GODBOMB! by Kit Power


Kit Power is a Genious! Why did it take me so long to pick this book up and read it?? Goodness me – Thought provoking, suspenseful, like nothing I have read before! There is heart stopping action, death, and murder. You will be in awe, hopeful, and also have your heart broken a time or two.

Imagine being in Church, someone stands up and demands to talk to GOD or he will blow the place up. Would you be able to sit there quietly, or would you try and stop the bomber? The bomber tells everyone to pray, pray that HE shows up. How much do you believe?

Here you will meet some remarkable people …..

The Preacher… can he help the bomber get what he needs?  There is Deborah… what is she willing to do to survive? Chris….. is he willing to risk everyone for what he seeks? Twitch…. just trying to get on the right path. Katie …… your average teenager going to church. Alex… fresh out of school, learning her way. Emma and her husband Peter …. 8 and half months pregnant and so much in love, and Mike …. a church band member, and living in God’s light.

Some of these people might not make it out alive. You will not be able to put this amazing book down until you reach the very last page.

This book WILL get you thinking, get you to wonder what you believe in and question what is GOD’s plan and why are we here. Was this God’s plan all along??

An ending that was mind numbing and yet amazing all at the same time. Kit Power knows how to tell a bloody brilliant story! I for one am looking forward to Kit’s other stories.

Write faster Kit!!!!

GODBOMB! is currently $3.99 for kindle. Great price for a great book


Kit is also on facebook… be sure to look him up and tell him how much you loved his book!



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