Witches Protection Program by Michael Phillip Cash


I just finished reading this book yesterday. Amazing, fun, heart racing. If you love witches, good vs evil… this book is for you.

My Amazon Review …….. Do you believe in witches? Wes doesn’t. Then he gets transferred to the Witches Protection Program. His world is turned upside down. World domination, a good witch gone bad? Wes’ new world has it all. Beautiful witch to steal his heart, maybe. Crazy broom riding witches. Even shape shifting witches. Can Wes, with the help of his new partner Alistair, save the world???? Hope so. A truly great fun read

This is one of my favorite books by Michael. Its witty, fun, a bit scary at times ….. full of hope at saving the world, and two characters you hope will find love. You will cheer them on every step of the way…. and yell at them when they get to be stubborn and butting heads. LOL I hope Michael has more books with these fabulous witches in them.

Only 2.99 for e-readers !!! What a deal. 🙂



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