May’s Author Spotlight …… MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH

May is almost over …. check out my May Author Spotlight Michael Phillip Cash!!! Great author … super awesome books … cool friend.

June Author Spotlight…… David M. Salkin

Tina's Bookcase


GOOD MORNING FRIENDS, sorry I am a couple days late on posting MAY’S AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT. Been a crazy week around here. You are in for a treat with this month’s author, MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH. Michael writes suspenseful books. Books that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Books that will haunt you and scare you. I have read all but 4 of Michael’s books, and loved each and every one of them.

BROOD X ….. A bug infestation takes over… creepy, scary good! Parts, as I was reading, felt like bugs were crawling all over me. This book kept me on the edge of my seat, keeping my fingers crossed that the neighborhood made it out alive.

The Haunted House series …. STILLWELL,  THE FLIP, and THE AFTER HOUSE……. Do hope there are more in this series. By far my favorite books that I read last year.


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