events, each interview paints a small part of a larger picture, and I just love it.

4. How many books do you have available?

At present, I have six released in the world. My first was zombie-comedy CLASS THREE, followed up by the first book in the CLASS FOUR series, THOSE WHO SURVIVE. Not wanting to be labelled as ‘Zombie Boy’, I then wrote a bizarro novella called CELEBRITY CULTURE, which is probably the weirdest book I’m ever going to write, it’s also quite tough to wade through. Then I released sci-fi/horror novella PRIME DIRECTIVE, following the first astronauts to land on Mars. My last release was HEXAGRAM, which is part horror, part sci-fi and fantasy. Six stories set across five hundred years of human history.

5. What are you currently working on?

At the moment, I’m just about to release a new book, but have two more ready for editing. One is called DEADLOCK, and follows a retired jewel thief pulled back for one last job. The other is called SUMMONED, and is a multi-narrative book that is going to take a little while to come to fruition. This is because it has loads of design elements which I need to work out.

6. Do you have new releases coming up?

I do indeed, next up for me, and the final book of 2016, is my zombie collection, CHUMP. I’ll be releasing it at the Festival of Zombie Culture on 12 November, and contains eight stories on the undead. Each is vastly different, and I really loved writing some different angles on what is probably one of my favourite things in the world, zombies.

7. If you could live in a book for a day, what book would it be?

Hmmm, most of the books I read, you wouldn’t want to live in, as I’m partial to post-apocalyptic worlds and nasty people. I reckon it would be Scardiff though. The place is permanently stuck in the seventies, and completely odd. I’d love to have a mooch around and see just how mad the place is. One day would definitely be enough!

8. What do you love / hate about being a writer?

I think the thing I love the most, is that I finally have an outlet for my imagination to run wild. I’m quite a unique person, and being able to sit down and form into something tangible my weird and wonderful thoughts, does help. I think. As for the worst thing, it’s not having enough time. I have so many ideas that I want to get down, but realise that the likelihood of being able to, is slim and none.

9. How do you come up with titles / character names for your books?

I know some people that come up with a title first, and won’t start until they do. For me, I don’t stress it. I come up with a provisional name, but most change. Hexagram for instance, was called Stardust. Prime Directive was The Entity. When I write my zombie books, I call them after rivers, until I come up with a title. Character names are in two camps. One is the name which my brain has already come up with, mainly because the dialogue which has gone around my head has already decided on a name. Others just come out depending on gender and the era or setting that the story lives in.

10. Which book of yours would you like to see on the big screen?

I’d love to see my debut novel, CLASS THREE, being made in the flesh. It’s just a little out there, gory and silly. To see those characters come to life, would be pretty damn cool.

11. Ever had writer’s block? How did you get past it?

Not really, though I think this consists of two things. You can get a complete and utter block, where you are bereft of any ideas, which has never happened. Then you get the minor blocks. I am a pantser, in that I don’t plan what is going to happen in my stories. I have a rough idea of what I want to happen, and certain scenes, but in the main, I just sit down, type and see where it goes. Sometimes though, I realise I’ve written myself into a dead-end, or missed something out. Then I come to a grinding halt, as I work out how to correct it. That can be annoying, as it takes me out of the flow.

12. What would be the title of your autobiography?

I think it would have to be something majestic, utterly befitting a man of my talents and whims. So, I think it would be called ‘IDIOT’. In capital letters too.

13. If you could be one of your characters, would you and who?

Most of my characters are not very nice people, even the ‘good’ ones have annoying flaws, which I think helps people to try and identify with them. After all, we are all flawed people, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I think I’d be the nameless narrator from CELEBRITY CULTURE, just to see what a bonkers world it really is, getting diseases from celebrities, and turning into shower cubicles.

14. Do you have a favourite time of day to write? Favourite spot?

I tend to work best mid-late afternoon or evening. I’ve taken days off to work on books before, and find that in the morning, I’m no good at all. I need to wake up a bit, ponder on what I’m going to do, then just sit down and do it. One of the spare rooms has been turned into a man cave, and I have a desk up there, that I use when I’m doing the first draft. When I edit or do design stuff, I’ll sit downstairs on the sofa, where distractions no longer matter.

15. How do you think the Classics inspire today’s authors?

I think that Classics falls into two categories again. In genre fiction, people like King, Barker etc write what are arguably ‘classics’, and it’s good to read some, should you wish. Personally, in amongst the fiction which is released throughout the year, I like to throw in the odd book which I’ve always wanted to read, but never have. So, for example, this year, I’ve read 1984 and Animal Farm, by George Orwell, The Price by Machiavelli and Fear and Loathing…by Hunter S Thompson. I can’t say that I try to emulate people, so for me, it’s more about seeing how other books are constructed, and the language used.

