Another Brown Bag Story by A.J. Brown


Got this gem in the mail Thursday. Along with another story, one that I haven’t read yet. The one I did read, THE SPECIAL BIRTHDAY EDITION Volume 2 Edition 0.1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Oh what a fun spooky read! Written in first person, about a boy named Ollie.

When Ollie was born, his grandfather (his mother’s father) died. On his 10th birthday, his grandmother (his mother’s mother) died. Why do people keep dying on his birthday? His mother tells him, they died so that he could live another year. Close family members, grade school friends. Will the dying ever end? As time passes, his mother resents him more and more, and Ollie wants to know why. Every time his asks, his mother just shuts down, and refuses to talk about it. Will we find the reasons? And what will happen to Ollie if he is all alone? Can he outlive his curse? Somewhere along the way, he finds the truth about his birth / past. He comes to grips with it and he does something about it! This twisted ending was crazy good and shocking! Brilliant.

So many questions …. but to answer them, would give so much away. That just wouldn’t be fair.

Find A.J. Brown on facebook .. send him a message and sign up for these great fun, and FREE gems.

I was the first one of the new year to read this…. my birthday was just a few days ago (5th). I can’t wait to hear what others think of this one!!

Happy Reading



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