NEVERLIGHT by Dan Weatherer


My very first short story collection, and I’m honored that it is by this author, Dan Weatherer. A brilliant storyteller, and a recently new friend on Facebook.

This collection is amazing. A wonderful roller coaster ride of emotions. Some stories will get you laughing / giggling, some will even get you to cry. Most of all, they will get you to jump out of your skin and pretty much scare you to death! Just they way they should. Some stories are only a paragraph long, some just a page or two. Many are a bit longer than that. You get so drawn in, you don’t notice how long/short the story is. Many times, I was sad when they ended.

I’m going to pick a few of my favorite to tell you about.

CREEPIEST STORY …. The Laughing Man ….Based on an actual thing, A glass encased man who can’t stop laughing.

In the story, a girl confronts her fear of this and wild things happen! This story and knowing that it’s based on something real, totalled freaked me out. Loved it!!

SADDEST STORY …. She Who Cast No Shadow. About a girl, who with her cousin, visits a gypsy while on vacation. She is told some shocking things, one being … “You should not be”. The story follows her life and all that came from what the gypsy told her. The ending is sad and heartbreaking. I cried.

FUNNIEST STORY …. Killing Gary. I don’t know why this story cracked me up but it did. It’s set in a police interrogation room. DCI Honeysett and PC Nelson are questioning Kirsten. She is being questioned in the murders of a couple people. Who have a couple things in common, pissing her off and their names. Kirsten hides nothings, tells it like it is, and goes bat shit crazy when she hears the middle name of DCI Honeysett. Brilliant!

SCARIEST STORY …. Abarath. A creature said to guard a subterranean labyrinth. At the center of it, wealth beyond all measure. Two friends go in search of this labyrinth, and its treasure. Will the creature get them before they find the treasure? This one had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

MOST SUSPENSEFUL …. Meadow View. Dahlia can see things. Things not quite human. Ghosts maybe? Maybe even demon like. Nobody believed her, and doctors sent her off to Meadow View. Here she meets people just like her, and one not like anything she has ever seen. Dahlia and her new found friends, come up with a plan ……. then all hell breaks loose. Another story that keep me on the edge of my seat!! Awesome.

MOST WICKED …. My First Horror Story. Timmy and Suzie. Siblings. This one kind of made me giggle, and the ending, simply put, brilliant. Timmy learns in class the importance of Heaven. What it takes to get there, and the value of the soul and afterlife. He also is taught, that even if you are a bad person throughout your life, if you beg God for forgiveness, you can still be granted entrance to Heaven. He starts forming a plan, and it involves his 6 year old (annoying) baby sister Suzie. Timmy tries to make one deal, and ends up making another. The price, his sister’s soul. The length he goes to achieve that…. mind boggling what a 10 year old could think up. If only Timmy had kept his eyes on a few other things, the ending would have been completely different. Awesome!!!

BEST ENDING and AUTHOR’S FAVORITE …. The Withered Touch. Jenson Brady  was cursed with the most peculiar of things, wherever he went, death followed. Birds fell out of the sky, as did bugs. Flowers wilted, petals falling off, even crops would wither and die. He was shunned, and made a mockery of.  Jenson learned how to avoid people, and the town where he lived. Walking on the outskirts of town, living a lonely life. In time, he found a helpful way to use this curse. In the saddest of time, when the soul is ready to fly, Jenson would come for a visit and help those in need. He longed to love, and Grace longed to love him. When they finally meet, it will make your heart sing. Heartwarming, and beautiful.

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE …. The Raven and The Wolf. A wolf pushing north, deep into the cold, farther from his once family pack. Tired and hungry, the wolf curls up into a tight ball and waits the coming storm out. The sound of wings fluttering wakens the wolf. Instincts kick in and he’s on the hunt. What he finds, a mob of birds attacking one of their own. In saving that one bird, he has made a friend and companion. One who can fly high and seek out prey for the wolf. Together they find all that they need and some things that they don’t. The trials the Raven and the Wolf go through, will make you cheer them on. Make you wish for food to be found around every corner. You want them to make it to where they want and need to go. Circle of life. This one was so full of heart, and emotions. This one will stay with me for a very long time. When I count the stars at night, I will be thinking of the Raven and the Wolf.

Get this book my friends. It’s brilliant. It will move you. It will make you feel. Dan Weatherer is one special storyteller! Really looking forward to his other collections of short stories! Be sure to check him out on Facebook too !!





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