16. Is there any topic you won’t write about?

I wouldn’t say there is, though within a book, I wouldn’t write any sex scenes, as I have yet to read anything yet which has been done well. Most come across as misogynistic or completely out of place. I’d also probably steer clear of rape or child abuse, as I tend to find that these are used in ways which just become tropes, and again, aren’t done very well at all.

17. If you could have any super power, What would it be?

I’d love to be able to freeze time. Either to mess with people, move stuff around, that sort of thing, but mainly so that I could get more stuff written. Be quite cool to get something done by freezing time for an hour or so, would mean that I could work on all of those shiny ideas I get.

18. How much research goes into your books?

Really depends on what I’m writing. My zombie stuff tends to need research when it comes down to geography, weapons that sort of thing. Then you get HEXAGRAM where each and every story needed to be looked into. Again though, in the main, it is done when I come up against something, rather than planning. Though, for THOSE WHO SURVIVE, I read up on survivor guilt before I started, as that was a big theme, and for an upcoming book, I’m reading up on Voodoo.

19. Do you keep anything handy in case an idea hits you?

No, though I’m thinking I should. In the main, I remember little flashes of ideas, and if it really is too good to ignore, I’ll email myself. What I tend to find is that a lot of ideas are quite fleeting, so they tend to just get stored away. When I wrote PRIME DIRECTIVE, I ended up putting in loads of these little ideas, as they all fitted together, that was pretty cool.

20. Past or Present author, who would you love to meet and get to know?

To be honest, I’m not that fussed about meeting a King, or a James. It would be cool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as if I’m trying to be them, so wouldn’t do much for me. The absolute best thing about being an indie author, is meeting all of the writers that you meet through social media. It really is cool to shake the hand of someone who has shared your posts, or chatted to about something weird. I’d take that any day of the week.

21. Do you …. Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Newsletter?

I gave Twitter a go and hated it. I’d liken it to standing on an orange box, talking at people. I love Facebook, as you can engage with people, though there are a minority that use it as a ground to bully others, or just be a dick, which is annoying. Once in a while I’ll blog, about progress on projects or something big coming up. Shameless plug right here…

Facebook –
Blog –
Website –

22. How do you celebrate after finishing a book?

I always do one thing, okay…two. When I finish a first draft, I go and get a bottle of prosecco, and me and the wife will have a drink to celebrate. I’ll do the same when a book is released too. The second thing, is take a day off writing, clear my head, as the next job is to open the document at page one, and start to edit it. I love editing first off, though when I can recite it verbatim, then it bugs me.

23. Congrats on your new adventure, please tell us about EYECUE PRODUCTIONS.

Thank you! All of my physical books have a degree of design elements to them, more than most I’d wager. So when I started out, I wanted to make a little ‘thing’ to represent this, so EyeCue was born. When we originally started the Sinister Horror Company, we were each going to do something similar, with the SHC brand just being an umbrella. I opted to continue with EyeCue. Now that I’m going solo, I’m able to do things my way, and push out, eventually, into new areas.

Here and now though, EyeCue is all about putting my books out, and, a couple of secret projects which I’ll be announcing in the new year. This is the beginning of something exciting, for me at least, and though I wished it had worked out with the guys in SHC, I’m not going to let it slow me down. Find this quote sums it up well:
‘Always a little further it may be, Beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow, Across that angry or that glimmering sea’

24. Any advice for future authors?

Just one, you will achieve nothing by talking, if you want to be a writer, write. You can spend your entire life procrastinating, putting it off until tomorrow, or when you feel the time is right. The best time is now. It’s all any of us ever have.

Thank you Tina, really appreciate your time.

Please was all mine Duncan. THANK YOU !!!! You are a rock star!!

Happy Reading!



THE TEAM Series Books 1-4 by David M. Salkin


I’m more of a horror reader. I’m also a slow reader. This series broke all barriers. It’s Military Espionage and I read all four books in about 2 and half weeks. I devoured them! Brilliantly written, missions so real, they could have been taken off the front page, and they draw you in so well you actually feel a part of THE TEAM. I truly don’t know how David M. Salkin does it. Every book ups the ante from the last book. Pure genius!

THE TEAM book 1, as the cover hints at, this story introduces us to THE TEAM. A group of guys made up from SEALs, Marine Recon, Army Rangers and the CIA. Where they pretend to be an All Star Baseball team traveling the world playing games, and behind the scenes, fighting bad guys. This book finds the guys traveling to Qatar, on the hunt for a few million in bribery money and a nasty thing called Sarin. Can they save the world??

THE TEAM is loosely based on a real covert military operation run the 60s during the Vietnam War.

THE TEAM is available in all formats on Kindle price $2.99

INTO THE JUNGLE (The Team book 2) finds this great group of guys on another mission. This one is to the middle of the jungle in Paraguay. They are on the hunt for a drug kingpin and 3 terrorists, all whom are bombing suspects. Again, this book, just like the first, is full of suspense, action, some death and even a little bit of romance. Can The Team make it out of the jungle alive? Will they catch their men?

