AUTHORS Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

A little something different for you my dear readers. I know I usually read and talk about horror books but been on a great string of MM (male / male) gay romance books. The ones I am talking about here are simply put … Awesome.  They are witty, funny, full of life and laughter, sometimes tears and gripping suspense. The kind you just may bite your fingernails off as your read.  Ryan and Josh are a husband & husband team who know how to tell a story and get your emotions up and your blood pumping!

Book 1 is NO BRIEF AFFAIR — Liam Macadam is a twenty-two year old recent college graduate starting law school. John Lawrence is a forty year old former music professor who is attending law school to fulfill a longtime dream. When Liam and John meet on the first day of school, sparks fly and imaginations go wild. They fall in love quickly and realize that they’re meant for each other. Then someone interferes and things go terribly wrong. Will a transatlantic chase be enough to restore their  love of a lifetime?

Available in Kindle format for only $ 3.99

Book 2 is LEGALLY BOUND — Law students Liam Macadam and John Lawrence are madly in love and everyone knows it. With the end of law school in sight, they’re busy planning a wedding and a life together. Not everyone is happy for them. Somebody is determined to tear them apart and the situation spirals out of control. Liam and John have to find a way out before it costs one of them his life.

Available in Kindle format for only $3.99

Book 3 is THE CHRISMUKKAH CRISIS: A HOLIDAY ROMANCE — Paralegal Matt Kennington has had his heart broken too many times and is considering staying single forever. Enter Aaron Roth, a first year associate at a large law firm. When they see each other on the Metro, they are instantly smitten. Matt learns that Aaron is one of his new bosses, the firm has a strict policy against romances between employees. They try to resist each other, but working together all day makes that impossible. Someone is watching them get closer. Will they be able to survive the crisis and find the love they have been searching for?

Available in Kindle format for only $3.99

Book 4 is WHAT HE REALLY NEEDS — Cayo Suarez, who is gay & Ben Roth, an admitted oblivious straight guy, were roommates in law school. They lost touch after graduation and two years later, an accidental meeting have brought them together again. Ben ends up staying with Cayo until he can find his own apartment. One complication though, Cayo has been in love with Ben since they met. Things heat up quickly and Ben starts to question his sexuality.  Jobs starts to complicate things, and when they become involved in a controversial case, powerful people with a lot to lose seize control. Can Cayo and Ben find a way to save the case and Ben’s career and their budding relationship before it’s too late?

Available in Kindle format for only $3.99

Ryan and Josh are currently quarantined (thanks Covid -19) in their home in DC working on book 5. I also recently got to ask a few questions about their lives, loves and books.

1. What made you two write a book in the first place?  We had been reading gay romance for a while before we married. On our honeymoon, we realized that we had a phenomenally wonderful (at least to us) story to tell, and we wanted to honor our romance by doing that. We started working on the book soon after we got home, and 17 months later, published NO BRIEF AFFAIR.

2. How much research do you guys do for your books?  We do quite a bit. We try not to rely on internet only because things don’t quite ring true. We like to rely on our own experiences, travels etc …. and those of people we know. Once, we even took a trip to Charleston, SC , because Liam and John were going there in a book. We wanted to be sure that we got the flavor right, and the little details — the kinds of things you never really get from travel books or Google.

3. How close to your real life love story is NO BRIEF AFFAIR?  Some parts of NBA are essentially a memoir — they’re just plain true. Other parts are “inspired by” something that happened. Very little of NBA has no association with reality.

4. Do you write under your own names?  No. We use pen names. The decision had nothing to do with how open and forthcoming we want to be.  Instead, it is a function of our profession. While our firms may be open and accepting, that doesn’t mean that all the clients are (Current and potential). If there is a sure way to get your firm nervous about you, it is to have clients who are hesitant to work with your or who don’t trust you. The world has made so much progress, but the fact that we have to think about things like that is a sad reality. We’d love to meet as many of you as possible in person — at signings, for drinks, for dinner or whatever and in private, we have no problem with divulging our real names. The interesting thing is that we call each other Josh / Ryan now at least as much as we use the other names.

There you have it dear readers, a list of great books by two great authors. Take a chance and grab them up and read them. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!!!

Thank you to Ryan and Josh for letting me showcase their books and asking a few questions. You can find them on the world wide web at  and on facebook under their author page … Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

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Battle Scars by David M. Salkin

What Amazon says about this truly amazing book …..

Marine Corporal Sean Nichols is wounded in a devastating ambush that takes the lives of his three friends and leaves him an amputee. If not for the heroism of his sergeant, Deke Tilman, who pulled him out of the road, Sean would have surely died with his fire team. With the help of Deke, Sean now embarks on his next mission—recuperate from his serious injuries, and visit the families of his fallen comrades as he tries to make peace with such profound loss.

Battle Scars is a thought provoking drama with compelling characters that illustrates the resiliency and strength of the human spirit, the power of love and friendship, and the ability to overcome even our darkest moments. Gritty realism and original storytelling breathe life into Battle Scars as it inspires us with a surprising tale of heroism and the great sacrifice made by our modern war fighters. A Novella you can read in a few hours, but will think about for days.

What I say about this truly amazing book …… This book will take over your very soul. It’s thought provoking, heartbreaking, touching, gritty, sometimes funny, and brutal as hell. It’s a book that needed to be told, it’s a book that needs to be read!

You follow Sean on his journey from the front lines of war, to rehab, to redemption and forgiveness. I read this book in about 3 hours, and by the last page I was sobbing. When I had finished, I had told Mr. Salkin that I had snot all over my face from crying. His reply …. “Perfect. Then I did it right.” YES YOU DID!! This story will be with me for years to come.

BATTLE SCARS is available in kindle for only $1.99 and well worth every penny. Paperback is $6.99. BUY BOTH! Buy it, Read it, Review it!

1.      BATTLE SCARS is amazing, how and why did this story come about?

a.      Thank you. This started off as a screenplay. I wrote the movie, and then afterwards decided to try and back it into a book. When I was finished writing the story as a novel, it was very short, because screenplays are only a little over a hundred pages. Short as it was, it felt “finished” to me. I just re-read it a few times, got choked up every single time, and decided I didn’t want to touch it. It was as perfect as I could make it. That said, I knew it was not going to be a commercially viable project. No big publisher wants a novella from some mid-list author, which led me to self-publishing it. My intention is to try and get this into the hands of as many veterans and their supporters as possible and have it go viral in that community. I think it offers a message of hope to veterans who may be struggling with PTSD or their own private battles. If it were to gain enough traction, that would certainly help to sell the screenplay, which is the ultimate goal.


2.      It reads like a true story, any truth to it?

a.      I’ve worked around veterans for twenty-some years, including being a founding member of the Veterans Community Alliance and an Associate member of the Marine Corps League – Philip A Reynolds Detachment. Over that time, I’ve met some amazing people. Many of them have shared very moving and extremely personal stories with me. That level of trust—to tell me stories they don’t share very often, is a gift they’ve given me. BATTLE SCARS contains anecdotal stories and little pieces of hundreds of conversations, woven together, to try and make this the most realistic tale of deployment, injury and rehabilitation, and finally, coming to terms with a terrible event that leaves a person changed forever. I usually write only to entertain my audience. This is different. I wanted to give something back to the veteran community and send an actual message I felt was very important. So, to answer your question, there’s truth to the story—but it’s not one person’s actual story. It’s all of their stories, from so many wars and different places, all packed into a hundred and twenty pages or so.


3.      Any more books like this in the future?

a.      I don’t know. It’s tough to get anyone to notice your new book. This is book number 14 for me, and I’m still trying to build an audience. In a perfect world, this will be a huge seller, veterans will love it, it will hit the Big Screen, and then we’ll see what happens. More likely, I’ll end up like 99% of Hollywood Wanna-be film people and wait on tables.


4.      Link to new website and where someone can donate if they want to to help the Vets.

a.      The new website is up, and folks who are moved by the project can also make donations to the Veterans Community Alliance – Freehold Township Day Committee there.

What the Military is saying about BATTLE SCARS ………….

