DARK TIDE RISING (Deep Black Sea 2) by David M. Salkin

Are you afraid of the water? Are you afraid of what lurks below the surface? If not, you will be after reading these two books.

In DEEP BLACK SEA, a group of 7 scientists are aboard a research submarine. They sit 3 miles down on the bottom of the sea. One of them has his / her own agenda. When they bring the  bacteria in from the sea, they have no idea how it will react or fight to survive. All hell will break loose!! Who will make it to the surface alive???

Fast paced story. Characters you will love, and some you will love to hate. Believable story, scary underwater creatures. You will not be able to put this book down until the very end.

DARK TIDE RISING picks up right where DBS ends.  Someone / Something survived. Can the world be saved? Who will be our knight in scuba gear? Sea monsters on the loose. They are hungry, humans are at the top of their food chain. Blood and even more mayhem.

Action packed, suspense, and sea monsters. Can’t forget about the heroes. A great book, a great read! Kept me on the edge of my seat from page 1.

Where DEEP BLACK SEA scared me …. DARK TIDE RISING scared me out of the water. I may never go swimming in open water again. Brilliant books David. Do hope there are more books to this series!!



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