finding jericho

Another new author.. another amazing book.

Written from the eyes of a high schooler, 15 year old Jonathan Dupree.

Him and his mom move in with his uncle (mom’s brother) after Jonathan’s step dad passes away.  Uncle Ron suffers from mental illness. In the neighborhood, Uncle Ron is known as “Raving Ron”. This stigma follows Jonathan to his new school. He’s taunted and teased. Desperately wants to fit in. A small gang, “The Misfits”, threaten him. High school is not going good.

Uncle Ron is trying to overcome his illness. Trying his best to live as normally as he can. He has his quirks. As school gets more unbearable Jonathan lashes out at the one person he shouldn’t…. his Uncle. This puts Ron in a downward spin. The same night that Uncle Ron heads to the hospital, The Misfits dare Jonathan to go into a run down house, he must stay the night. Jonathan runs into an unlikely person, and things come into perspective.

Can “Raving Ron”  be helped?!? Does Jonathan make it through the night??

A brilliantly written book. A book that has moved me in ways I never thought possible. This book will be with me for some time.

A little bit about Dave Jeffery…….. a novelist and mental health worker who has worked in mental healthcare for over twenty seven years. He is a registered mental health nurse and holds a BSc (Hons) in Mental Health Studies and is due to complete his MSc in 2012.

Dave has kindly agreed to let me interview him for SEPTEMBER’S AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT.


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