The God’s End Trilogy, Book 1 THE FALL


I’m only about 20% or so into this book. Enjoying it very much.

Each chapter has subchapters, stories running in multi places at the same time. From a daughter and her ailing father on a farm, to the military over seas, a boy being held captive. Each story with heart and soul, human nature, and something just not right with the world. Points get my heart rate up, holding my breath with fear, and hopeful.

I know I am not the fastest of readers, but I am enjoying the ride I am on.

The Military refugee camp is attacked …….

The farm is surround by hundreds of coyotes …..

The boy is being held by a man of the cloth…..

Will everything work out, will everyone be okay? I can’t wait to find out the answers to my few questions. Michael McBride knows how to weave a wicked story, and this one is looking to be just as great as his others.

Well done Michael !!!

~ TMB ~

will post more reviews as I continue reading this book and the others in the trilogy.


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