Sexy Scary Vampires……. oh my

I have finished book 1 (FOREVER HUNGER) and the ARC of book 2. Both amazing good. If you like vampires, these are must reads!! FOREVER HUNGER (by David M. Salkin) is available now, but I’m not sure when book 2 will be out. That’s why I have not said its title. hehe It was such an honor to be given the chance to read it before its sent off to the publishers. THANKS DAVID !!

FOREVER HUNGER, is full of everything a vampire book should be filled with……. blood, gore, horror… with a bit of erotic fun, sex, love, hope…..

Do vampires still have a heart / soul ?? Do they feel and hurt?? One does wonder, and the vampire in this book, Adam, I answer yes to these questions. You want him to find the love that everyone else is looking for. He does find Sara….she is as close to a mate for him can be without knowing his deepest secret. How long till she finds out ?? How long till he can’t control the beast within and feed on her?? With NYPD’s finest, and a “team of one” from the FBI hot on his heels …. time is running out for Adam.

To find the answers to the above questions, and some of your own …. you MUST read this book!! Then you will be begging to read book 2. I certainly can’t wait to buy it and read it again!!

BTW … book 2 is all of book 1 and so much more. MORE gore …. MORE killings …. MORE blood …. and oh yes …….. MORE MORE sex!! hehe Twists and turns you wont see coming, and an ending that is so out of this world explosive.

BRILLIANT BOOKS !! Well done David ……………..



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