A little bit of fun with words


You know those funny “tests” that you can take on Facebook? The latest one that I had fun with, was “what words do you use the most”.  After a few seconds, the test gave me this above picture. I would say, 90% of it has to do with books and authors. LOL  So true to what I am all about. Front and center is …. KEN PRESTON. Wonderful friend, brilliant author and next month’s Author Spotlight. I can’t wait for you, dear readers, to meet this great person. I just finished 2 of Ken’s books … JOE COFFIN (season 1 & 2). Vampires and gore, blood and the mafia, witty and scary … these books are a must read for horror fans!!

To the right of Ken, is DALLAS …. Dallas Mullican. If you remember, he was spotlighted not too long ago. His debut book … A Coin for Charon is also mentioned in the above picture. Hope you bought it, its a great read!

More Authors above …. David M. Sulkin (you will hear about him shortly). I just finished a great book by David. Book 2 in his Deep Black Sea series. Great all around guy.

Arthur Walker … January’s Author Spotlight. Author of the Uroboros Saga books. I have blogged about Arthur’s books as I finished reading them. I do believe book 6 comes out sometime this month. Woot Woot.

Michael Phillip Cash … another author, another past author spotlight. I just finished reading MONSTERLAND. Michael will spotlighted again sometime middle of next year. He has had some great book releases since his spotlight.

Duncan Ralston … new friend, author, and future Author Spotlighter. I am currently reading Duncan’s debut book SALVAGE. So far so good. Little bit heartbreaking right now ….. going through a death that was unexpected. Looking forward to reading this book.

Couple other names above …..

Becky…. a new friend. Crazy, funny, witty, and pure joy to talk to and know. Honored to call her a friend and “sis”. Avid book reader like me. Likes all types … Becky gave me the idea to blog about the above picture. Glad she did. Looking forward to getting to know Becky more, and learning what books she loves, and eager to talk about.

Kristin Devereaux Clifford…. This woman is my Soul Sister (and we have the tattoos to prove it). I have known Kristin for 30 years. We met in high school. Became fast / forever friends. Kristin is my very best friend. I don’t know what I would do without her or her friendship. She makes me laugh, and if needed, lets me cry on her shoulder. We’ve been through high school, graduations, weddings, divorces, deaths in the families, and just about everything else friends and families go through. She’s a beautiful soul, awesome friend, amazing sister, and I just love her to bits!!

If you see your name and I didn’t mention it … forgive me … I didn’t do on purpose.

Hope you all enjoyed my little fun with words test. I know I did. I love you all so very much, dear friends!





4 thoughts on “A little bit of fun with words

  1. Nice blog Tina. I did mine also but found it somewhat hard to read but my biggest word was Hahahaha!!! I laugh a lot at postings from you and many of the people that you mentioned and many others that I’ve met on FB because of our love of reading. I just got both of Ken Preston’s books mainly from reading your posts. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet as I’m so behind on my reading. I have about 60 books sitting on my Kindle….hahahaha!! I’m also very happy to have met you and am enjoying getting to know you better. Looking forward to reading more of your author blogs. Have an awesome day……<3

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