July Author Spotlight Rich Hawkins


Mr. July, Author Spotlight is Rich Hawkins. A brilliant author, a great guy, and even greater friend. It’s such an honor to know him and read his words. He’s witty, fun, and an all around super guy.

Rich can be found on facebook


and on Twitter @RichHawkins4

Rich has 3 novels out ( a apocalyptic trilogy )  …  THE LAST PLAGUE, THE LAST OUTPOST and THE LAST SOLDIER. A couple short stories … FALLEN SOLDIER, and FATHOMS.  Two novellas – BLACK STAR, BLACK SUN and THE PLAGUE WINTER. We can’t forget the many many stories in various horror anthologies. No matter which story you pick up, you won’t be disappointed.

I have read FALLEN SOLDIER, and FATHOMS. I read them back to back, and while waiting for my sister to finish her class at college. I couldn’t stop reading them.

FALLEN SOLDIER is about a soldier returning home from the war, things are not how they were. Dad not sure what to do, a son seeing ghosts from his past, and mom, well, is not the same. The son goes out to try and find the person / persons who have destroyed his family. Will he find them? Will the ghosts of his past drive him insane?

This great short story has it all. Monsters, ghosts, darkness, sadness and a bit of gore. Full of emotions, it will get your heart racing and leave your breathless. It’s a hell of a roller coaster ride!!

Hold on tight, you’re gonna love it. I did.


KINDLE price $ 0.99

FATHOMS. A body washes up on the beach, goes missing before the police can arrive. Something strange knocking on the door of the man who saw the body.

What was it? Who was it?

Then more things / people come out of the sea. What is happening? Why is it happening?

A lost love, sadness, a terrified keeper and a powerful storm that awakes the very things that should stay asleep.

This is a very hauntingly beautiful story. The ending caught me by surprise, but still, the perfect ending.

This is one story you don’t want to miss.


KINDLE price $ 0.99

I have not read this trilogy yet, but they are very near the top of my to be read pile. I am looking forward to reading them. Have heard nothing but great things about them!! You should give them a try too.  In fact, I’m looking forward to reading all of Rich’s work. If they are anything like the two above stories, we are all in for an amazing ride along.

THE LAST PLAGUE is $2.99 for Kindle


THE LAST OUTPOST is $2.99 for Kindle


THE LAST SOLDIER is $3.49 for Kindle


Be sure to check out his Amazon.com author page for his other books and anthologies.


Rich took time out of his super busy schedule to answer a few questions for me.

THANK YOU Rich!! You are a rock star!!!

1. When did you know you wanted to write books?

About ten years ago, when I finally made the effort to start working on a novel (which was never published). Hopefully I made the right choice.

2. Did you read a lot growing up? Favorite book?

I loved reading when I was a young child, but I drifted away from it in my teens. Fortunately my love for books returned in my twenties! THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE was my favourite book when I was a kid.

3. Kindle vs Paperback, which do you reach for when you read?

I prefer paperback, but I inevitably read more books on kindle because they cost less and I’m an impoverished writer…

4. Any new releases soon?

I’ve got three novellas coming out in the next few months – KING CARRION, a vampire story published by the Sinister Horror Company, is due for release in September; RUIN, from Dark Minds Press, is due in October; and I’m going to self-publish a novella called SCAVENGERS, which will hopefully be released sometime between the other two. Hopefully.

5. How many books do you have available?

I have three novels out at the moment – my apocalyptic trilogy of THE LAST PLAGUE, THE LAST OUTPOST, and THE LAST SOLDIER. I have two novellas – BLACK STAR, BLACK SUN and THE PLAGUE WINTER. Plus I’ve got several short stories available in various anthologies.

6, Which POV do you enjoy writing in? Why?

Third person past tense, always.

7. If you could be 1 of your characters, who would you be?

Ralph Barrow from my debut novel THE LAST PLAGUE. He’s a bastard, but he’s a well-meaning bastard.

8. If you could live in any book for a day, which book?

HG Wells’ WAR OF THE WORLDS. That’d be cool. Plus I’m prepping an alien invasion novel at the moment, so it’d be good research.

9. What is the scariest book you have read?

The Road. I’ve read it numerous times, so its effect on me has faded somewhat – but when I first read it, I found it terrifying. Absolutely superb novel.

10. How did you come up with the concept for your books?

They pop into my head then grow a little, and I just take it from there.

11. How do you unwind from a day of writing?

I like to unwind by spending time with my family. I also read when I can, which helps me relax.

12. Do you have a favorite spot you like to write? Favorite time of day? Music or Silence?

I like to write at my desk – that’s my usual spot. I’ll write to either music or silence, depending on my mood. Sometimes I’ll have the television on in the background.

14. What do you love most about writing?

The opportunity to create fictional worlds and characters; to make something from nothing. I just love storytelling.

15. What do you hate most about writing?

The long hours. It’s a bastard.

16. Is there any topic that is off limits to write about?

No topic should be off limits.

17. If you could invite any 5 people over for dinner, who would you invite, and what would you serve for dinner?

Stephen King, Russell Crowe, Ricky Gervais, Gillian Anderson, and Sam Harris. I’d serve Pizza for dinner.

18. If you could switch places with anyone (author or not) for a day, would you and who?

Stephen King, just to see what being rich and mega-successful is like.

19. If you could go back in time and change ONE thing, would you? What would you change?

I wouldn’t change anything. If time travel stories have taught us anything, it’s not to tinker with the timeline. That’s how the apocalypse begins…

20, What is the most terrifying thing you have ever done?

Have a daughter. It’s terrifying, but fantastic.

21. What does the typical day of writing look like?

Once I’ve done my daughter’s breakfast and had my own, I check my Facebook, Twitter and email, then get started on the writing at some point in the morning. Then it’s all about trying to fit the writing in between taking care of my daughter. I get more free time to write at night, and usually work until midnight most nights.

22. If you could change anything about your books, would you?

Maybe a few typos here and there – just little things – but nothing drastic!

23. How do you celebrate when you finish writing a book?

I’ll usually eat pizza to celebrate, if there’s any in the house. If not, I’ll have a Pot Noodle. Exciting stuff, I know. Being a horror writer is very glamorous…
24. Any advice for future authors?

Just keep writing. Write what you want to write and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. Also, read as much as you can. Probably best to develop a thick skin, too!

***** Well dear readers, be sure to pick up some Rich Hawkins books!!  Buy them! Read Them! Review them!!!!!

Happy Reading,

Thank you Rich!!  It is an honor and a pleasure having you here on my blog.




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