RUN TO GROUND by Jasper Bark


RUN TO GROUND is my second book by the brilliant Jasper Bark, and it does not disappoint. Jasper can tell amazing stories, and can pretty much scare the socks off anyone. Especially me.

RUN TO GROUND is a story about Jim. Jim works in a cemetery, paid with cash so he’s off the grid. He’s running from his past, and his future.

The story starts out with Jim running through the cemetery, and something is underground, and chasing him. And what is growing in a few of the graves?!?! Whatever it is, it terrifies Jim. But it doesn’t terrify the Priest that runs the church on the grounds. Why???

This story is full of regret, a strange creepy fetish, ancient folklore and murder.

Gruesome scenes, heart racing, suspense and a shocking ending you won’t see coming.

Awesome Jasper, another great read, another favorite.

RUN TO GROUND actually is two books in one. The second story HOW THE DARK BLEEDS is about Stephanie. A hospital worker, she sits in the patient’s rooms to keep them company, and keeps an eye on them so they don’t have the opportunity to hurt themselves.

We meet Stephanie as she is in the basement of the hospital. She has a scalpel in her hand, and blood dripping to the floor. She sees flashes of her life in the ever growing pool of blood. Happier times, and not so happy times. We find out about her break up, the loss of her nephew, the fights with her sister…. and Stephanie’s break down.

In the basement, there’s something in the shadows. Something that wants Stephanie’s blood, body and soul.

Who are they? What are they? Do they get what they want?

This story will pull at your heartstrings. It’s moving, and spooky. Heartbreaking and unforgettable.

Jasper Bark at his very best.

RUN TO GROUND is only $3.99 for Kindle. Great price! Two books for the price of one!

Jasper is on facebook ….


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