“Battle Scars is an incredible story of brothers in arms and the bonds formed in combat. The struggles that are faced by combat veterans returning from war are real and nothing I’ve read brings that story to life like Battle Scars. This is a must read!”
LTCOL T. Kevin White “TK”
150th Special Operations Wing

“This book is a gut check for those who have worn the cloth of the nation. For those who have not it is a testimonial for those who have served and sacrificed. As Americans we are blessed with freedom. It comes at a price.”
James E. Livingston
Major General USMC (Ret)
Medal of Honor Recipient

“This book was a tough read, and at the same time I couldn’t put it down. Salkin got this one right! Every now and again you come across a book that is as much cathartic as it is entertaining. At a time when we are losing way too many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, it struck a chord with this Old Soldier.”
COL William L. Peace, Sr.
U.S. Army National Guard

“David Salkin has fired at close range and with unerring accuracy with this tale! He takes a tough situation that is all-too-often neglected and gives it life. This story is for all veterans and their supporters. His first-person writing style makes the reader feel present throughout the story. It’s a quick read that will leave you thinking long after completion. I most strongly recommend it to all who are interested in understanding better the true costs of America’s conflicts—past, present, and future. ”
Major General GT Garrett, USA (Ret)
42nd Infantry Division

“Dave hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s a quick read simply because you don’t want to stop turning the page. This may be fiction but it certainly doesn’t read that way.” Neil T. Roeder, LTC, MS USAR
“David Salkin’s story is a must-read for all Veterans and supporters. This book not only entertains you, it educates you on the price paid by those who have the guts to walk the walk. His first-person writing takes you on a ride which seems to bring out all emotions and it also places you right on the battlefield. Maybe it’s just my love of heroic deeds but it sure knocked me on my knees. The read is overall life-like and is very consistent with the actions taking place every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kudos to Dave for really knocking this one out of the park” Christian S. DiMeo (Ret) SFC.
USMC / Embassy Marine Cairo/Beirut/Geneva – ARMY NG / Operation Enduring Freedom

“Battle Scars” hits like an RPG! Camaraderie, adrenaline, fear, loss, hope and redemption all in one exhilarating and disturbingly beautiful tale. Hard to believe David hasn’t been on the battlefield, because this tale rocked me back for days! A must read for everyone who is, has been, or supports our warriors!” Wayne Emery CPT, USA MACV Vietnam

  THANK YOU Mr. Salkin ….. THANK YOU Veterans


Author Spotlight: Mark Taylor


Mark Taylor is a fairly new author to me. Have only known him a couple years and met on facebook through many of the same author friends. Mark is witty, kind, a true gentleman, and can be found living in England. Sadly, I don’t know a whole lot about Mark, and I do plan on changing that soon.

Mark has many books out, and they can all be found on his author page on Amazon. His debut novel was published in 2013. Brooding style has lead to novels and short story collections.

Mark’s books can be found in Kindle edition and also paperback.

One is a killer. One is the right hand of the Devil. Which is worse?

Angela Mitchell hates her life. When debonair stranger, Marcel, turns up in her library one night things look to be on the up. But neither of them saw Darin in the shadows.

Angela certainly never saw Hell coming to earth.

When Marcel and Darin clash, Angela is dragged through the sulfur stench of Hades, has to fight for her life, and drinks wine. Lots of wine.

Crossing Guard is part one of the Hell Noir series: The Devil’s Hand, a dark fantasy with spatters of humor and a dash of inter-dimensional romance.

Without employ you are nothing. Leander is without employ. If only he hadn’t shared that sandwich he wouldn’t have ended up lying in a bunk next to a man called Chimp, with a moist blanket over him.

But then he couldn’t have ended up working at Total Entertainment. The only entertainment company.

Leander works in Stimulated Awakenings. He creates Cerebral Implants. Dreams. Dreams sold as interactive adventures to those that can afford them. But Leander has a problem. The reality he is in and the other one are becoming a bit of a blur. He’s beginning to doubt what is real, and what is a dream.

And he’s been told without uncertainty, that is the point.

Trapped in an employ he cannot resign from, Leander fights to understand the politics of the community he works in, finding friends and discovering enemies is only the beginning. Once he begins to understand, he realizes that he understands nothing.

It is all very confusing.

Hemorrhaging realities, A Night At The Dream Theater creates a cocktail of hard science, bloody horror, and twisted humor.


Mark did take time out of his busy writing schedule to answer a few questions.

1. How old were you when you wrote your first story?

I started writing a little when I was still in school. My English teacher told me I wrote like Douglas Adams. Then it lapsed. Stupidly. I moved into music, played with a metal band and forgot all about it. When I picked it up again in my thirties it changed my life. The rest, as they say, is history.

2. Did you always want to be a writer?

Yes and no. I always wanted to create. And now I write, I love writing. But I always wanted to be Master Superior of the Universe, too. But that’s looking less likely, these days.

3. What do you love most about writing? Hate about it?

I love creating worlds. People. Making them interact and grow. To see them feel. To watch them step away from the page and become themselves.

And then kill them. Usually by flaying. I’m a sadist.

I don’t really hate anything about writing. But some of the other stuff? Geez. Self-promotion sucks. Can’t do it. No way.

Buy my book!

4. Did you read a lot growing up?

Do comic books count? I did. Probably more than I do now. I grew up a specky nerd, so technically it was my job to have my face buried in a book. My job? No. MY DUTY!

5. Did you have a favorite book / story growing up?

No question: The Little Vampire series, by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg.

6. How many books do you have available?

Twelve at the moment, but several in process. I have novels finished, some in editing, some in beta. It’s all go.

7. For a new reader, which book should they start at?

Hm. That’s a toughie. I would probably say The Devil’s Hand, book one, Crossing Guard. It gives over my style well, and is a relatively short read.

8. Any new releases soon?

The final book of The Hand – Countdown – is coming out April 14, along with a paperback compendium of full quadrilogy, with extras – new stories, guest artwork, and more – sometime after. Then I’ve got a couple more Short Cuts in the pipeline.

9. Willing to give any hints to your current WIP?

I’ve got three on the go at the moment. The most interesting – and one that I’m receiving stellar feedback from my beta group – is a neo-noir thriller about drug cartels and mob syndicates. With vampires.

10. Is there any topic off limits?

Not really. I don’t write about the things that usually appear in submission no goes anyway (sexual assault etc.) but I’m pretty open. I’ve written about, sometimes touched on, most nasty things.

11. Who were / are your influences?

I obviously read a lot of horror, but these days it’s everyone. I read anything. Indie writer Dimpra Kaleem writes amazing characters – he’s an influence. Chuck Wendig. Influence. Stephen King. Clive Barker. Josh Bazell. Dave Turner.

12. If you weren’t a writer, what do you think you would be doing?

Movie director. Without question. Or bum. Chicken eating alcoholic. Man in park shouting at pigeons.

13. If you could live in a book for a day, which book and why?

I’d want to live in a really big one. Made out of fabric. My bed. Preferably, I’d live in my bed for a day.

14. Anything we would be surprised to know about you?

Morgan Freeman narrates my every action.

15. What would be the title of your autobiography?

“And Who Thought This Would Be A Good Idea?” – Actually, I have considered writing an autobiography, but with an unreliable narrator.

16. Current favorite book / author?

I can’t answer that. There are thousands of authors who are my favorite, that I haven’t even discovered yet.

17. What, if anything, are you currently reading?

A selection of novellas from Dimpra Kaleem, funnily enough.

18. Are you ever afraid of running out of ideas?

Should I live until the stars become sand, the solar winds cease, and the heartbeat of the universe dulls, I still won’t have had time to finish writing it all down.

19. How do you celebrate when you finish a book?

I juggle chainsaws. It’s sort of a will-there-be-a-sequel-or-not routine. It keeps me on my toes. And I usually have a take out.

20. Please describe your perfect day.

Get up (always a win).
Write novel.
Successfully juggle chainsaws.
Sell novel.
Make millions.
Eat chicken.
Watch Star Wars (again).

21. Which POV do you prefer to write in and why?

Third person limited. And honestly? It’s easiest.

22. How do you like to spend your free time?

We’ve just purchased a house that needs refurbing. I have no free time. But aside from writing, I enjoy a variety of TV shows, and I watch films. And I run a little movie blog. I like cooking. I like cats. I love lamp. And walking. I like walking. Eating out. I have a day job I like.


23. Do you use TWITTER / FACEBOOK / NEWS LETTER ? Post links!




24. Advice for future writers?

Learn the rules of writing because you have to. Break them because you want too.


Awesome Mark!! Thank you so very much. It was an honor to have you here. I hope to spotlight you again soon. You rock !!!!!


happy reading


March Author Spotlight Dan Weatherer

danweatherer Dear Readers, I would like to introduce you to multi talented author Dan Weatherer. Play writer, author, blogger, son, husband, father and friend. Dan and I became friends on facebook December 2015. It’s been a great friendship. His blog is amazing, his stories even more amazing. If you haven’t read anything by him, you truly are missing out on great stuff. My favorite of Dan’s is his short story collection NEVERLIGHT. His stories are full of emotions, horror, sadness, love, you name it, it’s in there. NEVERLIGHT was my very first short story collection. I was just totally blown away by it. Dan is a brilliant writer. To tell you about a few stories from this great collection ….


KILLING GARY – I don’t know why this story cracked me up but it did. It’s set in a police interrogation room. DCI Honeysett and PC Nelson are questioning Kirsten. She is being questioned in the murders of a couple people. Who have a couple things in common, pissing her off and their names. Kirsten hides nothing, tells it like it is and goes bat shit crazy when she hears the middle name of DCI Honeysett.

MY FIRST HORROR STORY – This one made me giggle and the ending, simply put, brilliant. Timmy and Suzie are siblings. Timmy learns in class the importance of Heaven. What it takes to get there, and the value of the soul and the afterlife. He also is taught, that even if you are a bad person throughout your life, if you beg God for forgiveness, you can still be granted entrance to Heaven. He starts forming a plan, and it involves his six year old annoying baby sister suzie. Timmy tries to make one deal and ends up making another. The price, his sister’s soul. The length he goes to achieve that…… mind boggling what a ten year old could think up. If only Timmy had kept his eyes on a few other things, the ending would have been completely different.

This next story I talk about is Dan’s personal favorite …..

