I just recently met M.C. Allen. Polite, nice, witty, all around good guy. A great writer and super teacher. THE SACRIFICE TREE is M.C.’s second book, he has written a book in his brother William Allen’s  WALKING IN THE RAIN series, FIRESTORM book 5.

THE SACRIFICE TREE follows Juliet, an 11 year old who has recently found out the family secret. She has powers, and the tree in the backyard is a portal to a world beyond hers.

While serving a school suspension, she learns that her dog can talk, Grandma isn’t so crazy, and her parents have their own  secrets and surprises.

I found this story full of heart and soul. Great writing, great characters. As I read, I kept forgetting how young Juliet truly is. She is strong willed, good head on her shoulders, and wants to do the best for everyone, in every world she comes across. She meets friendly and not so friendly people along the way. As her powers grow and evolve, you want her to succeed and overcome all her trials. You will be cheering her on every step of the way.

Juliet’s support system around her will amaze you and shock you.

I really enjoyed this book. A lot of heart and soul in this one. I’m looking forward to joining Juliet on her quest. Brilliant.

You can find THE SACRIFICE TREE on amazon. Only $2.99 for Kindle.

Can also find M.C. Allen’s author page there too ….

M.C. is also on Facebook

M.C. was kind enough to answer a couple questions …..

1. How did you get into writing books?

I stumbled into writing because I had beta read for my brother for several of the “Walling in the Rain” series (and earlier attempts). I also watched my dad as he labored on his western he wrote when I was a child. I have his manuscript in his scrawling handwriting that I hope to type up and publish in his name.

2. Why did you make Juliet so young?

I created Juliet and made her young 11 going on 12) because I teach children who are only a year or two older. This preteen age group has so much potential as far as creativity and inquisitiveness that they lose as they age, that I wanted to tap into a character who still had a love for her parents, and she has genuine empathy for “her people” from the alternate worlds

3. How many books will be in the series?

I planned on creating five books in the series. Each world has different rules of science and magic, and as a science teacher, I wanted to have plenty of room to explore and stretch the imagination of the reader. I fell in love with Catalina Island last year, so I roughly based the island inhabited by the Kula on that island.

Thank you M.C. for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer those couple questions.

I hope, dear Readers, that you pick up this great book and give it a go. I am eagerly awaiting book 2.




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