One just has to read this series

I have reached chapter 14 in MOONRISE, book 4 in the MOONFALL series by AG Wyatt. And what a ride it has been. Lots of ups and down. As the group heads toward their salvation, they run into old friends, and some not so friendly things. The trials that everyone goes through, almost breaks your heart. You want to cheer them on, lift them up and be strong for them. Spots will leave your heart racing, and others, will leave your breathless. Some may even leave you in tears. There’s a life giving farm/field. A fire. Rhaksasas everywhere as always…..those things scare me to bits!

I’ve been wondering (as I continue reading) what happened to the moon. What made it explode like it did? Some in the group have been wondering the same. As the story moves forward, I do hope we get answers to all our burning questions. How did the Rhaksasa come to be?! Will the group find the salvation they so richly seek? Will Noah find the answers that he is seeking? I hope so.

I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Noah and the group. If the rest of the book is just as GREAT as the first 100 pages, I am in for one amazing ride.

Thanks again AGW. I will never forget Noah and the rest of the group. Be sure to know, I will be visiting them often.

~ TMB ~


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