The Brown Bag Stories by A.J.Brown


I recently met author A.J. Brown on facebook. There, he is known as Jeff Brown .. instant friends. He a great guy, easy to talk to, and a good friend. He calls his dear readers, Roadies, which seems to fit. lol Right Boss??  🙂 Besides writing his books, Jeff rights short stories and puts them together in nice little packages. He types them out, prints them up and sends them out all on his own, to all who wants to read them. They are great, fun reads. Nothing to horror, nothing to gory. Just good spooky fun. Each of them very different … and each very unique. Jeff was kind enough to send me 3 of these great tales….

Halloween Special (Vol 2 Edition 1) LIKE STEPHEN KING, IF BUT FOR A MOMENT. Tells the story of a writer, whom gets hit by a truck while out walking his dog. To keep himself awake and alert, he compares himself to his idol Stephen King and the time King got struck by a van as he was walking on the side of the road. The thoughts and emotions that writer goes through as he waits for someone to find him and help him is heartbreaking. You will feel his pain, his anger, and his joy as help is on the way. The twist at the end ….. I never saw coming. BRILLIANT!!

Vol 2 Edition 2 …OH, LITTLE ONES. Oh, this one is creepy good. You are hiding with kids under a blanket. Playing “hide and go seek” with your parents. Is it a fun game? Something isn’t quite right with your parents, and you start to remember the others. Now, you start to wonder where they have gone?   What did our parents do to them? What do they want with us? We are safe under the covers. Or are we??????? SPOOKISHLY DELICIOUS !!

Vol 2 Edition 3 … SACK. Not your normal Christmas story. What if Santa was a bad guy, and what if he was stealing kids and you couldn’t stop him. What if you remember this happening to your brother, but everyone else says you are an only child, including your mother. Now that you are grown up and married, you start to remember a son, But nobody else does. What do you do? Confront your wife and find out the truth. Is it a truth you can handle?? Who is rightfully behind the kids in the sack that Santa is carrying? HEART POUNDING SCARY!!

The third story scared me the most. Felt the most real. The characters came right off the page, their fear, their anger, their hope…. you felt everything they felt. Amazing!! I’m looking forward to reading more of these BROWN BAG STORIES.

These sweet gems are FREE to anyone who wants them. Jeff mails them straight to your home address. If you wish to join his mailing list, drop him a note at the following email address …. or connect with him on Facebook

Jeff also has a blog TYPE AJ NEGATIVE and 2 short stories available on …. SPLINTERED PATH and SOUTHERN BONES. His novel CORY’S WAY is also available on Amazon.

You can also find his Zombie Apocalypse series DREDGING UP MEMORIES at Tales of the Zombie War at

CORY’S WAY is currently $3.79 for Kindle

Happy Reading !!!! Enjoy Everyone!



6 thoughts on “The Brown Bag Stories by A.J.Brown

  1. I also became instant friends with Jeff on Facebook and am lucky enough to be one of his roadies. I’ve only read Cory’s Way so far and it was a great coming of age story with a roller coaster ride of emotions. Looking forward to reading many more of his books and short stories also continuing our friendship. This is a great blog Tina, keep them coming.

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  2. Thank you, Tina. I really appreciate the kind words about my work. And, to be honest, I’m happy to hear SACK scared you! Thank you for spreading the word on The Brown Bag Stories and my other books. And, like you, I look forward to continuing the instant friendship connection.

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    • I’m so happy you liked what I wrote. I speak from the heart when I write these. Makes me happy. Can’t wait to read more of your stories !!! 🙂 I just love em. Yes, SACK scared me !!!!


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