For my first book(s) review I am going to reviewing AG Wyatt’s MOONFALL Series. I thought it fitting to start with the Author who came up with this fun filled idea.

There are 4 books in this series. Books 1 – 3 are out, and book 1 is FREE at for e-readers.

Book 1 MOONFALL, you meet Noah as he travels through the world 20 years after the moon has exploded. He is kept company by his trusty gun Bourne. It’s a book full of heart, and human nature. Noah’s humor makes you laugh out loud. You will cheer him on, hurt when he hurts, and pray that everything works out for him in the end. A great first book from AGW.

Book 2 MOONFIRE, this book, has it all. Action, friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Happiness and heartaches. Noah is taking us on a journey of a lifetime.

Book 3 MOONDUST, Noah’s continued journey is amazing in this one. It’s also filled with more happiness, and more heartaches. Caught between two worlds, and doesn’t know where he truly belongs. I was left breathless by the time I hit the last page.

Book 4 …….. in the works. LOL Its to be out sometime this month. I’m really looking forward to this book, yet I am sad to see this series come to a close. I have come to enjoy my time with Noah and his group of friends. Some have been with him from the start, and some he met along the way. Some I love, and some not so much. LOL (Sorry AGW).

I hope you give this series a shot. Its written great, its full of everything, every emotion, happiness, sadness, tension. Can’t forget about Noah’s humor, and heart. He gives his all, to everyone on every page. Will miss him when I’m finished with the series, but it’s nice that I know I can go visit any time I want.

A.G. Wyatt is the Author …… remember that name everyone !!! He’s a keeper.


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