THE URBOROS SAGA by Arthur Walker

Found this author on TWITTER … great guy, great books

So far there are 4 books in this Saga, and I have just finished book 1. Great read.

Taken from AMAZON … The Uroboros Saga is character driven science fiction, published three times per year. Each book continues the story with an array of colorful characters and environments. It is written to address and explore the idea of technology that extends and expands the modern notion of identity, and the sort of dystopia that such technology could create. The global fiscal apocalypse that occurs in the midst of that exploration is just there to be charming window dressing.

Book 1 follows a gentleman who wakes up in an alley, beaten and cant remember his name. Taking the name brand of his shoes as his name …. Silverstein makes his way through the city of Port Montaigne to see if he can find out who he is. Making great friends along the way to help him.

A  looming global apocalypse, Silverstein, and his new found friends … Taylor and Ezra try to find out if Silverstein is part of the problem or if all three of them are part of the solution.

Action, drama, loyalty, friendship, family, hope, faith … this book has it all. Looking forward to the others in this Saga. Check out these books!! Book 1 is only 2.99 on Kindle

and Book 2 is currently FREE !!!



july’s author spotlight is GARY FRY   …… check him out 🙂


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