THE FALL: The God’s End Trilogy book 1

Finally finished this brilliant book by Michael McBride. This one had my heart racing from cover to cover. Not written in Michael’s normal style but still a great read!! The multi stories happening at once, was nice. Easy to follow and easy to keep straight. The end of the world is near …. the 4 horses of the Apocalypse are running rampant. Death all around. Yet, there is hope and the will to live. I found myself cheering on the few survivors, and hoping they all make it to where they are pulled to go.

Phoenix is one of my favorites in this story. Being held prisoner for as long as he can remember, his heartbreak, his will to survive, and escape. The little things that matter the most to him. A human touch, a hug, a friend…. you just want to cuddle him close and tell him everything will be okay.

Adam is another favorite. He’s part of the military crew. A doctor. Working overseas, under fire, trying to make it out alive. You feel his pain, his loss, and his fear.

The creatures that Michael comes up with …. amazing, as are the new creatures…how does he come up with them?!? Good and bad creatures, animals that have evolved. To become big, badder, better!

Rocking great read!! Looking forward to books 2 and 3 🙂 🙂



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