You are in for a treat this month….. June’s Author Spotlight is David M. Salkin. Great author, great friend. David writes sci-fi, suspense, action packed books, horror (vampire) books… this man does it all !! No matter which book, you won’t be sorry. David currently has 8 books available with 4 coming out soon. The 8 books are ….. FOREVER HUNGER, CRESCENT FIRE, NECESSARY EXTREMES, THE TEAM, THE MOP, DEEP DOWN, HARD CARBON, and DEEP BLACK SEA.

I have read FOREVER HUNGER, HARD CARBON, and DEEP BLACK SEA. Could not put these books down.

FOREVER HUNGER, is a vampire book. A vampire living in NYC, and the NYPD are hot on his tail. He’s looking for something more then just one night stands for food. He’s looking for a forever mate. Will he find it? Will the NYPD find him first? Blood, mayhem and murder, gore, excitement, erotic and heart pounding.  The perfect vampire book!

HARD CARBON, this book left me breathless. The diamond business,stolen money, the Russian Mob, and supercomputers, good guys vs really bad, bad guys.  Such nail – biting suspense, and nonstop action. This book has it all. This book was my top book of last year.

DEEP BLACK SEA, a group of researchers go to the bottom of the ocean for a year. They land off course, someone has a secret. Who will survive? This book scared me, freaked me out, made me want to stay way from the water! Another book of David’s that left me breathless and another book that was on my list of top books of last year. This one landed in my top 5!!

David has multi jobs away from writing …. owns a jewelry store, police commissioner… just to name a few. It still amazes me how he finds time to write some pretty awesome books. I’m most looking forward to the sequel to DEEP BLACK SEA.

I hope you give his books a try. Right now DEEP BLACK SEA is on sale …. just $0.99 !! Less then a dollar! You can’t beat that deal! Give it a read. TRUST ME …….. ya won’t be sorry ya did. (KINDLE PRICE)


You can also find David on facebook …. https://www.facebook.com/david.m.salkin?pnref=story

David was kind enough to let me interview him ……. 🙂 Thank  you for taking the time out of your busy schedule David. You are truly a rock star in my eyes.

(hope both links work)

1. Did you read a lot as a kid?

Yes, my parents were huge readers. In fact, my 86 year old dad is probably still good for a book or two a week. In an age of seven television channels and no internet, reading was excellent entertainment. I discovered Yardyard Kipling through great old movies like Gunga Din and The man Who Would Be King. I think they gave me my love of big adventure type stories.

2. Favorite childhood book?

Well, that depends on how young I was. Loved Charlotte’s Web as a very little boy. Then on to Kipling, Kurt Vonnegut and lots of short stories.

3. Do you have a favorite book / author?

So hard to choose just one! All time favorites are a tie between The Source, by James Michener and Pillars of The Earth, by Ken Follett. I also love Lee Child, Nelson DeMille and Robert Crais.

4. Who are you currently reading?

Currently WRITING. I get so little time to read anymore. I’ll go on vacation and tear through six books in ten days, but mostly, I just write these days.

5. What does a typical day of writing look like?

LOL, depends on the day. I work full time, but own my business, so I can steal time at work if I’m on a roll. I’m off Wednesdays, so I get a lot done on my days off. I know I write much better in the morning or afternoon than evening.

6. How long does it take you to write a book?

40 years. That’s my wise-ass Picasso answer. The fastest was maybe 3 months. Longest was Hard Carbon, which took over a year. I’m more organized now, with experience, and I think six months is probably about right. Most folks who tell me they’ve been working on a book “for years” will simply never finish it.

7. Away from writing, how do you like to spend your time?

In a perfect world, I’d be traveling with my family and friends. I love to scuba dive, and favorite trips have included time underwater. Deep Black Sea remains a favorite book of mine because of my love of the ocean.

8. If Hollywood came knocking, which book of yours would you like to see made into a movie ? (Personally I would like to see HARD CARBON)

THE TEAM was pitched to Hollywood, and for a few weeks, I thought we had a shot at a movie, or a made-for-cable series. I think almost all of my books would be great on the big screen because of my writing style. I watch a movie in my head, and describe it in my book. The occasional reader who gives me one star complains that my books are “too much like a movie”. To me, if I can make my reader SEE the story in front of them, it’s a good thing, but different strokes for different folks. If I have to pick ONE…. I’ll go with DEEP BLACK SEA… and I get to be in the movie…!

9. Who would you like to see staring in it?

Vin Diesel is Tony in Deep Black Sea. No question about it. Angelina Jolie would be my love interest in ANY movie… LOL. Honestly, I’m not big on Hollywood. I’d leave the casting to the Big Shots.

10. When you write, do you like music playing or silence in the background?

Silence usually. Sometimes I’ll put on some Enya or Yanni if I need something soothing in the background. Heavy Rock would be too distracting. I can’t sing Led Zep and write at the same time.

11. Who would be your dream co-author?

Hmmm… Maybe James Patterson will call me. He works with other authors and I like his quick chapters. Our styles would go well together.

12. What authors have influenced you?

I think my favorite authors have all influenced me, even subconsciously. I’m always very aware of my “pace”, which I think is a James Patterson – Lee Child – Robert Crais kind of lesson. I want my readers turning pages and staying up past their bedtime because they can’t put the book down. The “masters” of our craft have always been great at that.

13. If you could change anything about your books, would you?

I think if I wrote full-time, my books would be “better”. It’s always a challenge to write a novel while working other jobs and having family time. If I had full-time to write, I think the books would be “bigger”, not just in word-count, but perhaps in style and even the topics.

14. If yes, which book(s) and what would you change? Why?

Crescent Fire and Necessary Extremes could have been, should have been, much “bigger” books. I like how they came out, but when I think about Necessary Extremes for example, it should be a current blockbuster because of the subject matter—Iran getting a nuke to give to terrorists. I wrote that in 2006! If I had “gone bigger”, it might have had a further reach. Maybe the current administration would have read it, and followed the suggestions in the book instead of negotiating with these psychopaths.

15. Past / Present author, who would you love to meet?

Wow. Tough one! All of the authors I mentioned above at one giant dinner party where we’d eat and drink and talk about stories!

16. How many books do you have available?

Eight right now, with THE TEAM series coming out in June, and DEEP BLACK SEA II, DARK TIDE RISING is the working title, due out this summer as well. That will bring me to an even dozen!

17. Any new releases coming out soon?

The Team (Post Hill Press)

The Team II – Into The Jungle

The Team III—African Dragon

Dark Tide Rising (Permuted Press)

18. Any advice for future authors?

If you love to write, WRITE. Don’t worry about being perfect. The more you write, the more you improve. Take classes if you need help. Make sure you can actually WRITE…grammar, punctuation and spelling DO count in real life. Never give up. I have a very large collection of rejection letters, including one from an agent the same day I received an offer from a Publisher…WITHOUT an agent… there ya have it….

Thanks again David for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these for my blog. YOU ROCK !!!


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