SAM SPALLUCCI books 1 & 2 by A.S. Chambers


Austin Chambers (A.S. Chambers) is a new author friend from facebook. Great guy! Great author too. He’s witty, funny, kind, and an all around super guy. His books are just as fun too.

Austin’s books follow Sam Spallucci, a paranormal investigator living in Lancaster England. Book 1, THE CASEBOOK OF SAM SPALLUCCI, follows Sam’s  first week on the job. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

Each story / case is filled with wit, adventure, bloody good fun and good vs evil. There’s a kidnapping, devil worshipping gang, and a sacrifice. You will also come across vampires. Some of them good, some of them not so good. Another case, you will find Sam trekking to the local high school. Do they have a poltergeist or something much worse? Or could it be a kid with a troubled mind? Now that Sam is helping the vampires, he’s been marked by the werewolves. Sam is being hunted down. Will he make it out alive?! With the help of the local Detective, he just might.

As we follow Sam, we see what makes him tick, how life as a investigator is. We see a little bit into his past. We meet a few of his friends from way back when.

This book was great fun to read. Full of wit and humor, scare your socks off, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

THE CASEBOOK OF SAM SPALLUCCI is currently only $3.44 for Kindle


Book 2 GHOSTS FROM THE PAST. Title says it all. We learn more about Sam’s past. Where he’s from, who he was, what he wanted to be, and how he got to where he is. A couple former University friends come back. One wants to hire Sam and one who has something to hide and trying to find out what that is,  just might turn into an epic battle where no one may not survive.

We also meet some new characters. People who will help Sam, some may not. There’s a guardian angel, who can talk circles and yet make perfect sense. A femme fatale who might help you out, if it’s in her best interest. A boy who may or may not be into some kind of trouble.

People are telling secrets, people around Sam are dying. Who’s doing the killing, and how.

A deep dark secret is out, and leaves Sam spinning. Heart breaking scenes.

This book had me laughing and crying. Full of heart and soul. More good vs evil. Brilliant. Twists and turns will have you running in circles.

A.S. Chambers is a master of the mystery and suspense!

SAM SPALLUCCI: GHOSTS FROM THE PAST is only $6.00 for Kindle

A.S. Chambers’ author page over on has a complete lists of all his books.

Book 3 is SAM SPALLUCCI: SHADOWS OF LANCASTER (kindle price $1.99)

You can also find A.S. Chambers on facebook

A.S. Chambers will also be a future author spotlight. Look for that interview here soon.



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