INTO THE JUNGLE is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

AFRICAN DRAGON (The Team book 3) has the team in the middle of the Congo and trying to stop a coup. This one is full of non-stop action, fighting, heartbreak. This is the most deadliest mission for The Team. With the Congo rich in uranium and plutonium, China wants a big piece of the pie, and they will do anything to get control of all that mineral. Including helping with the coup. All hell breaks loose in this story.  A lot of blood, death and heartache. Will The Team make it back? Will they be able to stop China?

AFRICAN DRAGON is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

SHADOW OF DEATH (The Team book 4) has The Team being sent off to Mexico, and with a new team leader. When CIA agent Apo Yessayan hears spanish in Syria, he knows something is terribly wrong, evil is afoot. There is a new alliance, ISIS and a very powerful Mexican drug cartel. There is a package making its way through Mexico and on its way to the California coast. What is it? What damage can / will it do to the US? Can The Team find it in time?? Apo finds himself deep undercover and face to face with the deadly drug cartel, a house guest until THE TEAM gets there. Who can they trust?

SHADOW OF DEATH is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

This is such a brilliant series. The attention to detail, the in depth writing draws you into each and every  story. Makes you feel as if you ARE a part of THE TEAM. You fight to survive, you get angry with them, you joke and laugh with them, you fight side by side with them. This truly is a MUST read series.

After reading these 4 amazing books, be sure to pick up THE MOP, being released TOMORROW 10/8/2016. This is THE TEAM book 4.5. DANGEROUS GROUND (The Team book 5) is complete and just waiting a release date.

I hope there are many more missions ahead for THE TEAM. I am loving this ride I am on.

Happy Reading.

THE TEAM (book 1) by David M. Salkin


No matter what book I read by David M. Salkin, I’m catapulted into another world. I get so drawn in, I laugh, I cry, right along with the characters. Oh, what a group of characters in THE TEAM book 1. We have US NAVY SEALs, MARINE RECONDOS, CIA and ARMY RANGERS. The cover gives a hint as to what the book is about. These amazing group of guys, lead by Chris Mackey (CIA), pretend to be a NAVY ALL STAR Baseball team. They go where they are needed, play a game of baseball, while some do what they do best, getting the true job done. In and out before the game is even over.

I read this brilliant book in under a week, and that hasn’t happened in a very long time. This grabs you on page one and doesn’t let go until you hit the very last page. Heart pounding action, covert ops, some laughs and yes, some tears. Amazingly written, characters you believe in, and whom you will be cheering on.

The book takes place mostly in Qatar. Money laundering, terrorist attacks, and what THE TEAM will do to stop it. The Ops told in great detail, makes you feel like you are one of the team members. Not everything always goes to plan, but that’s life, that’s the Military.

The idea of a covert baseball team isn’t something new. It actually happened, during the Vietnam War. Now set in today’s time, brings it full force and in your face bad ass story telling.

If you like Military Suspense, Action Packed, Bad Ass books, you MUST pick this one up. Like I said, I read it in under a week, and quickly picked up book 2. This is an amazing start to a series that I can not wait to continue reading. There are, so far 4 books out to purchase, and author David M. Salkin just finished book 5, (shhhhh I have a bit part in). Mr. Salkin is known to take family and friends names and turn them into characters in his books. Only thing is ….. he never guarantees their survival. LOL I’m truly looking forward to seeing what my namesake gets into. Not sure when book 5 will be available, but I’m willing to wait for it!

You can find David M. Salkin’s author page here….. it has a complete list of all his books that are available to purchase. Go NOW!! Buy em all. I have. 🙂

THE TEAM (book 1) is available in all forms. Is only $2.99 for Kindle

INTO THE JUNGLE (The Team book 2) $3.99 for Kindle

AFRICAN DRAGON (The Team book 3) $3.99 for Kindle

SHADOW OF DEATH (The Team book 4) $3.99 for Kindle

Trust me dear Readers, you won’t be sorry. Read everything you can by this amazing author. Every book is great cover to cover. Not all of David’s books have to deal with the Military. He has a vampire book FOREVER HUNGER, a couple underwater horror books DEEP BLACK SEA & DARK TIDE RISING (Deep Black Sea 2), HARD CARBON deals with diamond smuggling and the Russian Mob.



October Author Spotlight KIT POWER

Kit Power is a great friend, and brilliant writer. Have only known him a short time, and it’s been an amazing ride. Hop aboard ….

Kit lives in the UK with this lovely family. He’s witty, funny, kind, smart, talented, an all around great guy, and you will adore him, just as much as I do. When not writing, he’s front man for The Disciples Of Gonzo, . This man’s talent knows no bounds. If you haven’t picked up one of his books, or an anthology that he’s been a part of, you are truly missing out!

All of Kit’s books are available on and can be easily found on his author page. Kit’s books come in paperback and kindle formats.

