DRIVE by Mark West


Sorry Mark, that I didn’t make this post sooner. Just haven’t been feeling well. Forgive me.

DRIVE is a great, high octane, edge of your seat kind of read.

You give a female friend a ride home from the bar. At a red light, the car next to you, with 3 guys in it, made rude comments your way. You think that is the last time you see them. What if you were wrong? What if you see them again and again? What if they end up terrorizing you and your friend all through town?

David and Nat don’t know what to do at first. They do the best they can to get away from these crazy guys. Just when you think things will be ok ….. you get shaken up and taken for another terror ride.

Things escalate, will it ever end?

The ending surprised and shocked me. Yet, it was the only way the book could have ended.

Brilliant Read!! One well worth it. Start to finish, your heart will be racing.

DRIVE is currently only $ 0.99 for KINDLE.

You can also find Mark on Facebook …

And on Twitter ….. @MarkEWest


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