THE WITHERED TOUCH – Jenson Brady was cursed with the most peculiar of things. Wherever he went, death followed. Birds fell out of the sky, as did every kind of bug. Flowers wilted, petals falling off, even crops would wither and die. He was shunned and made a mockery of. Jenson learned how to avoid the people and the town where he lived. Walking on the outskirts of town, living a lonely life. In time, he found a helpful way to use this curse. In the saddest of time, when the soul is ready to fly, Jenson would come for a visit and help those in need. He longed to love and Grace longed to love him. When they finally meet, it will make your heart sing.

Here is my personal favorite in this collection…..

THE RAVEN AND THE WOLF – A wolf pushing north, deep into the cold, far away from his once family pack. Tired and hungry, the wolf curls up into a tight ball and waits the coming storm out. The sound of wings fluttering awakens the wolf. Instincts kick in and he’s on the hunt. What he finds, a mob of birds attacking their own. In saving that one bird, he has made a friend and companion. One who can fly high and seek out prey for the wolf. Together they find all that they need and some things that they don’t. The trials the raven and the wolf go through, will make you cheer them on. Make you wish for food to be found around every corner. You want them to make it to where they want and need to go. Circle of life. Brilliant.

Some other books by Dan are THE SOUL THAT SCREAMED, WHAT DWELLS WITHIN,  and DAYLIGHT DIMS just to name a few. You can check out a complete list at Dan’s author page on amazon.

On Thursday, Dan’s film BEIGE will be shown on Opening Night at the Beeston Film Festival. As it will also be screened as part of the Birmingham Horror Convention in late October. Dan will also be guesting in Birmingham. Lets not forget Midland’s Movies that BEIGE will be a part of too. I couldn’t be happier. Dan is brilliant and talented, deserves this and so much more!!

Dan took time out of his very busy schedule to answer some questions for us…..

Thanks, Tina.

Best of luck with your writing!

  1. Did you always want to be a writer?

No, as a youngster I don’t think I ever saw myself as making a career from writing. I enjoyed creative writing at school, but the chances to write stories etc. were few and far between. Also, I had (and have) terrible handwriting, and when every piece of schoolwork had to be handwritten, I was chastised far too many a time about my handwriting!

  1. What does a day of writing look like?

There’s no set routine when it comes to writing, at least for me. I work from home, and as such spend most of my day looking after my infant son (2) and daughter (6), doing all the parent chores, and writing around them whenever I can.

I do tend to allocate writing time to specific tasks – I find it hard to wrote new material if there are other matters that need my attention. So, I might spend my first available writing time responding to emails, or filling in interviews. Another time I might concentrate on submitting new material, or chasing up work already under consideration. I also make time for promoting material and often work on projects for the community or other artists. Actually writing new material probably only accounts for a third of my working hours!

  1. What do you love most about writing?

What could be better than doing what I love for a living? There’s a great freedom to writing; not only am I my own boss, but what other job encourages you to share your ideas and imagination with others?

Connecting with a reader, or being able to help another artist land an opportunity, these are the most rewarding aspects of this vocation – and it is a vocation (as I’m sure most writers will tell you!). I’m a strong believer in helping others along the way and that carries its own set of rewards.

  1. Is there anything you don’t like about it?

You might have had this answer before, but writing can be an extremely solitary experience. I’m quiet and reserved by nature, but I sometimes miss the comradery of the office job (and the Christmas party!).

  1. Any topic you won’t write about?

As a father, I steer clear of subjects such as child abuse. If it is necessary for the story, then I only go so far as to imply. In fact, much of my horror work is implied. I don’t think it’s a conscious choice, I just feel my writing benefits more that way.

  1. How many books do you have available?

At present, four. Three collections (Neverlight, Only The Good Burn Bright, and The Soul That Screamed) and one non-fiction (What Dwells Within).  What Dwells Within discusses the early work of Paranormal investigator Jayne Harris.

  1. Any new releases coming out soon?

Yes, plenty! There’s my upcoming collection Just Eventide, that I hope to announce soon. My book of stage plays and advice for budding playwrights The Dead Stage, will be released by Crystal Lake Publishing early 2018, and then there’s my novels, The Tainted Isle and The Underclass, both of which are with my agent.  These books represent my best work to date, and I’m looking forward to their release.

  1. What are you currently working on?

I’ve just finished a screenplay and have passed it to my agent. I intend to start my latest novel this week. It will be based on my stage play, Crippen.

  1. How do you think today’s authors inspire? How about the classics?

I think there is a desire to write in many of us. Do other authors inspire us? Possibly, in terms of showing that it is possible to write and see your work published.  It’s also possible that other authors can inspire us with an idea.

I’m inspired by a local author by the name of Arnold Bennett, not so much as for what he wrote, but because he wrote. He is idolised in literary circles, and as a born and bred Stokie, I aim to follow in his footsteps.

  1. If it ever hits, how do you deal with writer’s block?

I wait it out. That answer will probably annoy some, but I’m a firm believer that you cannot force creativity. I’ve usually a million and one other things to be getting on with, and I have confidence that an idea will land sooner or later. And they do. I’ve found inspiration in the most unlikely of places!

  1. What would be the title of your autobiography?

Ha! I love this question. I genuinely don’t know! Ask me again in ten years’ time!

  1. Do you listen to music or do you like silence when you write?

I cannot listen to music, not even when editing. Perhaps it’s because I’ve young children, but I need silence to write. I’ve even switched the laptop tray fan off before because it was a distraction.

I know many writers work to music, but I find it disrupts my flow, and clouds my thoughts. I need to hear what’s in my head free from outside influence.

  1. What is your favourite book, and author?

Another tough question. My tastes change as often as the wind! I’m a fan of Clive Barker, Brett Easton Ellis, Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Thomas Harris and Edgar Allen Poe.

  1. If you could ask 1 question to any author, who would you ask and what would the question be?

How do you stop the self-doubt? To who? Anyone serious about their writing. But I know the answer; you never can stop it. It’s intrinsic to our nature.

  1. What do you look for in a book you want to read?

It must hold my attention. Same for anything, be it a film, game or even a conversation! I’ve a woeful attention span!

  1. If you could live in a book for a day, what book and why?

The Divine Comedy – by Dante Alighieri. Why? I’d like to see Hell for myself, but remain free of scorch marks.

  1. Who were/are your writing influences?

Arnold Bennett, because he was local and became a literary giant. H.P Lovecraft/Poe, for their ability to conjure dread, and Brett Easton Ellis for…you’ll see below.

  1. Are you ever afraid of running out of ideas?

No. There will always be more, you just need to be open to them. I also feel that I have a solid portfolio of work behind me with regards to theatre/film/books, that I can be rightly proud of.

  1. How do you keep track of events and characters as you write?

I have a very rough series of notes on any given project, and the rest is instinct. I admit, it can be quite terrifying working that way, but I honestly believe that you should listen to your characters, and write what comes. If there are any plot gaps or character anomalies, they can easily be addressed in the rewrite. Perhaps my approach is more organic than planned, but so far it has worked for me.

  1. How do you celebrate when you finish one of your stories or plays?

Ha! I don’t. I don’t know if I ever feel I have finished anything! I’m quite boring in that I send it out for submission/to my agent, then try to forget about it and move on to the next project.

Perhaps I should celebrate more, but I always feel there is more to do. I’ll celebrate when (and if) I retire.

  1. Do you ……. Facebook / twitter / blog / newsletter?

I do Facebook – look me up as Dan Weatherer.

Twitter – @dweatherer21

Website/blog It’s worth a visit as I’ve always got something going on!

  1. Describe your perfect day.

A perfect day is a productive day, as in I’ve written something half decent, maybe I’ve had an acceptance, or a project I’ve initiated finally gets the go-ahead. The kids have been well behaved, there’s a good meal to look forwards to, and the wife is at home rather than away at work.

  1. What is the scariest book you have read?

I don’t really get scared these days – I think I’ve become desensitised to a lot of what passes as horror nowadays. However, the most unsettling book I’ve read is American Psycho, by Brett Easton Ellis. It is possibly the most graphic piece of literature I’d read up until that point in my life. I admire him for writing it, and it remains one of my favourite books, not for the content, but because it exists. (I’m a huge fan of the way it is presented from a technical point of view.)

  1. If you weren’t a writer, what do you think you would be doing today?

Likely pissing my life away in a dead-end job like I was before. Redundancy, though difficult at the time, was a blessing for me.

  1. Any advice for future writers?

Finish your first draft. Don’t sweat on how it reads. Don’t sweat on how it feels. Put it away for a while until you feel that you MUST return to it – then rewrite it. The real work begins at the rewrite stage.

THANK YOU DAN!!!! Dear readers, check out Dan and his amazing books.


Happy Reading,


February Author Spotlight is S.E. Rise


S. E. Rise is better knowns to family, friends, and co-workers as Dale Reierson. I met Dale a little over a year ago on Facebook. It has been an exciting ride ever since. Dale is a wickedly talented writer, a great friend, and amazing husband and father. With kids to raise, and a night job that keeps him busy, I have no idea how he finds the time to type out some pretty amazing books. Some I have read, some are still on my ever growing “tbr” pile. He’s also an avid fisherman. Oh, and let us not forget all the delicious food recipes and pictures he posts on facebook. The man is a food God. I gain 5lbs just looking at the pictures alone! Wonder if he will add Cookbook to his list of books that he has put out?! Think about it Dale!

