The Binding (Shade of the Shattered Heart) by Robert Dilauro


One day while surfing facebook, author Dale Reierson was offering a book, on him, for an honest review. Oh Wow! I jumped at the chance. Glad I did. Knowing nothing about the book or the author, I just dove in and started reading. This book grips you and never lets go.

The prologue has a man waking up normally in his house. Everything is quiet …. but not for long. He walks in on his wife and daughter killing his son. The wife and daughter spot him, and attack him. They go in for the kill.

What has made the females in his life go crazy?? Read on to find out!!

The book bounces back and forth between the past and the present. It’s not bothersome, and easy to follow.

The past is Susan and Helen Rogers. Helen has a big secret, and won’t tell her daughter Susan what it is until much much later in life. Until Susan gets to where she needs to be to understand and handle the family secret.

The future is Jason Cain and Elizabeth Rinehart – Cain. We follow them through life. Meeting, falling in love, getting married and all of life’s trials. Their story is heartwarming, and happy.  Fame, fortune, and heartache.

We also meet William. His backstory I will not tell much on. For his true identity will shock you. His hidden agenda will leave you speechless. You may hate him, feel sorry for him, and cheer him on. Personally, I like him, and I hope he does what he sets out to do!!

I enjoyed this book from the first page all the way through to the last. Action, heart pounding stuff. Full of heart and soul. Love, happiness, anger, death, deceit and murder. Let’s not forget the abuse, the revenge and the fighting back!!

This truly is a great brilliant book. A must read if this is your kind of book.

THE BINDING is available at in 2 formats. Kindle is $2.99 and Paperback is $11.95. Well worth every penny!

Rob took some time out of his day to answer just a couple questions for me …. THANKS ROB!!

  1. How did you get into writing?

It’s kind of funny, I never really saw myself as a writer, but always had the desire. I used to write things like poetry in my more angsty years, and I also wrote songs as well. But, “The Binding” that was originally titled “SCORN” was something I had started to write before I even stepped foot into the horror industry, during my first and only divorce in my late twenties. It was simply something to pass the time, that many years later started growing a true life. It’s so cool how life works out sometimes.

2. What do you love most about writing?

The thing I love most about writing is how cathartic it truly is. When I wrote this story, the idea came to me because I was on the outs with my wife, about to be separated, and the story was like a shot, it entered my brain that quick. I absolutely love creating new worlds and characters also, it’s kind of like being a mental deity, you’re building these people from scratch, and know everything about them, it’s an amazing feeling. Especially when you put it out to the masses and they love your creations, it’s such a great warmth that you feel as an artist, and I love this story and hope that someone sees my vision as a series of films, that would be another dream.

3. How did this storyline come to you?

Well, the story came to me during my separation with my ex-wife, and I remember exactly where the urge to write this came from. One day I looked at this woman who once loved me, her face and demeanor had changed, I didn’t feel the same, but I still asked myself, “Would I do ANYTHING to have this woman feel something for me again, perhaps even cast my faith into the unknown?” The idea popped into my mind to write about this broken guy, and then the supernatural spin of the tale kind of creeped in, I literally saw the face of my villain, and knew that I had to write her in. Everything else, the possession aspect was an eye opening realization how women are treated in the world, and I thought, “It’s time that someone show them true justice in a horror story, maybe even have women be the actual occurrence”, and that’s how that happened.

4. Great book, how many books will there be in the series?

Thank you so much, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it. There are actually three novels in this series, the second is “Wicked Woman, Wicked World”, and the conclusion is entitled “Love & Death”. The story flows into each book, it is what I would call a “day in the life” series, so it all happens in one day, except for the final epilogue that is many years later.

5. When will they be available?

Haha…that’s a great question, and I wish I had a clear answer. One thing I learned about being a professional writer, it’s a process, but I have submitted the manuscript for Book Two, and after reaching all of the channels, I am hoping for an early Spring release. And I would love for the final to come out a little before Halloween, maybe September. I think it’s fitting. But they are all coming out this year, definitely.

Here is a sneak peak from Rob, The cover of book 2 WICKED WOMAN, WICKED WORLD



Happy Reading Everyone.



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