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pandora I recently came across Pandora’s books not too long ago. I can’t remember how though, I think we are members of the same book group. A couple quick questions about her books and became fast friends. I am currently reading book 6 in her HAUNTED SOULS series, which is what I will be telling you all about in today’s post. The series centers around Copeland Forbes. A psychic and witch from New Orleans and Jude Byrne from Salem. How they meet and all the things they get into. The series is more then about ghosts, spells, hauntings and such. It’s about friends, family, and love. The emotions you will go through as you read will leave you speechless and your heart pounding. I call myself a slow reader, but I haven’t been able to stop reading about Cope and Jude. I think I’ve read books 1 – 5 in under a month. LOL. That’s a first for me. So, lets get to it …. here are Cope and Jude ……. Haunted Souls.

When a reclusive psychic shows up looking for Jude Byrne in his adopted hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, the private investigator’s walls go up instantly. Psychic or not, this mysterious man knows secrets about Jude’s past that are better left buried in the New Mexico desert. Stranger still is the personality change that comes over the flirty P.I. after he meets the newcomer.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is a man on the edge. The once popular and well-respected medium has lived in seclusion since an attack by a former student has shaken his confidence in his abilities. Sickened by an ailment no doctor can diagnose, he travels from his home in Louisiana to seek out the one man he believes he can help him, if the rumors are true.

Faced with an enemy possessing powers greater than either man has ever faced alone, will Jude and Copeland decide to work together to defeat this dark magick? Or will both men continue on as they are now, ghosts of themselves?

Book 1 is available in KU / Kindle $4.99 / Paperback $12.99

** Reading this, I instantly fell in love with Cope. There is just something about him. You are just gonna love him (and Jude) too. I just know it.

Newly-minted Ghost Detective, Jude Byrne, finally has his life in order. He’s got a job he loves, friends he can count on, and a partner he actually likes. Jude’s only problem is the growing attraction between himself and his partner. He knows nothing will sink their partnership quicker than giving in to those urges.

Psychic, Copeland Forbes, is settling nicely into Salem, Massachusetts. He and Jude have formed the perfect partnership, with the former P.I. researching the history of the places they are hired to investigate, while it’s Cope’s job to communicate with the spirits they encounter to either move them on to the other side or work out an amicable arrangement with the people now living in their home. So far, the duo has a perfect record and completely satisfied customers.

The detectives’ record is put to the test when teenager, Xavier Lewis, parks his bike outside West Side Magick and asks if Jude and Cope’s fee can be paid via weekly installments of his allowance money. When Jude tells the boy it all depends on the story he has to tell, neither detective is prepared for the tale that spills out of Xavier’s mouth. When the boy tells them about a ghostly woman in white that he thinks is trying to kill him, Jude and Copeland are all in.

The partners soon discover that not all ghosts can be reasoned with and that the risks of dealing with the paranormal are very real indeed. Will the Ghost Detectives be able to solve the mystery of the woman in white or will they become the next victims in her ghost story?

Book 2 is available in KU / Kindle $4.99

** This one was an emotional read. One never wants to see kids in danger, or being hurt. The haunting is nail-biting, edge of your seat intense.

Ghost Detective Jude Byrne has just landed in magical Key West, Florida for two weeks of fun in the sun. He’s looking forward to working on his tan instead of on haunted houses. Sitting at the hotel bar, he overhears a radio call-in show interviewing a terrified man about the harrowing experiences he had with a ghost at Casa Flores, a local bed and breakfast.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is equally thrilled to be on vacation. He’s still dealing with the effects of the Lewis case and a few weeks in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. Hearing the caller on the radio changes everything. He knows he needs to get involved with this case and places a call to PRIDE XM to offer his services to the scared young man. What starts out as a friendly phone call turns into a bet with Jude and Cope spending the night in this haunted hotel where things do, in fact, go bump in the night.

The vacationing duo soon find out they have a mystery on their hands. Casa Flores was the home of a Cuban cigar baron and his second wife. The problem was that Santiago Flores’s first wife was still alive and well back in Havana. When she learned of her husband’s betrayal, she came to Key West for revenge. In the end, mysterious deaths visited all three members of the Flores family.

Can Jude and Cope get to the bottom of what really happened at Casa Flores or will they become the latest victims in this ghost town?

Book 3 available in KU / Kindle $4.99

** This one was a fun read. Sometimes I found myself giggling. Cope and Jude were suppose to be on vacation. LOL. Just can’t help themselves. Book 1 it was personal with Cope, book 2 the ghosts were evil, this book, they just didn’t know better I think.

