A bit spoiled maybe ….

The other day I was given an ARC (advanced reader copy) of book 4 in the MOONFALL series. The book officially comes out on the 27th of February. I am only on Chapter 8 and I have to say …. this book ROCKS. Like the three books before ~ this book so far has my heart racing, cheering on the group, and just about in tears. Believe me, I probably would have cried if I was at home reading and not at my desk at work. LOL

AGW really knows how to tell a story. Knows how to pull the reader in and feel what he’s feeling and feeling what the characters are feeling. I just want to devour the book, yet I want to make it last, for I am going to be sad to see this series end. As they say…. when one series ends, another begins, and really looking forward to what AGW brings to us next. He has a forever fan in me!!

If you have not given this series a try …. wish you would. Its greatly written, and so full of heart. You will laugh, and cry with Noah. He is the heart of the series. You and Noah are on adventure of a life time, 20 years after the moon has exploded. The amazing people he meets along the way. Some you will just love, and some you wont. You will cry for the ones we loose, and pray for the ones left behind. As they make their way through the world on their way to finding salvation, your hope rises with them.

I will never forget Noah and his group of friends / family. I am glad when I start to miss them, I can go visit them any time i want.

THANK YOU AGW for introducing me to Noah. Thank you for sharing your words and stories with me.

~ TMB ~


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