THE TEAM (book 1) by David M. Salkin


No matter what book I read by David M. Salkin, I’m catapulted into another world. I get so drawn in, I laugh, I cry, right along with the characters. Oh, what a group of characters in THE TEAM book 1. We have US NAVY SEALs, MARINE RECONDOS, CIA and ARMY RANGERS. The cover gives a hint as to what the book is about. These amazing group of guys, lead by Chris Mackey (CIA), pretend to be a NAVY ALL STAR Baseball team. They go where they are needed, play a game of baseball, while some do what they do best, getting the true job done. In and out before the game is even over.

I read this brilliant book in under a week, and that hasn’t happened in a very long time. This grabs you on page one and doesn’t let go until you hit the very last page. Heart pounding action, covert ops, some laughs and yes, some tears. Amazingly written, characters you believe in, and whom you will be cheering on.

The book takes place mostly in Qatar. Money laundering, terrorist attacks, and what THE TEAM will do to stop it. The Ops told in great detail, makes you feel like you are one of the team members. Not everything always goes to plan, but that’s life, that’s the Military.

The idea of a covert baseball team isn’t something new. It actually happened, during the Vietnam War. Now set in today’s time, brings it full force and in your face bad ass story telling.

If you like Military Suspense, Action Packed, Bad Ass books, you MUST pick this one up. Like I said, I read it in under a week, and quickly picked up book 2. This is an amazing start to a series that I can not wait to continue reading. There are, so far 4 books out to purchase, and author David M. Salkin just finished book 5, (shhhhh I have a bit part in). Mr. Salkin is known to take family and friends names and turn them into characters in his books. Only thing is ….. he never guarantees their survival. LOL I’m truly looking forward to seeing what my namesake gets into. Not sure when book 5 will be available, but I’m willing to wait for it!

You can find David M. Salkin’s author page here….. it has a complete list of all his books that are available to purchase. Go NOW!! Buy em all. I have. 🙂

THE TEAM (book 1) is available in all forms. Is only $2.99 for Kindle

INTO THE JUNGLE (The Team book 2) $3.99 for Kindle

AFRICAN DRAGON (The Team book 3) $3.99 for Kindle

SHADOW OF DEATH (The Team book 4) $3.99 for Kindle

Trust me dear Readers, you won’t be sorry. Read everything you can by this amazing author. Every book is great cover to cover. Not all of David’s books have to deal with the Military. He has a vampire book FOREVER HUNGER, a couple underwater horror books DEEP BLACK SEA & DARK TIDE RISING (Deep Black Sea 2), HARD CARBON deals with diamond smuggling and the Russian Mob.




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