The first book of Kit’s that I read was GODBOMB. It’s a very thought provoking book. I know it made me think about my beliefs (or lack of beliefs). Twists and turns you won’t expect, and an ending that will catch you off guard, and shock you.

Not too long ago, I did review GODBOMB on here… you can find that here..

Second book of Kit’s that I have read is BREAKING POINT. A stunning collection of 4 short stories. A couple of my favorite stories was LIFELINE, and GENESIS.

LIFELINE, a brilliant story that will get your heart racing. It’s about a guy, who while on his way home from work is kidnapped and tortured. What will he do to survive, to get home to the family that he loves? Will he make it out alive?

GENESIS is another brilliant story is this collection. This is actually a prequel to GODBOMB. This little gem gives you some insight into the mind of the madman from GODBOMB. What got him so upset at GOD, what made him question his belief, and why he did what he did. This story works beautifully weather you read it before or after GODBOMB.

The other 2 brilliant stories in this collection are just as great. THE LOVING HUSBAND AND THE FAITHFUL WIFE, along with THE DEBT.

Kit Power is a genius and you would foolish passing up any of his books. I’m looking forward to continuing to follow his writing career and reading all his stories.

Kit took time out of his extremely busy schedule to let me interview him. THANKS KIT!

1. How old were you when you discovered books?

I was taught to read by my mother before I attended school at age five, so books have always been a part of my life. We also didn’t own a television set until I was seven years old, so the evening’s entertainment was often reading aloud from books. My mum and I read Lord Of The Rings to each other over nine months.

2. Did you read a lot growing up?

I did, yeah. I remember vividly at age five when I had been demonstrating my reading to the teacher and she said ‘Good – now, can you read it in your head?’. It was a life changing moment – not least because it instantly more than doubled my reading speed. From that day to this, there has simply never been a period of my life I wasn’t reading a book as part of my day.

3. A favorite childhood book?

Revenge of the Cybermen and Terror of the Autons by Terrance Dicks. I had the Target paperbacks and re-read them many times. I haven’t gone back to ‘…Cybermen’ as an adult, but I did revisit ‘..Autons’ for a recent My Life In Horror and then a podcast appearance, and it held up very well, I thought.

4. A favorite book / author now?

Stephen King is simply one of the very best writers working in popular fiction today. IT is my favourite – technically that also counts as a favourite childhood book, as I first read IT aged eleven, but it’s still a favorite today, and I can appreciate it now in ways I couldn’t then (though, as I type that, I realise the reverse is also true).

5. What inspired you to go into writing?

Reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’, not long after I’d completed a distance learning course and realised that if I really put my mind to it, I had spare time to do something other than work at my day job or watch TV. I’d always enjoyed writing short fiction as a kid – it was basically the only part of school I actively enjoyed – but barring the odd flurry of creativity in my 20’s it wasn’t something I pursued actively until far more recently.

6. If not an author, what do you think you would be doing now?

I’d probably have more PS3 trophies, and a nagging sense that I was wasting my time. I mean, either way I’d still be doing the day job, so…

7. What does a day of writing look like?

Heaven on earth! I don’t get a day of writing. I get a day of work, an evening hanging with my amazing daughter then, if I am lucky, and hour or ninety minutes at the keyboard before I hang with my equally amazing wife. It’s catch-as-catch-can, which my recent podcasting commitments haven’t helped with.

8. Is there any topic off limits?

No, because I’m pretty much a free speech absolutist, and I don’t believe anyone, including me, has the right not to be offended. That said, there are certain acts, behaviors, and philosophies that I consider offensive, harmful, evil. I’m unlikely to write stories that glorify those behaviours, though I might seek to understand (to understand is not to excuse, to be clear). But, I mean, if fiction even has a point beyond entertainment, surely it’s to explore situations and ideas that we’d not want to experience in real life? I think in that respect, fiction may be the original, and ultimate, ‘safe space’ for author and reader alike.

9. Which POV do you like to write in?

The requirements of the story always dictates, of course, but my favourite is first person. Probably the theatre background – I really like getting right inside a person’s head, putting their mind out on to the page.

10. Do you have a favorite writing spot? Time of day? Music or Silence?

At my dining room table, typically, though I love getting a table seat on a train, because that always feels like free bonus writing time. Music, always music, matched to the mood of what I am writing.

11. How do you unwind after a day of writing?

TV – I’ve been watching Ray Donovan, which goes some way to filling the Sopranos shaped hole in my life – it’s derivative and not as good, but the acting is just superb. Billions season one was fun. And I always read for 20 minutes or so before going to sleep, it’s how I unwind.

12. If you could change anything, would you?

With the writing thing? Yeah, I’d somehow be making enough money to be doing it full time! 🙂 It’s fulfilling to me in a way few other things are.

