THE TEAM Series Books 1-4 by David M. Salkin


I’m more of a horror reader. I’m also a slow reader. This series broke all barriers. It’s Military Espionage and I read all four books in about 2 and half weeks. I devoured them! Brilliantly written, missions so real, they could have been taken off the front page, and they draw you in so well you actually feel a part of THE TEAM. I truly don’t know how David M. Salkin does it. Every book ups the ante from the last book. Pure genius!

THE TEAM book 1, as the cover hints at, this story introduces us to THE TEAM. A group of guys made up from SEALs, Marine Recon, Army Rangers and the CIA. Where they pretend to be an All Star Baseball team traveling the world playing games, and behind the scenes, fighting bad guys. This book finds the guys traveling to Qatar, on the hunt for a few million in bribery money and a nasty thing called Sarin. Can they save the world??

THE TEAM is loosely based on a real covert military operation run the 60s during the Vietnam War.

THE TEAM is available in all formats on Kindle price $2.99

INTO THE JUNGLE (The Team book 2) finds this great group of guys on another mission. This one is to the middle of the jungle in Paraguay. They are on the hunt for a drug kingpin and 3 terrorists, all whom are bombing suspects. Again, this book, just like the first, is full of suspense, action, some death and even a little bit of romance. Can The Team make it out of the jungle alive? Will they catch their men?

INTO THE JUNGLE is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

AFRICAN DRAGON (The Team book 3) has the team in the middle of the Congo and trying to stop a coup. This one is full of non-stop action, fighting, heartbreak. This is the most deadliest mission for The Team. With the Congo rich in uranium and plutonium, China wants a big piece of the pie, and they will do anything to get control of all that mineral. Including helping with the coup. All hell breaks loose in this story.  A lot of blood, death and heartache. Will The Team make it back? Will they be able to stop China?

AFRICAN DRAGON is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

SHADOW OF DEATH (The Team book 4) has The Team being sent off to Mexico, and with a new team leader. When CIA agent Apo Yessayan hears spanish in Syria, he knows something is terribly wrong, evil is afoot. There is a new alliance, ISIS and a very powerful Mexican drug cartel. There is a package making its way through Mexico and on its way to the California coast. What is it? What damage can / will it do to the US? Can The Team find it in time?? Apo finds himself deep undercover and face to face with the deadly drug cartel, a house guest until THE TEAM gets there. Who can they trust?

SHADOW OF DEATH is available in all formats on Kindle price $3.99

This is such a brilliant series. The attention to detail, the in depth writing draws you into each and every  story. Makes you feel as if you ARE a part of THE TEAM. You fight to survive, you get angry with them, you joke and laugh with them, you fight side by side with them. This truly is a MUST read series.

After reading these 4 amazing books, be sure to pick up THE MOP, being released TOMORROW 10/8/2016. This is THE TEAM book 4.5. DANGEROUS GROUND (The Team book 5) is complete and just waiting a release date.

I hope there are many more missions ahead for THE TEAM. I am loving this ride I am on.

Happy Reading.


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