SPLINTERED …. book 1

Finally finished SPLINTERED this morning. What a great fun read. The second half was just as wonderful as the first half. While in WONDERLAND, Alyssa met some pretty cool characters… some pretty scary ones too. A lot of twists and turns, that I certainly didn’t see coming. This book kept the excitement on high, as was the suspense. If you want to know if Alyssa and her friend made it through Wonderland and fixed Alice’s mess, you will just have to read this book. There is so much I could say, but everything I want to say would be SPOILERS for the book! And giving away spoilers, is not what I’m about.

Next up is the novella ….. THE MOTH IN THE MIRROR. 5 Chapters, then onto book 2 in this lovely series. That one is titled UNHINGED. Really enjoying this series. Glad I came acrossed it while at Barnes & Noble. The covers are colorful and eye catching …. hope you check them out. Don’t think you would be sorry.

Don’t forget, March’s Author Spotlight is MICHAEL MCBRIDE. Great friend, super author. Be sure to check out his newest release ………….. CONDEMNED ….. takes place not too far from me …… in Detroit, Michigan. A P.I. investigates a string of murders, and yet, it seems like someone is framing him at the same time for those same murders. Scary, and heart stopping action from start to finish.  One of my favorites from Michael. 🙂

Happy Reading



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