13. How much research goes into your writing?

As much as I need to. I mean, the internet has changed everything in this regard – want to do a period piece on the St. Valentine’s Day massacre? Twenty minutes on Google, I’ve got the names and physical descriptions and sketch bios of the shooters and the victims, and a sidebar piece on what the gangster slang and swearing of the period was like. It’s amazing. Most of my fiction is either contemporary or, occasionally, sci-fi though, which requires a lot less work than historical fiction. I do also have a ten year reading list for a big alt-history epic I have planned though – so it really depends on the project.

14. If you could live in a book for a day, which book would it be?

One of the early chapters of Book 2 of IT, before the shit really starts hitting the fan with The Loser’s Club. I’d hang out at The Barrens and help them build a dam. Bliss.

15. What are you currently working on?

A novella that’s taken entirely too damn long is finally limping to the end of the D1. Edits on my first short story collection. Initial notes on what will become My Life In Horror Volume One. And some very, very impatient ideas backed up behind that D1, clammering for attention. Oh, and my new podcast, though I’m a couple of months ahead of schedule on that one, at least.

16. What do you love most about being an author? Hate most?

Love most the freedom. It’s pure escape. Whatever my day has been, for that hour at the work in progress, I’m somewhere and somewhen else, transcribing the events that I’m seeing, the things I am feeling my characters feel.

I really don’t hate anything about being an author. Almost all my writing related frustrations stem from the not-author parts of my life, and my lack of discipline, given that, with making time for the author part.

Though writing synopsis or blurbs isn’t a lot of fun, and seems to take forever.

17. Do you keep anything handy to take notes if an idea comes?

Usually I have a small notebook and a pen, yeah. Not always, I am pretty disorganised. But usually.

18. Scariest book you have ever read?

Sleepers, which is based on a true story.

19. Indie author vs mainstream, one better than the other?

Nah. There’s genius and crap in both markets.

20. Do you ……. Twitter / Newsletter / Blog ?

I do Tweet – @KitGonzo. I also blog, mainly at – my monthly column where I talk about formative encounters with horror. I also have a Patreon – – which I am using to fund my podcast and give fans early access to my writing. That’s certainly something I am planning on developing more over the coming months as a platform, Patreon feels to me like an amazing way to slowly build an income stream as a writer, while maintaining a close relationship with your readers. And if I’m doing it right, it should feel like it provides value for participants, by granting access in exchange for a very small monthly payment. I’m absurdly grateful that my podcast has become self funding after just one episode, and I don’t take that kind of support for granted.

21. Any new releases coming up?


22. How do you celebrate when you finish a book?

Well, there’s finishing and finishing. Normally I have so many projects on the go that I don’t have time for a celebration as such, but I do try and mark the occasion of the day the physical proof of the book arrives on my doormat. There’s something emotional about holding the object in my hands.

23. Any advice for future authors?

Write more, Facebook less (but do Facebook – you’ll meet people and it will open doors). Find good critical readers and listen to them. Be polite and friendly to book bloggers and reviewers – they give their time for free and can help you find new readers, so have respect for them and their time and craft. Keep writing. Be restless. Challenge yourself with each new story – and I don’t mean just ‘this is going to be better’, I mean a concrete challenge – use a POV you never have before, ban yourself from using commas, or adverbs, try dialogue only… Experiment with form as well as genre. The first million words is all learning anyway, so keep flinging words at the page, and figure out what sticks. Also, and this should be obvious, but be wildly passionate about the story you’re trying to tell – because if it doesn’t move you, there’s little chance it’s gonna move anyone else, And as none of us are likely to get rich doing this, we might as well try and enjoy it. 🙂

Awesome, Thank you again Kit!!

Dear Readers, go buy Kit’s books, you won’t be sorry!




September Author Spotlight Luke Smitherd


Luke Smitherd is this month’s spotlight. I came across Luke’s books little over a year ago. I had gotten an email from with my daily deals and there was a book titled THE STONE MAN. A great science fiction book. It starts out with a stone man appearing out of nowhere. It doesn’t move right away, but when it does, it doesn’t stop until it gets where it needs to go. Reporter Andy Pointer is there when the stone man shows up. He is bound and determined to find out where it came from, why is it here, and where is it going. Then the headaches and visions start. Is he somehow connected to the stone man? How far is too far? Andy must discover the answer and find out who he really is, in the shadow of the Stone Man.

This book was a really great read. Suspenseful, heart-stopping, action packed, and it pretty much left me breathless. The ending, you will NOT see coming and it will leave you in shock. Luke knows how to tell a great story!

THE STONE MAN is available on Amazon for only $2.99.

Another favorite story of Luke’s is IN THE DARKNESS, THAT’S WHERE I’LL KNOW YOU: THE COMPLETE BLACK ROOM STORY. When this first came out, it was in four parts. I devoured these books. It’s the story of Charlie and Minnie. Charlie is a local bartender, and after a night out, he wakes up in a dark place. Before him is a floating screen. Where is he? He is in fact, inside Minnie’s mind. He can see what she sees, hear her, talk to her, and why does he feel he KNOWS her?

