Toneye is a true gem. Kind, funny, witty, a friend and wolf brother. He loves everything that has to do with wolves. I believe that’s how I met Toneye, through a facebook group having to do with wolves. Instant connection. He’s a writer, musician, guitar god, singer, and father.

Toneye actually writes under the name Toneye Eyenot. He has written a couple books, and has stories in many anthologies. His stories are brilliant, well written and spooky as hell. A must read for any horror fan. When not writing, Toneye is an Editor for J. Ellington Ashton Press, and when not doing that, he can be found up on the stage rocking it out.



Some of Toneye’s stories have a werewolf background.  They are amazing and great to read. Personally, I think he was a wolf in his past life and longs for the fur and fangs again! LOL Toneye has a beautiful soul, and would give you the shirt off his back.

Here is Toneye’s author page, I do hope you check him and his amazing books out. They are all reasonably priced. Ebooks are about $2.99 to $3.99. Well worth the price.

Toneye took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions. Enjoy the interview.

1. Did you read a lot growing up?

Toneye: Absolutely! Eye loved reading as a kid. Learned to read before starting school and eye used to love writing as soon as eye knew how to hold a pen. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is my earliest reading memory hahaha

2. What was your childhood favorite book?

Toneye: A Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson in my earlier years, then in my teens, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton was my fave.

3. Did you always want to write?

Toneye: Yes and no haha. All through my childhood, eye loved to write stories. When eye reached my mid teens, eye started goin’ off the rails a bit, partying and getting out of it. Eye lost interest for a few years there, but towards the end of my teen years, when eye joined a band, lyric writing became a passion. Eye never gave novel writing any serious thought up until 2011, when eye began writing The Scarlett Curse. Haven’t looked back since!

4. What do you like to enjoy during your free time?

Toneye: Making evil music with my bands hehe. We haven’t done a lot of that this year, but that’s all about to change again with Chaotic Impurity. Also reading, writing and dare eye say…editing (shock horror! Hahaha) Eye know a lot of people hate editing, but eye find it fun. Also, the advantage there is eye get to read stuff before anyone else 🙂

5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Toneye: A stuntman hahaha! Eye got hooked on that show “The Fall Guy” in the early 80’s and decided then that’s what eye wanted to be.

6. How many books do you have available?

Toneye: 3 so far, with a 4th and a 5th on the way J The Scarlett Curse and Joshua’s Folly are books 1 and 2 in my dark fantasy/horror ‘The Sacred Blade Of Profanity’ series. The 3rd is Blood Moon Big Top, my werewolf/clown horror novella.

7. Any new releases coming up?

Toneye: Eye have another werewolf novella which will be out early next year. Just gotta finish writing it first! Also, book 3 in The Sacred Blade series is well overdue! No more anthologies for me until that’s complete.

8. What does a day of writing look like?

Toneye: Dark hahaha! Night is my day. But seriously, every night is different. Eye have never been one to have routines and eye will write when the mood takes me. Otherwise, it’s just long tedious hours of staring at a blank screen when trying to force it.

9. What do you love most about writing? Hate about writing?

Toneye: Eye love to create worlds, release my demons into ‘em and let them play while eye essentially come along for the ride. That’s when the words come at least. The part about writing eye hate is when those words don’t come.

10. Is there any topic you won’t write about?

Toneye: Topic? No. There are certain things like rape or child and animal abuse, which eye won’t go into any great detail about, but eye will still write about them should the story require it.

11. What is the scariest book you have ever read?

Toneye: The Bible

12. What would be the perfect day for you?

Toneye: Waking up late afternoon and drinking a nice hot coffee while smashin’ out a big chunk of writing. Then heading out for the night to see my son’s band play. Guess eye have a lot of perfect days hahaha

13. Do you do a lot of research for your books?

Toneye: None whatsoever so far. Eye like to write the kind of stories which require the reader to suspend disbelief. No doubt there will come a time where some kind of research will be needed but so far, eye just like to use my imagination and hope it comes across somewhat believable to the reader.

14. As you write, do you have a soundtrack you listen to? Who?

Toneye: Sometimes eye write in silence, but my fave writing soundtrack is to play through my whole Bathory discography and try to write for at least as long as it takes for 16 albums to play through. Doesn’t always work that way but it’s a goal eye set for myself each time eye hit ‘play’. My band, Infinite Black can inspire me and get those creative juices flowing. Also Kvlts Of Vice, my son’s band. Those would be my top 3.

