THE FINAL CUT by Jasper Bark


Jasper Bark is a new friend and a great author. Someone who knows how to write a gripping story. I met Jasper through Crystal Lake Publishing. I get emails from CLP and given a chance to read books before they are released. THE FINAL CUT is one of those books.

Gripping, spooky, scary and bloody. This book has it all. Revenge. The mob. A mysterious female. Ghosts.

THE FINAL CUT follows the story of two friends, Sam and Jimmy. They owe money to a loan shark. When they can’t pay up, they are forced to watch a snuff film. If they can’t pay, they will be starring in their own snuff film. Before the end of the film, everyone but Sam and Jimmy are killed by something / someone.

Sam and Jimmy are film makers and they decide to use this snuff film to make a film like nothing anyone has ever seen.

The twists and turns that follow, will make your head spin. More blood, paranormal mystery, mayhem, ancient myths. There are many twists and turns in this wonderful spooky story. Things I didn’t see coming, and things that freaked me out, things that made me sad. (No spoilers here!!!!)

I was totally freaked out from the start. Brilliant book!!

I do hope you give Jasper Bark and his THE FINAL CUT a try! You won’t be disappointed.

THE FINAL CUT is only $3.99 on Kindle. Worth every penny.

You can also follow Jasper on Facebook

or on Twitter @jasperbark

Jasper has other books available too …. STUCK ON YOU AND OTHER PRIME CUTS,  he has a story in THE BLACK ROOM MANUSCRIPTS VOL 2, BED OF CRIMSON JOY,

just to name a few …. be sure to check out his author page on Amazon

Thank you Jasper for giving me the chance to read your words. I loved it from the start. Looking forward to reading more of your work!!





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