Into Nightmares / Daymares? Jonathan Janz knows how to write a scary ass book! This is my second book by Jonathan. I’m sure it won’t be my last either. Who doesn’t like a great scare fest?!

Will and his friends are trekking through the woods, on their to the tree house. One gets taken by something / someone in the woods. Is the myth true? What could possibly be out in the woods?

What else could happen in this small town?

A madman breaks out of prison, monsters in the woods are more than a myth. More people go missing, more are killed. Who will make it out of this town alive? Can Will and his friends save the town? Some of them may die trying.

A family secret has come to light. How will this affect things?

This book is scary, creepy, bloody, gory and amazing. I could not stop reading this. Sometimes it gave me the strangest dreams! Many of days, I stayed up past my bedtime to read just one more chapter.

Buy this book! If you love horror, you will love this book.

Kindle price is only $6.49 and well worth every penny!

You can find Jonathan Janz on facebook

and on Twitter @JonathanJanz

His author page

Jonathan will be my author spotlight for the month of December! I can’t wait!




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