15. I know your son plays music (which is awesome, by the way), but are you a little sad that he didn’t follow in your writing footsteps?

Toneye: No, not at all! His passion has always been music since he was 3 years old. He’s played guitar his entire life practically and he does what he loves and loves what he does. He did at least follow in my footsteps in that respect – playing music (with infinitely more talent than eye ever had) – and who knows? Maybe someday down the track, he just might develop a passion for writing. As long as he’s creating and enjoying himself in the process, that’s all that matters to me. He’s made me proud a million times over J

16. If you could live in any book for a day, which book would it be?

Toneye: Carlos Castaneda’s Tales of Power. Eye would love to meet the sorcerer, Don Genaro
17. How do you keep track of events / characters as you write?

Toneye: Just recently, eye have begun to take notes for my series. Apart from being distracted throughout most of 2016 with anthologies, eye think the other reason this third book is taking me so long is that over the first 2 books and well into this one, the world has grown, the cast of characters has grown and it is getting harder to make sure everything remains consistent. A lot of skipping back through the first two books to make sure eye am not contradicting anything previously written.

18. Do you have a dream co-writer?

Toneye: Funny you should word the question this way. Several moons ago, eye had this awesome nightmare where eye was trapped in an old house with Michelle Garza. Eye am a huge fan of Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason’s work. Eye told Michelle about the dream and asked her if she wanted to do a collab on a book about it. She said yes, which made my day! J Right now though, The Sisters of Slaughter have their plates piled high and overflowing, and my workload is pretty full too. But yes, that will be a dream to realise in 2017 sometime, if/when we both can find the time.

19. If you don’t mind sharing, name 1 thing we would be surprised to know about you.

Toneye: This has been divulged once before in an interview, but it may still surprise some to know that when eye was young, eye was an altar boy hahahaha

20. What song would be your theme song?

Toneye: Unchain The Wolves by Destroyer 666

21. What would be the title of your autobiography?

Toneye: From The Mind(s) Of A Luniak

22. What do you look for in books that you want to read?

Toneye: Solid plot and likeable/hateable characters mainly. Eye want to be moved in one way or another by what happens to the people in the story.

23. Do you have a favorite author?

Toneye: Damn, that’s hard! 😀 Eye really don’t know! Some of my all-time fave authors are indie authors. Jim Goforth consistently blows me away with his books. He is definitely up there. Michelle and Melissa as well. The Sisters Of Slaughter never fail to deliver! Eye could fill a page with favourites hahaha.

24. Who are your influences?

Toneye: Quorthon from Bathory is my biggest influence musically and it was music which led to me writing as more than just a hobby. At the risk of sounding cliché, eye also love the likes of Poe, Bradbury, Lovecraft to name the most obvious 😛

25. How long does it typically take you to write a book?

Toneye: Always different. It took me 3 years to write The Scarlett Curse, which is only 15k words. It only took me 4 moons to write Joshua’s Folly, which was 40k. Blood Moon Big Top is around 23k and only took a couple of moons to write. Book 3 in The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series has taken me a year and a half so far and is only half done. (Blame the anthologies for that) haha 😛

26. Anything you are afraid of?

Toneye: Something bad happening to my son and eye am not there to prevent it.

27. How do you celebrate when you finish a book?

Toneye: Nothing out of the ordinary really. Maybe do some housework hahahahaha

28. Any advice for future writers?

Toneye: Never give up. Write what you want to read and learn to take criticism. It’s the only way you’ll learn and progress – provided the criticism is constructive and not some troll telling you your writing sux. Remember, not everyone likes the same things in a story. There will always be someone who doesn’t like what you have to offer. A thick skin is essential in this industry.

29. Do you….. facebook, twitter, newsletter, GoodReads?

Facebook is the most likely place to find me. That’s where eye spend most of my time when not busy making stories. Twitter, eye use basically as a promo platform, both for my work and other people’s. Never really caught onto the whole Twitter thing. Eye have a website which eye update from time to time with my short stories and the occasional book review. Eye have a Goodreads account but rarely go there. Amazon is where you can find my books and the multitude of anthologies my work can be found in.

FB –

Website –

Twitter –

Amazon –

Fangs heaps for having me, wolfsister! Eye hope you and your audience have enjoyed the ride! 🙂

The pleasure was all mine my wolfbro. Looking forward to reading all your stories and learning much more about you. Aaaarrrroooooooooooooo

Happy Reading !!


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