THE FALL by Michael McBride

I have about 25 – 30% to go in book 1 of THE GOD’S END trilogy. This book is bad ass. It is keeping me on the edge of my seat and scaring the socks off of me! Multi stories happening at the same time ….. Each chapter has sub chapters. Atom bombs going off .. in select major cities in the US and in the Middle East. Death, and destruction. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The fall of the world is near… and I cant stop reading! I cant wait to find out what happens to everybody. Who will survive ?? Who wont?!?

Really looking forward to the rest of this trilogy. Its a great scary ride and Im loving every minute of it!

Awesomeness Michael !!


6 more days till April, and meeting April’s Author Spotlight. You all are in for a real treat. 🙂

April’s Author Spotlight is …….. Steve Harris who writes under the pen name of Steve Byrne. Be sure to check out his great books ……. SAFE HAVEN (prequel) and PHOENIX .. also SEARCH AND DESTROY.

Steve was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few (LOL) questions. Will post that interview in just a few more days!! Hope you all are just as excited as I am!



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