S.E. Rise is the author of many books, in many genres. Horror, Thrillers, Romance, Paranormal and Erotica. I lean towards the horror, thrillers and paranormal books. As my sister, she reads the others. He is a member of International Thriller Writers Inc. To his acclaim is the Amazon bestselling erotic thriller series- Simmering. He is the Captain on an Advance Life Support Ambulance and lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Brilliant books, well written, and once you start, you won’t want to stop until you hit the very last page.

Facebook link

 Twitter link

 Website link  

 Facebook S E Rise Films link

 Amazon page link:


Simmering by S E Rise

Who would you rather find in your bedroom, a steamy hose-wielding fireman or a dangerously obsessed ex-boyfriend? What if you found both? Romance writer Allison Fairchild is growing frustrated with her first attempt at Erotica until she reads a well-timed magazine article. What working man makes the best lover? The article sparks an idea and her eyes are irresistibly drawn to the top-ranked firemen just across the street. It might be coincidence or driven by fate but it is all the motivation she needs.

Ali has herself assigned to a firehouse and is committed to doing her job; getting incredible sex stories from actual firefighters and, in the process, try not to become one. At least that’s her intention until she meets the Captain, a by-the-rules professional with an enticing off-duty wild streak. Ali and the Captain put their wills to the test to resist the chemistry heating up between them. But unbeknownst to Ali, her cheating ex-boyfriend has set his eyes upon her again and if he can’t have her, no one can.

Will Ali break “the rules” with the Captain before she can finish the book or will her ex’s frightening obsession inevitably destroy them all?

Morning Star by S E Rise

The Angels found the daughters of men desirable. 

We still do. 

I am Lucifer, the Morning Star and I have Dominion over the Earth. God has destroyed the Earth countless times and I have survived through it all. 

I always survive. 

You can hate me all you want but just remember that I have the good tasting candy-the kind you like and want. The kind you need. I have known, yes in the Biblical sense, the most beautiful women in all of history. 

Shall I tell you a story or two? 

Take a walk with me and I will show you what the world is really like. It’s your choice-it is always your choice.

There is a beginning, there will be an end but the moments in between are where the story is found. 

And, if you are wondering, the answer is yes, the Angel Gabrielle does have a sexy ass. 

She always has. 

That is mine as well.

Lest We Become by S E Rise

Robert Walton sits across from the one man he never wanted to meet. Jacob Clauson, a long term resident at the Reinhold Asylum for the Criminally Insane, is the monster responsible for murdering Robert’s parents. When Jacob starts to tell his story, Robert soon discovers that there are far greater things to fear than the man sitting across the table. The power is out, the doorknob to the room spins in his grip and now there are screams outside the door. All the doors are open and the real monsters are on the loose. Robert’s reality becomes a spellbound nightmare and to survive he must trust a murderer, survive a gauntlet of madness and learn to believe in real monsters

Sevenfold by S E Rise

Thomas awakens to a nightmare. There are Angels, Demons and hideous creatures he can’t identify. The plains of Eden are darkened by the host of Lucifer’s Legions. Their attacks upon the walls of Heaven are never ending and his army is growing thin. If Cain is the only mortal man upon this battlefield, what does that make Thomas? At night the wasted cities of mankind’s past arise from Eden’s desert sands and they salvage what they can before the dawn. Behind him, he can feel the judging eyes of the Archangel’s as they stand atop the walls; they do not join the battles unless they must. The walls of heaven are guarded by the souls of mankind and failure is not an option in the land of the dead.

Piss or Get off the Pot (Time to write your novel) by S E Rise

I wrote Piss or Get Off the Pot because I have a method for writing a novel that is very user friendly. 

I am just a guy who has figured out a way, through much trial and error, how to write and put together a novel for pretty much any genre. 

My Genre is Horror/Science Fiction/Fantasy and some Erotica. I will not be able to write the words or make the sentences that you will need to complete your novel. 

You will have to do that, but I can guide and help you.

S. E. Rise took time out of his very busy schedule to answer a few questions for me. I swear I don’t know how he finds the time to do everything! Dale, you are a rock star!!!!

1. Did you always want to be a writer?

I remember always writing short little stories, but I learned somewhere along the way how to tell a story. I love entertaining. 

2. Did you read a lot growing up?

My Mom is a chronic reader of horror, I think the first full length novel I read from cover to cover was Stephen King’s IT. 

3. Who were your influences?

Stephen King, Dan Simmons, Steven Erikson and Glen Cook. 

4. What is your favorite book? Favorite author?

My favorite book series is Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, followed closely by Dan Simmons Hyperion series. 

5. Out of all the genres you write in, do you have a favorite?


6. I know SE RISE is your pen name, why? How did you come up with that name? IF you don’t mind telling us. 

I used letters from my last name. I tried to pick something would cover both my horror and erotic romance stuff. 

7. Do you hope your kids follow in your footsteps and want to be a writer too?

Both of my kids love to write. I hope they become successful in whatever they decide and write as a hobby. 

8. When not writing, or working, what do you like to do?

I am an avid fisherman. I love fishing for salmon. 

9. If you could live in any book for a day, what book would you pick and why?

The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.

10. What does a day of writing look like for  you?

Late at night, the family is asleep and Ancient Aliens is playing on the TV in the background. 

11. How many books do you have available?

I have 16 books available on the market. 

12. Any new releases coming out soon? 

I am working on a multi author series based on of a place i created called The Fade.

13. What is your current WIP about?

The Fade. Here is the blurb. 

There is a place of lost and forgotten things, where wind swept angels of newspaper’s old dance upon the breeze of the past. Powerful machines push the memories into the dark oblivion and the roads are paved with lost keys. It is a place where the messages in bottles are washed ashore and the old forgotten paths can unerringly lead you home. 

It is the barrier between the now and oblivion. 

The spell of Ether keeps me hidden from human eyes and I walk amongst you everyday. I am the flicker at the corner of your eye and the thought you can not remember. 

Pay no attention to the restless souls for they will haunt you. 

14. What do you love most about writing?

Telling a good story. I loved to tell a good story. 

15. Is there anything you hate about writing?

Editing, that’s why I hired an Editor. I can’t get passed the writers blindness. 

16. Out of all your jobs, did you ever have a favorite?

I loved being a Captain on an ALS Ambulance. That being said I loved being a Bouncer as well. 

17. If you could meet anyone (past or present) who would you like to meet and why?

Nikola Tesla, the man was amazing. 

18. Is there any topic off limits?

Child Pornography. Never. 

19. Anything we would be surprised to know about you?

I get choked up when I hear a beautiful piece of music sung by a woman. One where you can hear her soul as she sings. 

20. What book (if any) are you currently reading?

The Gunslinger book 1 in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Series. 

21. What would be the title of your autobiography?

The Man Who Wore Many Hats

22. What would be your theme song and who would sing it?

Currently my theme song is Invincible by Skillet. 

23. If you could change anything about your books, would you?

I wish I had invested in a good editor when I first released my books. Hindsight is 20/20. 

24. Do you Facebook, Twitter, have a website, newsletter, on GoodReads?

I do and here are my links. 

Facebook link

 Twitter link

 Website link  

 Facebook S E Rise Films link

 Amazon page link:


25. Is there anything you would like to add that I might have missed? 

I am film director as well.  I did something in the summer of 2014 that changed my life. My buddy was cleared of Cancer and he came to me with an idea. He wanted to finish his Bucket List. We all know what a Bucket List is. He asked me to direct a movie. His journey on a motorcycle to the top of the world. To Deadhorse Alaska. I said yes. This is our movie. 50% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

An inspirational film for all ages. A majestic journey of the human soul. 

Sam Dresel was diagnosed with end stage cancer and given six weeks to live. During chemotherapy and his battle for life, he made a bucket list. As many victims of cancer know these are the hopes and dreams for better days. 

When he unexpectedly won his battle with cancer he decided to follow those dreams-to complete that Bucket List. This is one of those items on the list.

  A motorcycle ride to the top of the world. To ride as far north as one can possibly go. Being a firefighter he knew the meaning of tough but he never knew how tough this journey would be.

He and his team, Balinda O’Neal and Dale Reierson, set out at the Pacific Ocean in Homer, Alaska and traveled north. All the way to DeadHorse, Alaska. This film is dedicated to everyone who has, knows, or misses someone with this dreaded disease.

26. Any advice for future authors?

Just remember to tell a great story as you write. Never edit as you go, because you will be editing so much that you won’t be able to write. You can’t edit what isn’t written.


I think that covers everything. Dale is an amazing, talented guy. I hope you give him and his books a try. You won’t be disappointed. Buy him, Read him, Review him!!! Go! Now!

Thank you so much Dale for letting me spotlight you this month. You Rock!!

