The Dark Age by Dallas Mullican


Oh Boy, Dallas has done it again.

Dallas’ second book in his Marlowe Gentry series, is everything his first book was and oh so much more.

Full of heart and soul, good guys after bad guys, killers, a kidnapping, revenge, and love.

This one will having you laughing, the banter between Koop and Spence is just priceless. These two just crack me up.  You will even shed a tear or two… I did. The side story that Spence has to go through, will leave you happy and sad. His brother has gone missing, and Spence will stop at nothing to find him. He finds so much more than he’s bargained for.

Things away from the precinct are stressed. Someone is out for revenge, Marlowe is trying to keep everyone at home safe. Becca and Paige don’t see eye to eye and are fighting constantly. Heart-pounding, and heart-breaking. What lanks will Marlowe go to keep those he loves safe and sound? What would YOU do??

Do you believe in God? What would happen to your faith if it was tested and falling apart?

We find that answer for one soul. His faith his shaken and he can’t quite deal with it. His mind can’t deal with it. With everything lost to him, nobody is safe, and the killings begin. The torture techniques that are used, will mess with your mind and leave you reeling. Evan will stop at nothing to find answers, find relief and confront GOD Himself.

THE DARK AGE ….. brilliant book. Dallas knows his stuff, knows how to tell a great story. No second book jitters here! No way you could be disappointed with this book, or the first book in the Marlowe Gentry series … “A COIN FOR CHARON”.

Buy them!! Read them!!! They are just too brilliant to pass up. You won’t be sorry. Thats for sure.

Congratulations Dallas!! You deserve all this success and so much more.



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