This book blew me away! Full of heart and soul, suspense, and nail biting action. By the end, I was left sobbing! I truly loved loved loved this book!

lukesmitherd Only $2.99 on Amazon right now!

Luke’s newest release is HOW TO BE A VIGILANTE: A DIARY. This was just released on the 14th. I’m really looking forward to reading this one. I’m sure it will be a great read as all the others have been.

FROM AMAZON…….. It’s 1998. The internet age is still in its infancy. Google has just been founded. Eighteen year old supermarket shelf-stacker Nigel Carmelite has decided that he’s going to become a vigilante.
There are a few problems: how is he going to even find crime to fight on the streets of Derbyshire? How will he create a superhero costume – and an arsenal of crime-fighting weaponry – on a shoestring budget? And will his history of blackouts and crippling social inadequacy affect his chances?
This is Nigel’s account of his journey; part diary, part deluded self-help manual, tragically comic and slowly descending into what is arguably Luke Smitherd’s darkest and most violent novel.
What do you believe in? And more importantly …should you?


This book can also be found on Amazon for $2.99.

You can find a complete list of all of Luke Smitherd’s books on his author page on Amazon.

Great person, great author, and no matter which book you read, it’s gonna be brilliant. Be sure to check him and his books out!!

Luke took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

You rock Luke, thanks a million!

1. What made you go into writing?

I’ve always loved making up stories, and I’ve always loved jobs where I don’t have to get up and go to work in the morning. More the latter than the former.

2. Did you read a lot growing up?

Yes, I read all the time when I was a kid. To the point where I got a Christmas card from another kid at school when I was about ten-years-old. It was a picture of a baby penguin sitting on a block of ice; the gag being that the penguin was on the toilet, and the kid that gave me the card had actually drawn a book in the penguin’s hands because I read so much.

3. How many books do you currently have available?

I have four novels, a book of collected novellas, two other novellas, and I have two new books coming out this year. My next book, “How to be a Vigilante: A Diary” comes out on September 14 of this year.

4. How do you come up with the ideas for your stories and how do you keep the storylines straight as you write?

I have a list in my phone for when an idea come to me. It’s always like a concept; it’s always like a “what if” idea, “what if this happened”, and I think where’s the story in that, and I sit down and thrash it out and note down stumbling blocks and try to keep it as straight as I can and as water tight in terms of logic.

5. What do you love most about writing?

When I know I’ve written something that’s sent the reader one way—or I try to hint it’s going one way—and then do a complete swerve and surprise them. There’s a particular moment in my novel, “In the Darkness, That’s Where I’ll Know You” where I would have loved to have seen some of the readers’ faces. A. I thought that when I wrote it; and B. Based on the emails I’ve had, it had the effect I thought it would.

6. Is there anything you hate about writing?

Yes. I hate that I can’t write as fast as I think. My shoulders get very, very tense after about half an hour of writing because I’m quite frustrated.

7. Do you have a favorite spot where you write?

No. I’m on the road a lot. I don’t like to write indoors, at home, or where I’m staying because I get cabin fever. Generally, I like to write out and about, any time of day. I actually have a playlist of instrumental music that I listen to while I work—so no lyrics—and I actually have an app that plays a sound that supposedly helps me concentrate. Whether it works or not, I don’t know.

8. If you could change anything about your books, would you?

I already did. I published, “The Stone Man”, which is my biggest book and then last year I trimmed about ten thousand words out of it. I’ve realized I have a tendency to be quite verbose so I’ve gone through one or two of the books and trimmed them a lot and I try to keep an eye on that as I write now.

9. If you could change places with anyone, would you? Who?

Off the top of my head, no, because you never really know what’s going on with somebody.

10. If you could live in any book for a day, what book would it be?

Although I didn’t like the book, I would say, “Ready, Player One” (by Ernest Cline), because I loved the idea of The Oasis.

11. If you hadn’t become an author, what do you think you would be doing?

Pro Wrestling 100%! Or, possibly more realistically, still a musician.

12. Which point of view do you like to write in and why?

There are pros and cons to both. My biggest book is all in the first person, and I like that because I like exploring the character’s thoughts a bit more clearly, and I can do that in the first person. Then again, writing in the third person means you can get on with it a little bit more, I think.

13. What does a typical day of writing look like?

A lot of procrastination, a lot of getting other things done, and then maybe hopefully on a good day, on a really good day maybe getting four hours in, but it tends to be anywhere from one to three, and a lot of other garbage I have to do in between.

14. How do you unwind after a day of writing?

I don’t really unless I’m actively trying to force myself to do more to unwind because unless I’m doing something with other people when I’m at home, I’ll work right until I go to bed. I’m realizing I shouldn’t do that. I’m trying to take more time to read or anything. So, the answer is, right now, that’s a work in progress.