Happy Reading


January Author Spotlight, Jonathan Janz



Every time I talk about Jonathan Janz, I refer to him as an author genius. No lie, he is! He’s also a son, husband, father, teacher, and friend. I’ve known Jonathan for almost 2 years and we met on facebook, like many of my author friends. He is witty, kind, super nice, and just loves to chat with his fans! He loves his family with every fiber of his soul. One can not help but smile and laugh at the family stories, and pictures. Simply amazing. I haven’t met Jonathan YET in person, but I hope to fix that this summer at the Scares That Care Weekend Event (Jonathan talks about STC in his interview) this July in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Jonathan has many books out, I have read a few. I have loved every one of them! They keep you on the edge of your seat, you hang on every word! You will be thinking about his books long after you have finished reading them.

WOLFLAND … if you love werewolves, you will love this book. WOLFLAND is full of blood, gore, heart racing action and lots of werewolves. Characters you will love, and some you will love to hate.

All hell breaks loose after a stranger crashes a local bonfire. After his bloodlust, nothing is the same for the little town of Lakeview, or for Duane, Savannah and their friends. The first attack leaves 7 dead and 4 wounded. Some of the victims are now changing. They prey on the innocent and they will plunge the whole town into a nightmare. Lakeview is about to become …………….. WOLF LAND.

CHILDREN OF THE DARK …. spookishly delicious. Non-stop action from start to finish. Again, bloody, gory, brilliant, and scared me to bits.

A mad man breaks escapes prison. He is out for some bit of revenge. The monsters out in the woods are REAL. People and town folk are dying. When the worst storm of the century hits Shadeland, Will and his friends must confront unfathomable horrors. Everyone Will loves, family and friends, will be threatened. Can Will save his family, his friends and his home town?

THE NIGHTMARE GIRL…. this book blew me away. Its spooky, suspenseful, twists and turns you won’t see coming, and you won’t be able to stop reading until you hit the very last page. It has the occult, spirits, mystery and heart.

What would you do if you saw a mother abusing her young toddler while at the local gas station? I’m sure you would do the very same thing Joe Crawford does, confront the mother. Joe has no idea the chain reaction he sets in motion. The young mother is part of an ancient fire cult. When the toddler gets taken away, the group of killers will destroy anyone who threatens the group and will do just about anything to get the young boy back.

No matter which book of Jonathan’s you pick up, you are guaranteed a brilliant book. Jonathan’s writing style is smooth, witty, scary, gripping and unforgettable. Simply put …. Amazing! All of Jonathan’s books are available in paperback and ebook. They range in price (ebooks $0.99 to $5.00).


You can see a complete list of all of Jonathan Janz’s books on his Amazon Author Page

Jonathan took time out of his very busy schedule to answer a few questions for me. THANK YOU Jonathan, it’s an honor to spotlight you here. Come back anytime!!

1. Did you always want to write?

Since I was very young, I wanted to tell stories. Mostly the stories from my childhood took movie form, but when I became a reader at age fourteen, some ideas began to germinate as books. I started writing my first novel as a high school senior. It was abysmal, but at least I tried.

2. Who were/are your influences?

There have been many influences, but the writer who far surpasses them all is Stephen King. He made of me a reader and a writer.

3. Teacher and Author, What grade? Do you let them read your book?

I teach grades eight, eleven, and twelve. As for my stuff, if they seek it out, that’s fine, but I never foist it on them. Some of what I’ve written isn’t appropriate for all ages, though I think CHILDREN OF THE DARK is pretty safe for adolescents on up.

4. How many books do you have available?

As of now, I have ten novels (with number eleven coming in March), four novellas (with number five coming later in the year), and some short stories.

5. Any new releases coming up?

The novel (it’s more than that, but it hasn’t been made public yet) is going to be something really exciting. That’s in March. I have the aforementioned novella some time in 2017. I have another completed novel with my agent now; additionally, I’m halfway through the first book in my first-ever long series.

6. Ever afraid of running out of ideas?

Not at all. I have enough ideas in the hopper to last me until the late 2020s.

7. Do you hope the kids want to follow in your footsteps and be a writer / teacher too?

Writers? Yes. Unhesitatingly yes. Teachers? That depends. I think it’s the second-most important undertaking behind parenting, but our society doesn’t treat the role of teacher the way it should be treated. Having said that, two of my kids have already expressed a desire to teach, and if that ends up being in their hearts, I’ll support them wholeheartedly. The world needs caring people in those roles, and I’ll humbly assert that my children will be caring people.

8. What are you currently working on? Any hints?

Absolutely! The series I’ve begun is a bit…elemental. I wouldn’t say it’s my DARK TOWER, but it’s the closest thing to that I’ve come so far. It’s a horror/western/sci-fi/apocalyptic adventure. With suspense and mystery too. So about the only thing it isn’t is Amish romance. Apologies to my Amish romance fans.

9. What type of books do you like to read?

I read everything, but horror is my favorite. For one, a tale has to be well-told. I’d say the craftsmanship is a must for my reading choices. I still have so much to learn, so it’s vital that I’m studying the best writers. After that, I look for characterization, which trumps everything, and of course a great story.

10. I just heard about it in 2015, and missed going in 2016, would you like to tell us about SCARES THAT CARES and have you gone to it every year? 2017 in the works?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend the Scares That Care event since its inception. Joe Ripple, Brian Keene, and many others have worked their tails off to make it the incredible event it has become. There’s really nothing quite like it. They choose three specific recipients to help each year, and then all involved just throw everything they have toward helping those recipients. It sounds clichéd maybe, but it’s really true: There’s a spirit of caring at the event. And selflessness. It’s really a beautiful event, and I’m grateful they keep letting me come back. Oh, and yes, I’ll be there this year.

11. What do you love most about writing? Teaching?

About writing? All of it. I love the flashes of inspiration, the slow percolation of the ideas, the initial stages of finding the story, the continuing growth of the characters, the white-hot blaze of writing climaxes, the delicate unfolding of the resolutions. I love the editing, the dreaming, the cover art. I love it when a book is out in the world; I love hearing what readers think of my stories. So, sincerely, all of it.

As far as teaching, I’d say being with my students. I genuinely enjoy getting to know them and spending time with them. The subject matter is fabulous, but it’s the kids who make the days fly by and the job rewarding.

12. Is there anything you dislike about them?

Honestly? No. At least, not any more intensely than I’d dislike a negative trait in any other person. My students are people, so they have flaws, but for the most part, they do their best, and that’s all I can ever ask.

13. Ever think about retiring from teacher and doing writing full time?

That would be challenging for three reasons. One, I selfishly want to work with my own three children in my classroom someday, and my youngest just turned six. If I weren’t teaching, that wouldn’t happen. Secondly, I love teaching even more now than I did when I started. I think I’d really miss it if I stopped. And thirdly, I’m risk averse, in this case as it applies to finances. I’d have to have so much money socked away to make sure our health care needs were always met, my kids’ college experiences were paid off, and our retirement were funded that it’s not really practical to speculate. Now, retiring a little early? I could see that. After my youngest child graduates. 🙂

14. Any topic off limits to write about?

I think everything is on the table, but it all depends on one’s treatment of the subject. Like many folks, I’m squeamish about children in difficult situations, but if the story requires me to go there, I do. Above all, it’s about telling the truth. It’s cheating the story and the reader to avoid dark themes if they’re essential to the story. Having said that, I do think things can be handled in a multitude of ways. It’s crucial to avoid gratuitousness or glorification of detestable acts.

15. What does a day of writing look like?

Wake up early, shower, brush teeth, make coffee. Insert coffee IV-drip, put on some baroque music, and write until three thousand words (or more) are done. By noon or a little after, it’s time to join the family and enjoy the most important part of life. That’s my writing day.

16. Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day? It would be entirely devoted to my wife and kids. I’d have morning coffee with my wife and just talk to her. Then I’d begin to roughhouse with my kids. After that, we’d do stuff as a family, like take a walk if it’s nice or play a board game if it’s not. We’d follow all that up by watching a movie together. Boring for most people, but heaven for me.

17. Any plans for a CHILDREN OF THE DARK book 2?

Absolutely. I think some of my fans would kill me if I left the story where I left it. My only question is whether there’s one more book there or more. I’m leaning toward more.

18. If you could live in a book for a day, which book would it be?

Wow. I’m guessing it doesn’t have to be mine, so I’d say…Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury? But I’d only live there for a day if I could take my wife and kids with me. Seriously. I don’t want to miss any time with them.

19. What would be the title of your autobiography?

Live with Love and Passion. Spectacularly cheesy, but apt.

20. Who or what inspires you?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I’m inspired by so many people. Two of them are my grandparents. My grandma just passed away in May, but her work ethic and selflessness were things to behold. My grandpa is ninety-one, and he’s almost always happy, kind, and patient. That’s a gift, and something I try (but often fail) to emulate. Still, I’m inspired to strive for it because of my grandpa.

21. Why do you write under a pseudonym and how did you come up with your name?

For one, the name Janz is my grandparents’ last name, so it’s a way of honoring them. Secondly, the idea is to keep my teaching and writing lives separate, and the pen name allows me to do this in a logical way. Of course, the better things go with my writing, the more difficult it becomes to preserve that separation. Still, it functions effectively for the most part.

22. Do you listen to music or do you like silence when you write?

I love writing to baroque music. For example, hearing Yo-Yo Ma play Vivaldi has a stimulating effect on my imagination. I occasionally listen to film scores, but that’s only when I’m striving for a specific vibe.

