PAY PHONE by Brandon Ford


“Bring Bring”

Whatever you do, no matter what, don’t answer the phone! You don’t know who or what is on the other end of the line.

This was my first book by Brandon Ford. Won’t be my last. A brilliant storyteller, who knows how to tell a spookishly delicious story!

Brandon starts out telling us a personal story. Something from his childhood, something that, I think, is a great inspiration for this very story. Answering a ringing payphone as you walk past it. I don’t know if I would, and after reading this, I probably won’t ever.

PAY PHONE is about Jake, a lonely New Yorker. His only friend is the pay phone across the street, whom he watches from his third story apartment window. As he watches people go about their day, he grips his cordless phone, looks out the window, and dials the phone’s number, and waits. He lets the phone ring and ring until someone answers. Then he turns on the charm, and talks them into his trap. You see, Jake has the hunger for blood, and he uses the phone to draw his victims in. Man or woman, old or young, it doesn’t matter to him. All that matters to him, is feeding the need for blood. That is until Chelsea answers. He is instantly smitten with her. Her long curls, her sweet voice, and her innocents. He wants to find her, thinks maybe he could have some kind of future with her.

But something is wrong. Susan doesn’t like her. And what Susan wants, Susan gets. She has set her sights on Chelsea’s blood.

Susan’s back story is chilling. One, you won’t see coming. Her story shocked and saddened me.

Does  Jake get what he wants? Does Susan? What does, if anything, does Chelsea want?

This is such a delicious story. One that I couldn’t put down. This book was heart pounding, edge of your seat suspense, and by the ending….. heartbreaking and rewarding.  Full of murder and mayhem. A truly unique story, brilliant!!

PAY PHONE is currently only $2.99 for kindle. Well worth it!

Be sure to check out Brandon’s other books and check out his facebook page too!



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