Reading 2 books at the same time.

What was I thinking ?!?!? LOL I was thinking …. yay more books. 🙂

I was asked to be a beta reader for a book 2. I bought book 1 a while ago, but hadn’t started reading it yet. So, the other morning, I did. Call me crazy! How does one read 2 books at once, I read one during slow times at work and the other, for a couple hours at home before going to bed. Loving BOTH !!


THE FALL by this months author spotlight, Michael McBride. Awesome, great, scary, creepy……all the things I love about a book by Michael. There are a couple scenes with the military group that has scared me to bits!! Deep in caves, pitch black, strange whispers….. I find myself holding my breath waiting …. hoping they find the way out soon. Then there is Phoenix, the boy being held in a damp dark basement by the man of the cloth. Oh his sadness and pain pour over me in waves. I just want to reach into the pages and comfort him, rescue him. I hope someone does. And the other sub-stories, so full of suffering, sadness, love for your family, escape. Theres a suicide that I didn’t see coming.

Michael has told me, this is an earlier book that he has written, that I will be able to see the difference from his current writing and books. TRUE. Where his current style of writing is full of suspense, twists and turns. They always leave me guessing till the very end …… THE FALL has all that, AND its down right scary as hell. I have no idea whats coming, whats right around the corner and I am loving it.

Pick it up friends ~ You wont be sorry !!!


FOREVER HUNGER by David M. Salkin. Its so not your typical vampire book. The book takes place current time in NYC.  Adam is going about his every day life … hunting / feeding, people watching … trying to enjoy life as best he can. Until he meets Sara. Sara makes him feel human, more human than he’s ever felt. Makes him wish he was human again, or wish that Sara was more like him ~ a vampire.

As I read, I feel Adam’s pain, sadness, hunger, anger, and happiness. This has been such an awesome read, its becoming one of my favorite vampire books ever.

One thing you do know, that Adam doesn’t ….. the NYPD and FBI are closing in. The closer they get, the faster my heart beats. OMG! You also learn more about Adam. The lives he has lived. The places he has been, the people he has met. The memories of his former lovers….

FOREVER HUNGER is exciting, erotic, edge of your seat FUN! If you like vampire books … you are going to love this one!!



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