23. How do you think the classics inspire today’s authors?

We owe so much to those who’ve paved the way for us. I would guess that others might perceive me as being too transfixed by the past. But the fact is, I don’t think we can be too appreciative of the masters of our field as long as we’re still attempting to breathe new life into the genre and add to its incredible legacy. I think it’s important to know, for example, the work of John Farris because he is so influential on those who came after him (Stephen King, for example). Another positive to appreciating the past is that it strikes a blow to that natural but human tendency toward egocentrism. We need to remember that, yes, there have been other times and other skillful authors than the ones writing today. Or if you want to look at it selfishly, will anyone look back at the writers working today and give them their due? Hopefully. But only if people can embrace the genre’s rich and enriching tradition.

24. If you could meet any author (past or present) who would it be?

I know I sound repetitive, but you guessed it: Stephen King. I’m sure I’d be a blithering fool if I ever got to talk to him, but I’d still love to get that chance.

25. How do you celebrate when you finish a book?

Nothing as glamorous or dangerous as Paul Sheldon in MISERY, that’s for sure. What I often do is tell my family I’ve finished, and we then use it as an excuse to go out to a restaurant to celebrate.

26. Advice for future writers?

Develop a combination of perseverance and humility. This line of work gives you so many opportunities to despair and so many chances to quit that it’s easy to see why most writers succumb to their frustrations. I read a tweet last night by Joe R. Lansdale that basically called “waiting for inspiration” the devil for a writer, and I believe that’s true. You have to write to get anywhere. You also have to possess the requisite humility to acknowledge that you don’t know everything. The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. I like that and embrace that. Future writers should too.

Bonus questions …..

Do you Facebook, Twitter, blog, newsletter??

Indeed! I’ll soon have all of the above. On Facebook and Twitter I’m Jonathan Janz. On Instagram I’m jonathan.janz. My website is, and my newsletter is coming very soon. Hopefully, this month.

Thank you so much for hosting me, Tina. I enjoyed it a great deal! 🙂

You are very welcome Jonathan. I have enjoyed this so much. Come back again real soon.

Happy Reading Everyone!!!! Enjoy the month of Janzuary …. 🙂

Love, ~TMB~





Toneye is a true gem. Kind, funny, witty, a friend and wolf brother. He loves everything that has to do with wolves. I believe that’s how I met Toneye, through a facebook group having to do with wolves. Instant connection. He’s a writer, musician, guitar god, singer, and father.

Toneye actually writes under the name Toneye Eyenot. He has written a couple books, and has stories in many anthologies. His stories are brilliant, well written and spooky as hell. A must read for any horror fan. When not writing, Toneye is an Editor for J. Ellington Ashton Press, and when not doing that, he can be found up on the stage rocking it out.



Some of Toneye’s stories have a werewolf background.  They are amazing and great to read. Personally, I think he was a wolf in his past life and longs for the fur and fangs again! LOL Toneye has a beautiful soul, and would give you the shirt off his back.

Here is Toneye’s author page, I do hope you check him and his amazing books out. They are all reasonably priced. Ebooks are about $2.99 to $3.99. Well worth the price.

Toneye took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions. Enjoy the interview.

1. Did you read a lot growing up?

Toneye: Absolutely! Eye loved reading as a kid. Learned to read before starting school and eye used to love writing as soon as eye knew how to hold a pen. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is my earliest reading memory hahaha

2. What was your childhood favorite book?

Toneye: A Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson in my earlier years, then in my teens, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton was my fave.

3. Did you always want to write?

Toneye: Yes and no haha. All through my childhood, eye loved to write stories. When eye reached my mid teens, eye started goin’ off the rails a bit, partying and getting out of it. Eye lost interest for a few years there, but towards the end of my teen years, when eye joined a band, lyric writing became a passion. Eye never gave novel writing any serious thought up until 2011, when eye began writing The Scarlett Curse. Haven’t looked back since!

4. What do you like to enjoy during your free time?

Toneye: Making evil music with my bands hehe. We haven’t done a lot of that this year, but that’s all about to change again with Chaotic Impurity. Also reading, writing and dare eye say…editing (shock horror! Hahaha) Eye know a lot of people hate editing, but eye find it fun. Also, the advantage there is eye get to read stuff before anyone else 🙂

5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Toneye: A stuntman hahaha! Eye got hooked on that show “The Fall Guy” in the early 80’s and decided then that’s what eye wanted to be.

6. How many books do you have available?

Toneye: 3 so far, with a 4th and a 5th on the way J The Scarlett Curse and Joshua’s Folly are books 1 and 2 in my dark fantasy/horror ‘The Sacred Blade Of Profanity’ series. The 3rd is Blood Moon Big Top, my werewolf/clown horror novella.

7. Any new releases coming up?

Toneye: Eye have another werewolf novella which will be out early next year. Just gotta finish writing it first! Also, book 3 in The Sacred Blade series is well overdue! No more anthologies for me until that’s complete.

8. What does a day of writing look like?

Toneye: Dark hahaha! Night is my day. But seriously, every night is different. Eye have never been one to have routines and eye will write when the mood takes me. Otherwise, it’s just long tedious hours of staring at a blank screen when trying to force it.

9. What do you love most about writing? Hate about writing?

Toneye: Eye love to create worlds, release my demons into ‘em and let them play while eye essentially come along for the ride. That’s when the words come at least. The part about writing eye hate is when those words don’t come.

10. Is there any topic you won’t write about?

Toneye: Topic? No. There are certain things like rape or child and animal abuse, which eye won’t go into any great detail about, but eye will still write about them should the story require it.

11. What is the scariest book you have ever read?

Toneye: The Bible

12. What would be the perfect day for you?

Toneye: Waking up late afternoon and drinking a nice hot coffee while smashin’ out a big chunk of writing. Then heading out for the night to see my son’s band play. Guess eye have a lot of perfect days hahaha

13. Do you do a lot of research for your books?

Toneye: None whatsoever so far. Eye like to write the kind of stories which require the reader to suspend disbelief. No doubt there will come a time where some kind of research will be needed but so far, eye just like to use my imagination and hope it comes across somewhat believable to the reader.

14. As you write, do you have a soundtrack you listen to? Who?

Toneye: Sometimes eye write in silence, but my fave writing soundtrack is to play through my whole Bathory discography and try to write for at least as long as it takes for 16 albums to play through. Doesn’t always work that way but it’s a goal eye set for myself each time eye hit ‘play’. My band, Infinite Black can inspire me and get those creative juices flowing. Also Kvlts Of Vice, my son’s band. Those would be my top 3.

15. I know your son plays music (which is awesome, by the way), but are you a little sad that he didn’t follow in your writing footsteps?

Toneye: No, not at all! His passion has always been music since he was 3 years old. He’s played guitar his entire life practically and he does what he loves and loves what he does. He did at least follow in my footsteps in that respect – playing music (with infinitely more talent than eye ever had) – and who knows? Maybe someday down the track, he just might develop a passion for writing. As long as he’s creating and enjoying himself in the process, that’s all that matters to me. He’s made me proud a million times over J

16. If you could live in any book for a day, which book would it be?

Toneye: Carlos Castaneda’s Tales of Power. Eye would love to meet the sorcerer, Don Genaro
17. How do you keep track of events / characters as you write?

Toneye: Just recently, eye have begun to take notes for my series. Apart from being distracted throughout most of 2016 with anthologies, eye think the other reason this third book is taking me so long is that over the first 2 books and well into this one, the world has grown, the cast of characters has grown and it is getting harder to make sure everything remains consistent. A lot of skipping back through the first two books to make sure eye am not contradicting anything previously written.

18. Do you have a dream co-writer?

Toneye: Funny you should word the question this way. Several moons ago, eye had this awesome nightmare where eye was trapped in an old house with Michelle Garza. Eye am a huge fan of Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason’s work. Eye told Michelle about the dream and asked her if she wanted to do a collab on a book about it. She said yes, which made my day! J Right now though, The Sisters of Slaughter have their plates piled high and overflowing, and my workload is pretty full too. But yes, that will be a dream to realise in 2017 sometime, if/when we both can find the time.

19. If you don’t mind sharing, name 1 thing we would be surprised to know about you.

Toneye: This has been divulged once before in an interview, but it may still surprise some to know that when eye was young, eye was an altar boy hahahaha

20. What song would be your theme song?

Toneye: Unchain The Wolves by Destroyer 666

21. What would be the title of your autobiography?

Toneye: From The Mind(s) Of A Luniak

22. What do you look for in books that you want to read?

Toneye: Solid plot and likeable/hateable characters mainly. Eye want to be moved in one way or another by what happens to the people in the story.

23. Do you have a favorite author?

Toneye: Damn, that’s hard! 😀 Eye really don’t know! Some of my all-time fave authors are indie authors. Jim Goforth consistently blows me away with his books. He is definitely up there. Michelle and Melissa as well. The Sisters Of Slaughter never fail to deliver! Eye could fill a page with favourites hahaha.

