ASHLEY’S TALE by Mike Duke


Mike is a new friend on facebook. A really great guy! Nice, witty, and a hell of an author. This was quite the read! I couldn’t put this book down.

Suspense, heart-pounding, action packed. A kidnapping, choices to be made, murder, and the will to live.

What would you do if all that happened, happened to you?

Ashley found out the hard way, found out her will to live was stronger then she thought. Will she be able to kill to live? Kill to survive? Could you?

If you like books that grab you from page one and doesn’t let go till the very end, this book is for you!

Find out what Ashley does to survive.

ASHLEY’S TALE is currently $ 0.99 for kindle

Be sure to check out Mike Duke’s other books,

ASHLEY’S TALE: MAKING JAKE & THE AWAKENING (both also $ 0.99 and available for kindle)

You can find Mike Duke on facebook



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