Be careful what you witch for…

Ghost Detective Jude Byrne is missing the excitement of the high-profile investigations he and his partner have been handling. Every time the bell jingles over the shop door, he finds himself hoping it’s their next big case. Jude gets his wish and then some when Anson Hollister, curator of the Salem Witch House, walks into West Side Magick with a frightening story to tell. He’s been visited by the spirit of Thatcher Webb, the judge who’d presided over the Salem Witch Trials, sentencing nineteen innocent women to hang.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is enjoying the slower pace of life with Jude. Back from vacation and settled into their new house, he’s content working cases that don’t make him want to sleep with the lights on. Agreeing to take Anson’s case, Cope becomes violently ill on a trip to investigate The Witch House, making him fear there is something more sinister involved rather than the simple haunting Anson described.

With no sign of Thatcher Webb’s spirit, the investigation is at a near standstill, until warlock Callum Churchill, who’s ancestor, Abigail, was one of Thatcher Webb’s victims, disappears on a visit to The Witch House. Can Jude and Cope find the missing witch and put a stop to the diabolical goings on or will they become the next spirits haunting the ghost house?

Available in KU / Kindle $4.99

** An enjoyable read. Kept me on the edge of my seat. The ghost was extra spooky and the house was too!! One scene (no spoilers from me), had me holding my breath and had my heart rate up! OMG!

Psychic Copeland Forbes can’t get a good night’s sleep. His dreams are being haunted by two restless spirits, one crying out for his help and the other bent on destroying him. Only able to communicate through dreams, the anguished spirit gives Cope just enough information to send him running back home to New Orleans to solve the mystery.

Ghost Detective Jude Byrne is against Cope going back to The Big Easy. It was trouble as long as the Mississippi that sent Copeland fleeing New Orleans in the first place but, if Cope insists on going, Jude is going with him. To make the mission as safe as possible, Jude puts together a team of psychics, warlocks, and detectives he’s hoping are strong enough to keep everyone, namely Cope, safe.

When the spirits’ identities are revealed, tragedy strikes a member of the ghost detective team. Will help arrive in time or will they be left with only the ghost of a chance?

Available in KU / Kindle $4.99

** This one was the most emotional book and my personal favorite. The torture / nightmares that Cope goes through are so gripping. I was left floored when the identity of one of the ghosts is figured out. The other, OMG! I didn’t see THAT twist coming. At one point I was just sobbing and broken. This one will stay with me for some time to come.

I just recently started book 6. As all the others, I am enjoying every word. Pandora is a very talented writer. All of her books are filled with love, hope, family, friends and ghosts. What could possibly go wrong?!?!? LOL. Join me on this journey and find out.

Pandora took time out of her busy writing schedule to answer a few questions for this post. THANK YOU PANDORA !!!

1. At what age did you know you wanted to be an author?
From middle school on, I was always the kid who was excited to get writing assignments. I’ve always loved reading and would wonder if I could grow up to do that one day. It wasn’t until after my 40th birthday when I decided to give it a try as something more than a hobby.

2. What are your likes / dislikes about writing?
There are no dislikes when it comes to writing. I love the entire process from getting thunderstruck with an idea, to when the characters introduce themselves, through the plotting, writing, editing, and finally pressing the button to publish. If a dislike ever cropped up, I would know that was the time to walk away. For me, writing has always been an absolute joy.

3. How many books do you have published? Where would be a good start to a reader new to your books?
Ghost Writer, which will be out sometime in June will be my 65th book. If you’re interested in psychic/paranormal stories, start with Dead Speak, book one in the Cold Case Psychic series. You’ll love meeting Tennyson and Ronan for the first time. If you’re into contemporary series, try Pillow Talk, it’s book one of the On The Radio series. Lastly, if you’re interested in First Responders, try Gunnar’s Guardian. This is book one in the Protect and Serve series about five foster brothers who save people for a living.

4. What are you currently working on?
Ghost Writer is with my editor. I’m hoping it will be available within the next two weeks. I’m about to sit down and start writing Deacon’s Defender, book two in the Protect and Serve series. It’s about a fire captain on the hunt for an arsonist. He believes the firebug is mild mannered newspaper reporter, Deacon Fairbanks. Is Deacon the arsonist? Will Ozzy give in to the burning desire simmering between him and Deacon? We’ll all find out in July when the book debuts! I’ve also been asked to be a part of Heart2Heart volume four, which features paranormal stories. Look for that in July.

5. Do you …. Instagram / twitter / facebook / website ?


Pandora’s Box:


Thank you again Pandora for letting me spotlight your amazing books and do a short interview. Its amazing getting to know you through Cope and Jude and the gang of HAUNTED SOULS. How I wish I could move next door to them. 🙂 I am really looking forward to reading all your other books too! Five down, Sixty to go!! LOL.


Happy reading everyone.

Be Safe, Take Care.


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