DANCE WITH ME by Alex J. Adams

Hello Readers! I have a treat for you. This gem of a book is moving, romantic and a bit suspenseful. I was given an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) and devoured it in just a couple days. It is a book about Seb, who is a dance teacher (and part owner) of NAVA Dance Studios, and Joe, who meets Seb when Joe’s future wife signs them up for dance lessons before their wedding. The sparks fly between Seb and Joe with every dance lesson. Seb thinks that Joe is 100% straight but Joe has a little secret he is keeping from Seb, he is actually bi. For Joe, it is getting harder and harder to hide his growing attraction to Seb. Joe asks for more private lessons, he’s not at all a good dancer and wants to be perfect for his wedding. Seb has a secret of his own, he is dealing with a stalker, and things are heating up with that. Seb is getting more and more scared. How are Seb and Joe going to deal with the ever growing attraction between them and with the police finally figure out who is stalking poor Seb?? And will Seb and Joe find their happily ever after?

Oh Readers, this book was so so beautiful. You will run through every emotion imaginable. I would giggle in spots, and cry in others. Alex is a talented writer and its so exciting that this is her first book! She writes like a seasoned pro. I am really looking forward to getting to know Alex and her beautiful world of the NAVA DANCE STUDIOS.


Joe has twelve weeks and counting until he marries the woman of his dreams. Or is she?

After meeting with Seb, their sexy dance tutor, he’s not so sure anymore. This has him questioning his choices. Is marriage to Clare really what he wants?

Is he prepared to give it all up for the man he wants or should he let him go?

Daniel’s death left Seb a mess.

Unable to form any meaningful relationships since, a veil of sadness covers him. And then he meets Joe, with his dimpled smile and two left feet.

Against his better judgement, he’s falling for the very engaged, very straight guy.

Finding Joe was easy, but someone from Seb’s past is out to get him, threatening his career and his very future.

Can Joe and Seb overcome their very real problems to get their happy ever after, or will it all come crashing down?

Dance With Me is a slow burn MM contemporary romance featuring a sexy dance tutor, an accountant, who’s anything but boring, and an adorable dog. HEA guaranteed. Features mention of drug abuse, overdose (off page) and kidnapping.

DANCE WITH ME is on Kindle and KU and will be available for purchase on JULY 17th 2021 for $5.51. Well worth every penny !!!

Alex took time out of her very busy day to answer a few questions…….

  1. How did you come to start writing? I started to write one Friday lunchtime after declaring to my work colleagues, I was going to write a book and it took off from there. I had a Zoom call with a friend of mine and she just encouraged me to do it and here we are, seven months later with a book about to release
  2. Why MM (male / male) Romance? Originally, it was going to be an MF romance but my middle son said “It’s 2021 Mum, you should write a gay romance” so that’s what I did. I’d already read a ton of it so it wasn’t that much of a change to alter the names. The story just went from there and Joe and Seb were born.
  3. Who / What inspires you? I’m not sure anyone inspires me. I have a lot of authors that I love to read and I suppose some of my inspiration comes from them. So many authors have been helpful to me and I’ve found the MM author community to be inspiring. Let’s go with that 😁
  4. Is DANCE WITH ME your first book? Dance is my first ever book. I’ve never written anything before although I am an avid reader, having read 500 books last year in all genres ranging from YA to suspense but for the last year, I’ve read exclusively MM books. I had read a few before but got hooked on them. I don’t know what draws me to them, but what I’ve read has always been excellent.
  5. How many books are planned with the NAVA DANCE STUDIOS series? I plan on three books in the series. I’m already three quarters of the way done with book two and book three already has the characters and a vague plot 😁 But I do have the covers all ready to go. Only a few people have seen them and they are as amazing as the Dance cover

Alex has a great group on Facebook where we can chat with her, talk about her books and get to know her as well as her amazing fans (including me, you will find me there too).

Be sure to send Alex a friend request on Facebook !!!

Here is an Universal link to all of Alex’s pages …..

I give this book 5 Stars!! So run off to Amazon and pre order this book NOW!! You wont be sorry. I promise.

Happy Reading


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