24. Who are your influences?

Toneye: Quorthon from Bathory is my biggest influence musically and it was music which led to me writing as more than just a hobby. At the risk of sounding cliché, eye also love the likes of Poe, Bradbury, Lovecraft to name the most obvious 😛

25. How long does it typically take you to write a book?

Toneye: Always different. It took me 3 years to write The Scarlett Curse, which is only 15k words. It only took me 4 moons to write Joshua’s Folly, which was 40k. Blood Moon Big Top is around 23k and only took a couple of moons to write. Book 3 in The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series has taken me a year and a half so far and is only half done. (Blame the anthologies for that) haha 😛

26. Anything you are afraid of?

Toneye: Something bad happening to my son and eye am not there to prevent it.

27. How do you celebrate when you finish a book?

Toneye: Nothing out of the ordinary really. Maybe do some housework hahahahaha

28. Any advice for future writers?

Toneye: Never give up. Write what you want to read and learn to take criticism. It’s the only way you’ll learn and progress – provided the criticism is constructive and not some troll telling you your writing sux. Remember, not everyone likes the same things in a story. There will always be someone who doesn’t like what you have to offer. A thick skin is essential in this industry.

29. Do you….. facebook, twitter, newsletter, GoodReads?

Facebook is the most likely place to find me. That’s where eye spend most of my time when not busy making stories. Twitter, eye use basically as a promo platform, both for my work and other people’s. Never really caught onto the whole Twitter thing. Eye have a website which eye update from time to time with my short stories and the occasional book review. Eye have a Goodreads account but rarely go there. Amazon is where you can find my books and the multitude of anthologies my work can be found in.

FB –

Website –

Twitter –

Amazon –

Fangs heaps for having me, wolfsister! Eye hope you and your audience have enjoyed the ride! 🙂

The pleasure was all mine my wolfbro. Looking forward to reading all your stories and learning much more about you. Aaaarrrroooooooooooooo

Happy Reading !!


January (Janzuary) Author Spotlight …… Jonathan Janz, author of WOLF LAND, CHILDREN OF THE DARK, THE NIGHTMARE GIRL and much more!! Check his books out!

THE FACILITY by Brandon Ford

What would you do if you caught your husband sexually abusing your 5 year old daughter?

That’s exactly what happened to Holly, Rhys and their daughter Jenna. As Holly and Jenna are staying with Holly’s Sister and Brother in Law, Holly searches the internet to find how she can help Jenna get over what her father has done. Holly comes across a website for THE FACILITY. They help with this sort of thing, by helping the men get over their urges. Holly gets the ball rolling to get her husband there. They both have said they would do just about anything to put their pretty family back together again. So, Holly signs Rhys up for a trip to The Facility. When the date is all set, two guys and Holly go pick up Rhys and take him there. Unknown to Holly, (at first) they drug Rhys so he is out cold the whole trip to The Facility in Prague. By the time that Rhys finally comes to, the surgery is done. As expected, he is not at all happy with Holly, and  gives her the ultimate cold shoulder. Holly doesn’t know what to do. She thought for sure this solution would work. Anything to keep Jenna safe. ANYTHING.

What would you do if you were in Rhys’ shoes? Would you just accept things as they are or would you plot and plan a sweet revenge on what your wife has done?

What does Rhys do??  Is there a happy ending for everyone??

You HAVE to read this book and find out!! Twists and turns you just won’t see coming. A dark subject matter that you don’t read about in books often. Brandon wrote this with such brilliance, and an ending that is literally off the hook!   I was totally caught of guard, shocked and surprised by this brilliant book. I know you will be to!

THE FACILITY currently doesn’t have a release date. Brandon is working on the final touches of edits and art work. Hopefully it will be out soon. When it’s finally released, BUY IT, READ IT, REVIEW IT!

You can find and connect with  Brandon Ford on facebook

Follow his author page on

Brilliant, Well done Brandon. Awesome book!!! Thank you for letting me read it.


November Spotlight Author Duncan P. Bradshaw


Duncan Bradshaw is witty, funny, kind, smart and a damn good writer. I met Duncan not that long ago on Facebook. Hit it off right from the start. He’s happy to be talking about books, friends, family and just plain joking around with everyone. He will stand behind you and beside you.

Duncan has a long list of books available …stories in a few anthologies, and ebooks. You can find a complete list at Duncan’s author page on

When not writing, Duncan can be found spending time with family and friends, and at some of UK’s book conventions.

Duncan’s newest release is “28 SECONDS LATER: A ZOMBIE SHORT STORY”. Which was released at the end of last month. Available on Kindle price $3.95

“28 Seconds Later” is taken from the upcoming zombie collection, Chump, by Duncan P. Bradshaw, released on 12 November 2016.

Finally, the true story behind the Eastern Bloc boycott of the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics is revealed. Brace yourself for an inspection of the top secret Khimki Sports Preparation Facility in the Novogorsk district, near Moscow. Just another normal day of injections, feats of sporting excellence, and a Scottish super-spy.

There’s a fine line between infection and zombism.

A popular anthology that features a story by Duncan is EASTER EGGS & BUNNY BOILERS: A HORROR ANTHOLOGY. Kindle price is $0.99

Matt Shaw invites you to learn the true meaning of Easter. Yes. That’s right. Easter. Learn the true meaning of Easter in this anthology featuring some of the biggest names in horror right now with authors from across the globe. Come, take his hand, and experience demented rabbits, chocolate obsessed children drowning in their own greed, serial killers, resurrection and more in this collection guaranteed to kill the cravings of your sweet tooth. Featuring the authors: Matt Shaw Graeme Reynolds Luke Smitherd Jim Goforth Stuart Keane Kit Power Jack Rollins David Owain Hughes Rich Hawkins Duncan Ralston Kyle M. Scott Duncan P. Bradshaw J R Park Glenn Rolfe Chantal Noordeloos Kindra Sowder Matt Hickman Neil Buchanan Mark West Michael Bray And an introduction from Gingernuts of Horror’s head honcho, Jim Mcleod

Duncan has a zombie story collection coming our way 11/12/2016. Kindle price $2.99 and it can be pre-ordered NOW.  CHUMP: A COLLECTION OF ZOMBIE STORIES…..

All of these stories are unpublished and have never seen the light of day before. A mix of humour, brutality and over-the-top mayhem, which Duncan P. Bradshaw is becoming famed for. Pick it up, and shamble inside some unique takes on the zombie genre.

I really hope you give Duncan a try. Him and his books are pretty amazing. Duncan was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

1. How old were you when you discovered books?

My brother and I were really lucky that our parents read to us from time to time when we were little, and encouraged us to read when we were able. I’d say the first two I can really remember, (and still own), were Puff the Magic Dragon and a pop-up book called Duncan the Dinosaur.

2. What was your favourite childhood book?

My favourite author was Roald Dahl when I was a kid, I loved the mad stories, and the barmy illustrations by Quentin Blake. It is tough to pick just one, but I’d have to go with The Twits. To me, it encapsulates the zaniness of both of them, and is a perfect book for any child.

3. Do you have a current favourite author / book?

Oh yes, all-time favourite, is World War Z by Max Brooks. It is rare for me to re-read the same book, as I just have so many ready and waiting for me in my TBR pile. However, once every couple of years, I’ll pick up WWZ and read it again. I just love the way Brooks approached it, reporting after the events, each interview paints a small part of a larger picture, and I just love it.

4. How many books do you have available?

At present, I have six released in the world. My first was zombie-comedy CLASS THREE, followed up by the first book in the CLASS FOUR series, THOSE WHO SURVIVE. Not wanting to be labelled as ‘Zombie Boy’, I then wrote a bizarro novella called CELEBRITY CULTURE, which is probably the weirdest book I’m ever going to write, it’s also quite tough to wade through. Then I released sci-fi/horror novella PRIME DIRECTIVE, following the first astronauts to land on Mars. My last release was HEXAGRAM, which is part horror, part sci-fi and fantasy. Six stories set across five hundred years of human history.

5. What are you currently working on?

At the moment, I’m just about to release a new book, but have two more ready for editing. One is called DEADLOCK, and follows a retired jewel thief pulled back for one last job. The other is called SUMMONED, and is a multi-narrative book that is going to take a little while to come to fruition. This is because it has loads of design elements which I need to work out.

6. Do you have new releases coming up?

I do indeed, next up for me, and the final book of 2016, is my zombie collection, CHUMP. I’ll be releasing it at the Festival of Zombie Culture on 12 November, and contains eight stories on the undead. Each is vastly different, and I really loved writing some different angles on what is probably one of my favourite things in the world, zombies.

7. If you could live in a book for a day, what book would it be?

Hmmm, most of the books I read, you wouldn’t want to live in, as I’m partial to post-apocalyptic worlds and nasty people. I reckon it would be Scardiff though. The place is permanently stuck in the seventies, and completely odd. I’d love to have a mooch around and see just how mad the place is. One day would definitely be enough!

8. What do you love / hate about being a writer?

I think the thing I love the most, is that I finally have an outlet for my imagination to run wild. I’m quite a unique person, and being able to sit down and form into something tangible my weird and wonderful thoughts, does help. I think. As for the worst thing, it’s not having enough time. I have so many ideas that I want to get down, but realise that the likelihood of being able to, is slim and none.

