here is my interview with awesome, amazing, wonderful, super duper, nice, handsome author STEVE HARRIS / STEVE BYRNE. Give his books and this interview a read. You wont be sorry!!

Tina's Bookcase


Another great author for you all this month. Everyone, meet Steve Harris. šŸ™‚ Steve writes under the pen name of Steve Byrne (find out why in the interview below). Steve writes horror books. GREAT scary creepy horror books. Stuff that will give you nightmares. Steve currently has 3 books availableā€¦. SAFE HAVEN (prequel to Phoenix), PHOENIX, and SEARCH AND DESTROY. I have read SAFE HAVEN and PHOENIX. Loved loved loved them! They did what they were meant to do ~ scared me to bits! Be sure to check them out. SAFE HAVEN shows a small glimpse into what lies ahead in PHOENIX. Something is hiding in the woods in Vietnam. Something SCARY is hiding in the woods of Vietnam. Read them to find out what it is!! Ā I havenā€™t read SEARCH AND DESTROY yet, and really looking forward to reading it.

Steve took time out of his busy busy scheduleā€¦

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