THE FACILITY by Brandon Ford

What would you do if you caught your husband sexually abusing your 5 year old daughter?

That’s exactly what happened to Holly, Rhys and their daughter Jenna. As Holly and Jenna are staying with Holly’s Sister and Brother in Law, Holly searches the internet to find how she can help Jenna get over what her father has done. Holly comes across a website for THE FACILITY. They help with this sort of thing, by helping the men get over their urges. Holly gets the ball rolling to get her husband there. They both have said they would do just about anything to put their pretty family back together again. So, Holly signs Rhys up for a trip to The Facility. When the date is all set, two guys and Holly go pick up Rhys and take him there. Unknown to Holly, (at first) they drug Rhys so he is out cold the whole trip to The Facility in Prague. By the time that Rhys finally comes to, the surgery is done. As expected, he is not at all happy with Holly, and  gives her the ultimate cold shoulder. Holly doesn’t know what to do. She thought for sure this solution would work. Anything to keep Jenna safe. ANYTHING.

What would you do if you were in Rhys’ shoes? Would you just accept things as they are or would you plot and plan a sweet revenge on what your wife has done?

What does Rhys do??  Is there a happy ending for everyone??

You HAVE to read this book and find out!! Twists and turns you just won’t see coming. A dark subject matter that you don’t read about in books often. Brandon wrote this with such brilliance, and an ending that is literally off the hook!   I was totally caught of guard, shocked and surprised by this brilliant book. I know you will be to!

THE FACILITY currently doesn’t have a release date. Brandon is working on the final touches of edits and art work. Hopefully it will be out soon. When it’s finally released, BUY IT, READ IT, REVIEW IT!

You can find and connect with  Brandon Ford on facebook

Follow his author page on

Brilliant, Well done Brandon. Awesome book!!! Thank you for letting me read it.



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