9. How do you come up with titles / character names for your books?

I know some people that come up with a title first, and won’t start until they do. For me, I don’t stress it. I come up with a provisional name, but most change. Hexagram for instance, was called Stardust. Prime Directive was The Entity. When I write my zombie books, I call them after rivers, until I come up with a title. Character names are in two camps. One is the name which my brain has already come up with, mainly because the dialogue which has gone around my head has already decided on a name. Others just come out depending on gender and the era or setting that the story lives in.

10. Which book of yours would you like to see on the big screen?

I’d love to see my debut novel, CLASS THREE, being made in the flesh. It’s just a little out there, gory and silly. To see those characters come to life, would be pretty damn cool.

11. Ever had writer’s block? How did you get past it?

Not really, though I think this consists of two things. You can get a complete and utter block, where you are bereft of any ideas, which has never happened. Then you get the minor blocks. I am a pantser, in that I don’t plan what is going to happen in my stories. I have a rough idea of what I want to happen, and certain scenes, but in the main, I just sit down, type and see where it goes. Sometimes though, I realise I’ve written myself into a dead-end, or missed something out. Then I come to a grinding halt, as I work out how to correct it. That can be annoying, as it takes me out of the flow.

12. What would be the title of your autobiography?

I think it would have to be something majestic, utterly befitting a man of my talents and whims. So, I think it would be called ‘IDIOT’. In capital letters too.

13. If you could be one of your characters, would you and who?

Most of my characters are not very nice people, even the ‘good’ ones have annoying flaws, which I think helps people to try and identify with them. After all, we are all flawed people, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I think I’d be the nameless narrator from CELEBRITY CULTURE, just to see what a bonkers world it really is, getting diseases from celebrities, and turning into shower cubicles.

14. Do you have a favourite time of day to write? Favourite spot?

I tend to work best mid-late afternoon or evening. I’ve taken days off to work on books before, and find that in the morning, I’m no good at all. I need to wake up a bit, ponder on what I’m going to do, then just sit down and do it. One of the spare rooms has been turned into a man cave, and I have a desk up there, that I use when I’m doing the first draft. When I edit or do design stuff, I’ll sit downstairs on the sofa, where distractions no longer matter.

15. How do you think the Classics inspire today’s authors?

I think that Classics falls into two categories again. In genre fiction, people like King, Barker etc write what are arguably ‘classics’, and it’s good to read some, should you wish. Personally, in amongst the fiction which is released throughout the year, I like to throw in the odd book which I’ve always wanted to read, but never have. So, for example, this year, I’ve read 1984 and Animal Farm, by George Orwell, The Price by Machiavelli and Fear and Loathing…by Hunter S Thompson. I can’t say that I try to emulate people, so for me, it’s more about seeing how other books are constructed, and the language used.

16. Is there any topic you won’t write about?

I wouldn’t say there is, though within a book, I wouldn’t write any sex scenes, as I have yet to read anything yet which has been done well. Most come across as misogynistic or completely out of place. I’d also probably steer clear of rape or child abuse, as I tend to find that these are used in ways which just become tropes, and again, aren’t done very well at all.

17. If you could have any super power, What would it be?

I’d love to be able to freeze time. Either to mess with people, move stuff around, that sort of thing, but mainly so that I could get more stuff written. Be quite cool to get something done by freezing time for an hour or so, would mean that I could work on all of those shiny ideas I get.

18. How much research goes into your books?

Really depends on what I’m writing. My zombie stuff tends to need research when it comes down to geography, weapons that sort of thing. Then you get HEXAGRAM where each and every story needed to be looked into. Again though, in the main, it is done when I come up against something, rather than planning. Though, for THOSE WHO SURVIVE, I read up on survivor guilt before I started, as that was a big theme, and for an upcoming book, I’m reading up on Voodoo.

19. Do you keep anything handy in case an idea hits you?

No, though I’m thinking I should. In the main, I remember little flashes of ideas, and if it really is too good to ignore, I’ll email myself. What I tend to find is that a lot of ideas are quite fleeting, so they tend to just get stored away. When I wrote PRIME DIRECTIVE, I ended up putting in loads of these little ideas, as they all fitted together, that was pretty cool.

20. Past or Present author, who would you love to meet and get to know?

To be honest, I’m not that fussed about meeting a King, or a James. It would be cool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as if I’m trying to be them, so wouldn’t do much for me. The absolute best thing about being an indie author, is meeting all of the writers that you meet through social media. It really is cool to shake the hand of someone who has shared your posts, or chatted to about something weird. I’d take that any day of the week.

21. Do you …. Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Newsletter?

I gave Twitter a go and hated it. I’d liken it to standing on an orange box, talking at people. I love Facebook, as you can engage with people, though there are a minority that use it as a ground to bully others, or just be a dick, which is annoying. Once in a while I’ll blog, about progress on projects or something big coming up. Shameless plug right here…

Facebook –
Blog –
Website –

22. How do you celebrate after finishing a book?

I always do one thing, okay…two. When I finish a first draft, I go and get a bottle of prosecco, and me and the wife will have a drink to celebrate. I’ll do the same when a book is released too. The second thing, is take a day off writing, clear my head, as the next job is to open the document at page one, and start to edit it. I love editing first off, though when I can recite it verbatim, then it bugs me.

23. Congrats on your new adventure, please tell us about EYECUE PRODUCTIONS.

Thank you! All of my physical books have a degree of design elements to them, more than most I’d wager. So when I started out, I wanted to make a little ‘thing’ to represent this, so EyeCue was born. When we originally started the Sinister Horror Company, we were each going to do something similar, with the SHC brand just being an umbrella. I opted to continue with EyeCue. Now that I’m going solo, I’m able to do things my way, and push out, eventually, into new areas.

Here and now though, EyeCue is all about putting my books out, and, a couple of secret projects which I’ll be announcing in the new year. This is the beginning of something exciting, for me at least, and though I wished it had worked out with the guys in SHC, I’m not going to let it slow me down. Find this quote sums it up well:
‘Always a little further it may be, Beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow, Across that angry or that glimmering sea’

24. Any advice for future authors?

Just one, you will achieve nothing by talking, if you want to be a writer, write. You can spend your entire life procrastinating, putting it off until tomorrow, or when you feel the time is right. The best time is now. It’s all any of us ever have.

Thank you Tina, really appreciate your time.

Please was all mine Duncan. THANK YOU !!!! You are a rock star!!

Happy Reading!


THE TEAM Series Books 1-4 by David M. Salkin


I’m more of a horror reader. I’m also a slow reader. This series broke all barriers. It’s Military Espionage and I read all four books in about 2 and half weeks. I devoured them! Brilliantly written, missions so real, they could have been taken off the front page, and they draw you in so well you actually feel a part of THE TEAM. I truly don’t know how David M. Salkin does it. Every book ups the ante from the last book. Pure genius!

THE TEAM book 1, as the cover hints at, this story introduces us to THE TEAM. A group of guys made up from SEALs, Marine Recon, Army Rangers and the CIA. Where they pretend to be an All Star Baseball team traveling the world playing games, and behind the scenes, fighting bad guys. This book finds the guys traveling to Qatar, on the hunt for a few million in bribery money and a nasty thing called Sarin. Can they save the world??

THE TEAM is loosely based on a real covert military operation run the 60s during the Vietnam War.

THE TEAM is available in all formats on Kindle price $2.99

INTO THE JUNGLE (The Team book 2) finds this great group of guys on another mission. This one is to the middle of the jungle in Paraguay. They are on the hunt for a drug kingpin and 3 terrorists, all whom are bombing suspects. Again, this book, just like the first, is full of suspense, action, some death and even a little bit of romance. Can The Team make it out of the jungle alive? Will they catch their men?

INTO THE JUNGLE is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

AFRICAN DRAGON (The Team book 3) has the team in the middle of the Congo and trying to stop a coup. This one is full of non-stop action, fighting, heartbreak. This is the most deadliest mission for The Team. With the Congo rich in uranium and plutonium, China wants a big piece of the pie, and they will do anything to get control of all that mineral. Including helping with the coup. All hell breaks loose in this story.  A lot of blood, death and heartache. Will The Team make it back? Will they be able to stop China?

AFRICAN DRAGON is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

SHADOW OF DEATH (The Team book 4) has The Team being sent off to Mexico, and with a new team leader. When CIA agent Apo Yessayan hears spanish in Syria, he knows something is terribly wrong, evil is afoot. There is a new alliance, ISIS and a very powerful Mexican drug cartel. There is a package making its way through Mexico and on its way to the California coast. What is it? What damage can / will it do to the US? Can The Team find it in time?? Apo finds himself deep undercover and face to face with the deadly drug cartel, a house guest until THE TEAM gets there. Who can they trust?

SHADOW OF DEATH is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

This is such a brilliant series. The attention to detail, the in depth writing draws you into each and every  story. Makes you feel as if you ARE a part of THE TEAM. You fight to survive, you get angry with them, you joke and laugh with them, you fight side by side with them. This truly is a MUST read series.

After reading these 4 amazing books, be sure to pick up THE MOP, being released TOMORROW 10/8/2016. This is THE TEAM book 4.5. DANGEROUS GROUND (The Team book 5) is complete and just waiting a release date.

I hope there are many more missions ahead for THE TEAM. I am loving this ride I am on.

Happy Reading.