15. If you were given the chance to be one of your characters, would you?

Absolutely not. Most of my characters don’t… I don’t think there are any of my characters I’d like to be. They tend to get a hard time.

16. What would the title of your autobiography be?

My brother and I used to always joke the title of my autobiography would be: “Faded and Fucked: The Luke Smitherd Story”. So let’s go with that.

17. Do you keep anything handy in case an idea comes to you out of the blue?

See earlier answer about my phone!

18. How do you think the classics inspire today’s authors?

While I think today’s authors, the good ones at least, are trying to find new things to do, the classics manipulate the reader’s emotions. I think that’s timeless. No matter how you execute it. I think those things are still important.

19. How do you celebrate when you finish a book?

I don’t really because when I finish the first draft I think that’s when the hard work starts—the redrafting and the messing around. I’m a procrastinating workaholic. Putting celebration time aside is something I need to do more often.

20. Do you use Twitter, a newsletter, a blog, or Facebook?

Yes, I do use Twitter. You can follow me @lukesmitherd. I have irregular updates on my website at Most frequently updated is the Facebook page at “Luke Smitherd Book Stuff”. Anyone who wants to find out more about my stuff I would recommend signing up on for the “Spam-Free Book Release Newsletter”.

21. Any advice for future writers?

It’s a war of attrition. It took me five years before I got to the point where it was a full-time living. You will feel like you’re writing to no one. And all the pieces of advice you get—people say, “Hey, why don’t you do a giveaway to your readers”, and you look at your mailing list and you have twenty people and you think, “How is that going to help?” It’s just a case of plugging away, connecting with your readers, and don’t waste time blogging or trying to find fans through twitter. Use Twitter only as a way of connecting with people that want to connect with you.

Brilliant! Thank you again Luke for letting me spotlight you and your amazing books!!

Happy Reading


July Author Spotlight Rich Hawkins


Mr. July, Author Spotlight is Rich Hawkins. A brilliant author, a great guy, and even greater friend. It’s such an honor to know him and read his words. He’s witty, fun, and an all around super guy.

Rich can be found on facebook

and on Twitter @RichHawkins4

Rich has 3 novels out ( a apocalyptic trilogy )  …  THE LAST PLAGUE, THE LAST OUTPOST and THE LAST SOLDIER. A couple short stories … FALLEN SOLDIER, and FATHOMS.  Two novellas – BLACK STAR, BLACK SUN and THE PLAGUE WINTER. We can’t forget the many many stories in various horror anthologies. No matter which story you pick up, you won’t be disappointed.

I have read FALLEN SOLDIER, and FATHOMS. I read them back to back, and while waiting for my sister to finish her class at college. I couldn’t stop reading them.

FALLEN SOLDIER is about a soldier returning home from the war, things are not how they were. Dad not sure what to do, a son seeing ghosts from his past, and mom, well, is not the same. The son goes out to try and find the person / persons who have destroyed his family. Will he find them? Will the ghosts of his past drive him insane?

This great short story has it all. Monsters, ghosts, darkness, sadness and a bit of gore. Full of emotions, it will get your heart racing and leave your breathless. It’s a hell of a roller coaster ride!!

Hold on tight, you’re gonna love it. I did.

KINDLE price $ 0.99

FATHOMS. A body washes up on the beach, goes missing before the police can arrive. Something strange knocking on the door of the man who saw the body.

What was it? Who was it?

Then more things / people come out of the sea. What is happening? Why is it happening?

A lost love, sadness, a terrified keeper and a powerful storm that awakes the very things that should stay asleep.

This is a very hauntingly beautiful story. The ending caught me by surprise, but still, the perfect ending.

This is one story you don’t want to miss.

KINDLE price $ 0.99

I have not read this trilogy yet, but they are very near the top of my to be read pile. I am looking forward to reading them. Have heard nothing but great things about them!! You should give them a try too.  In fact, I’m looking forward to reading all of Rich’s work. If they are anything like the two above stories, we are all in for an amazing ride along.

THE LAST PLAGUE is $2.99 for Kindle

THE LAST OUTPOST is $2.99 for Kindle

THE LAST SOLDIER is $3.49 for Kindle

Be sure to check out his author page for his other books and anthologies.

Rich took time out of his super busy schedule to answer a few questions for me.

THANK YOU Rich!! You are a rock star!!!

1. When did you know you wanted to write books?

About ten years ago, when I finally made the effort to start working on a novel (which was never published). Hopefully I made the right choice.

2. Did you read a lot growing up? Favorite book?

I loved reading when I was a young child, but I drifted away from it in my teens. Fortunately my love for books returned in my twenties! THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE was my favourite book when I was a kid.

3. Kindle vs Paperback, which do you reach for when you read?

I prefer paperback, but I inevitably read more books on kindle because they cost less and I’m an impoverished writer…

4. Any new releases soon?

I’ve got three novellas coming out in the next few months – KING CARRION, a vampire story published by the Sinister Horror Company, is due for release in September; RUIN, from Dark Minds Press, is due in October; and I’m going to self-publish a novella called SCAVENGERS, which will hopefully be released sometime between the other two. Hopefully.

