THE HISTORY MAJOR by Michael Phillip Cash


Michael Phillip Cash’s newest release. Another smash hit! It centers around college freshman Amanda Greene. After a fight with her boyfriend, she wakes up slightly hungover, and her dorm room just not quite right. She has a new roomie, and new classes she would never sign up for. Her history class is filled with people she thinks she knows. Amanda can’t put her finger on it, can’t figure out what’s wrong with the world around her. There is also a dark shadow following her on campus, and if she gets too far away from a classmate, the shadow closes in. Creepy!! Amanda’s history teacher is eccentric. Strange things happen while Amanda is in class. Flashbacks, nasty, unhappy memories come flooding back. Can Amanda make it through class, and what is after her? What’s the connection between history and Amanda.

I truly loved this book. At 140 pages, I read it just about in one day. I could not put it down. I have loved all of Michael’s books. They are spooky in all the right places. Heart racing in all the other places. Twists and turns. Delicious start to finish.

THE HISTORY MAJOR is available to buy in paperback and ebook formats now! Paperback is just under $10 and Ebook is $0.99.

Be sure to give this GREAT book a read!!



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