SALVAGE by Duncan Ralston




OK Dear Readers / Followers, I would like to introduce you to Duncan Ralston. Great friend, even greater writer. This is his debut book SALVAGE. I devoured this book. Many a mornings, I was up reading well past my bedtime… and when I did find sleep finally, the dreams .. I will never forget. THANKS Duncan! 🙂 HA!

As you can tell by the cover, the book deals with a town under water. It deals with death, sadness, family, ghosts, the past, and the future.

Owen, after a death in the family, follows in their footsteps to find out the truth behind it, and his past. It leads him to this small town on the outskirts of this place that’s under water. He finds more death, and more truth to his past.

Brilliantly paced book. Full of non stop heart pounding going ons. Heartbreaking in spots. Sadness, some tears, and some smiles.

Twists and turns you will NOT see coming. Revelations and confessions!

I do hope you give this brilliant book a try. If you love ghost stories, you will love this one! Even if you don’t, it’s still a great book I’d hate to see you pass up.

SALVAGE is only $3.99 on Kindle.

Duncan does have 2 books of short stories out ..

GRISTLE & BONE (only $0.99 on Kindle)

SWEAT & BLOOD (only $0.99 on Kindle) (See links below.  I have not read these short stories, but they are on my to be read pile.)

You can also follow Duncan on


Duncan will be an author spotlight in 2016 …. Mr. June !! Can’t wait.



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