UROBOROS SAGA book 3 by Arthur Walker

This Saga gets better and better with each book. Arthur Walker really knows how to write a great, enjoyable book. I have just completed book 3, and went right into book 4. I had recently asked Arthur a question via twitter ( @ArthurHWalker ) and his response talks of at least 6 books in the Saga. This makes me very happy!! Its fun to read, full of friendship, hope for the future, and non-stop action. Bad guys, good guys, death, and new people around every corner.

My Goodreads / Amazon review stats …..

“As we continue on Silverstein’s, Taylor’s and Ezra’s journey in book 3, we are met along the way  by good and evil. We are joined by Brooke. A drone from Ezra’s clan. We learn more about Ezra’s past, and some parts assisted by Brooke. Lots of nail biting suspense, action packed and simply brilliant. Bring on book 4! Truly love this Saga”

I’m glad my sister talked me into joining Twitter ( @hockeydevil3 ) and I found this great friend, and amazing author. I am going to hate to see this Saga come to an end.

Look up Arthur Walker and his Uroboros Saga! You won’t regret it!!!!



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