Beta Reading

Beta reading, a chance to read a book before it’s sent off to the publisher, a chance to help the author find any holes in the story line, misspelled words, anything that just doesn’t jive.

I’ve had the honor to do this for a couple of my author friends, Toby Tate, David M. Salkin, and Dallas Mullican. I love doing beta reading. I try to do it as often as I can.

The last book I beta read for Toby Tate was RED RABBIT. A great read, full of mystery and intrigue. Members of a Chinese gang are being taken out one by one. You tag along with Detective Shaun Patrick to solve these murders.

This one kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.   RED RABBIT is currently on Amazon as a KINDLESCOUT campaign….. I hope you follow the link below and nominate this brilliant book. If Amazon picks RED RABBIT to be published, the people who nominated the book, receives a FREE digital copy of the book. Win – Win for author and reader!!! So, please, if you read this …. nominate RED RABBIT. Bonus, Toby was kind enough to make me a character in this book, but things have changed from the time that I have read this, so I am really REALLY looking forward to reading this again. Thank you Toby!! The Kindle Scout campaign runs through the end of May.

The book I read for Dallas Mullican is titled THE MUSIC OF MIDNIGHT.

This amazing book is about a guy, who seems to be stuck in a building. A very tall building, and every floor has many doors. Every door that is opened, is a past memory of Andy’s (the guy in the building). I loved this book. Full of heart and soul, happiness, sadness, and even heartbreak. I laughed and I cried. I have always said that the best books make me cry, this stands true for THE MUSIC OF MIDNIGHT.

Currently, there is no release date for this ….. Do hope it is published soon.

Couple other books that I have had the pleasure of reading before being published ….

THE FINAL CUT by Jasper Bark … comes out end of the month. Follows 2 friends who are trying to make it in the movie business, and come across a snuff film. Scary things begin to happen when they start watching it. The more you watch it, the scarier things get.

GUTTED …. a collection of horror short stories, comes out in June / July …. An amazing lineup of authors! Some stories blew me away, some not so much. Still enjoyed this brilliant book from start to finish.

Be sure to look for those in the near future!!! Both books are being published by CRYSTAL LAKE PUBLISHING CO.

Happy Reading




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