SPLINTERED by A.G. Howard (book 1)

SPLINTERED is a super fun read. If you are a big fan of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, This series is a must read. I am little more then half way through the book (55%). Alyssa (the great great great granddaughter of Alice) had taken up the challenge to fix Alice’s messes that she left behind in Wonderland and lift the curse that has been on her family ever since. So far the trip down the rabbit hole has been filled with people you will remember from the original book and new (and exciting and creepy and scary) people.  Your breath will catch in your throat, your heart will skip a beat.

Alyssa is joined in Wonderland by a faithful friend… who vows to protect and help her. There’s a mysterious new (yet old) character that’s guiding them through each challenge. I’m not sure how good (or bad) he is yet, But I seem drawn to him just the same….. just like Alyssa. Will she be able to return things in Wonderland to the way they should be and lift the curse?? I certainly hope so. Will just have to keep reading to find out!!

I am fully enjoying this journey with Alyssa, and if the second half is just as great as the first, I am in for an amazing ride.

Check it out …… SPLINTERED by A.G. Howard.


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