5. How many books do you have available?

I have three novels out at the moment – my apocalyptic trilogy of THE LAST PLAGUE, THE LAST OUTPOST, and THE LAST SOLDIER. I have two novellas – BLACK STAR, BLACK SUN and THE PLAGUE WINTER. Plus I’ve got several short stories available in various anthologies.

6, Which POV do you enjoy writing in? Why?

Third person past tense, always.

7. If you could be 1 of your characters, who would you be?

Ralph Barrow from my debut novel THE LAST PLAGUE. He’s a bastard, but he’s a well-meaning bastard.

8. If you could live in any book for a day, which book?

HG Wells’ WAR OF THE WORLDS. That’d be cool. Plus I’m prepping an alien invasion novel at the moment, so it’d be good research.

9. What is the scariest book you have read?

The Road. I’ve read it numerous times, so its effect on me has faded somewhat – but when I first read it, I found it terrifying. Absolutely superb novel.

10. How did you come up with the concept for your books?

They pop into my head then grow a little, and I just take it from there.

11. How do you unwind from a day of writing?

I like to unwind by spending time with my family. I also read when I can, which helps me relax.

12. Do you have a favorite spot you like to write? Favorite time of day? Music or Silence?

I like to write at my desk – that’s my usual spot. I’ll write to either music or silence, depending on my mood. Sometimes I’ll have the television on in the background.

14. What do you love most about writing?

The opportunity to create fictional worlds and characters; to make something from nothing. I just love storytelling.

15. What do you hate most about writing?

The long hours. It’s a bastard.

16. Is there any topic that is off limits to write about?

No topic should be off limits.

17. If you could invite any 5 people over for dinner, who would you invite, and what would you serve for dinner?

Stephen King, Russell Crowe, Ricky Gervais, Gillian Anderson, and Sam Harris. I’d serve Pizza for dinner.

18. If you could switch places with anyone (author or not) for a day, would you and who?

Stephen King, just to see what being rich and mega-successful is like.

19. If you could go back in time and change ONE thing, would you? What would you change?

I wouldn’t change anything. If time travel stories have taught us anything, it’s not to tinker with the timeline. That’s how the apocalypse begins…

20, What is the most terrifying thing you have ever done?

Have a daughter. It’s terrifying, but fantastic.

21. What does the typical day of writing look like?

Once I’ve done my daughter’s breakfast and had my own, I check my Facebook, Twitter and email, then get started on the writing at some point in the morning. Then it’s all about trying to fit the writing in between taking care of my daughter. I get more free time to write at night, and usually work until midnight most nights.

22. If you could change anything about your books, would you?

Maybe a few typos here and there – just little things – but nothing drastic!

23. How do you celebrate when you finish writing a book?

I’ll usually eat pizza to celebrate, if there’s any in the house. If not, I’ll have a Pot Noodle. Exciting stuff, I know. Being a horror writer is very glamorous…
24. Any advice for future authors?

Just keep writing. Write what you want to write and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Also, read as much as you can. Probably best to develop a thick skin, too!

***** Well dear readers, be sure to pick up some Rich Hawkins books!!  Buy them! Read Them! Review them!!!!!

Happy Reading,

Thank you Rich!!  It is an honor and a pleasure having you here on my blog.



GODBOMB! by Kit Power


Kit Power is a Genious! Why did it take me so long to pick this book up and read it?? Goodness me – Thought provoking, suspenseful, like nothing I have read before! There is heart stopping action, death, and murder. You will be in awe, hopeful, and also have your heart broken a time or two.

Imagine being in Church, someone stands up and demands to talk to GOD or he will blow the place up. Would you be able to sit there quietly, or would you try and stop the bomber? The bomber tells everyone to pray, pray that HE shows up. How much do you believe?

Here you will meet some remarkable people …..

The Preacher… can he help the bomber get what he needs?  There is Deborah… what is she willing to do to survive? Chris….. is he willing to risk everyone for what he seeks? Twitch…. just trying to get on the right path. Katie …… your average teenager going to church. Alex… fresh out of school, learning her way. Emma and her husband Peter …. 8 and half months pregnant and so much in love, and Mike …. a church band member, and living in God’s light.

Some of these people might not make it out alive. You will not be able to put this amazing book down until you reach the very last page.

This book WILL get you thinking, get you to wonder what you believe in and question what is GOD’s plan and why are we here. Was this God’s plan all along??

An ending that was mind numbing and yet amazing all at the same time. Kit Power knows how to tell a bloody brilliant story! I for one am looking forward to Kit’s other stories.

Write faster Kit!!!!

GODBOMB! is currently $3.99 for kindle. Great price for a great book

Kit is also on facebook… be sure to look him up and tell him how much you loved his book!