DANCE WITH ME by Alex J. Adams

Hello Readers! I have a treat for you. This gem of a book is moving, romantic and a bit suspenseful. I was given an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) and devoured it in just a couple days. It is a book about Seb, who is a dance teacher (and part owner) of NAVA Dance Studios, and Joe, who meets Seb when Joe’s future wife signs them up for dance lessons before their wedding. The sparks fly between Seb and Joe with every dance lesson. Seb thinks that Joe is 100% straight but Joe has a little secret he is keeping from Seb, he is actually bi. For Joe, it is getting harder and harder to hide his growing attraction to Seb. Joe asks for more private lessons, he’s not at all a good dancer and wants to be perfect for his wedding. Seb has a secret of his own, he is dealing with a stalker, and things are heating up with that. Seb is getting more and more scared. How are Seb and Joe going to deal with the ever growing attraction between them and with the police finally figure out who is stalking poor Seb?? And will Seb and Joe find their happily ever after?

Oh Readers, this book was so so beautiful. You will run through every emotion imaginable. I would giggle in spots, and cry in others. Alex is a talented writer and its so exciting that this is her first book! She writes like a seasoned pro. I am really looking forward to getting to know Alex and her beautiful world of the NAVA DANCE STUDIOS.


Joe has twelve weeks and counting until he marries the woman of his dreams. Or is she?

After meeting with Seb, their sexy dance tutor, he’s not so sure anymore. This has him questioning his choices. Is marriage to Clare really what he wants?

Is he prepared to give it all up for the man he wants or should he let him go?

Daniel’s death left Seb a mess.

Unable to form any meaningful relationships since, a veil of sadness covers him. And then he meets Joe, with his dimpled smile and two left feet.

Against his better judgement, he’s falling for the very engaged, very straight guy.

Finding Joe was easy, but someone from Seb’s past is out to get him, threatening his career and his very future.

Can Joe and Seb overcome their very real problems to get their happy ever after, or will it all come crashing down?

Dance With Me is a slow burn MM contemporary romance featuring a sexy dance tutor, an accountant, who’s anything but boring, and an adorable dog. HEA guaranteed. Features mention of drug abuse, overdose (off page) and kidnapping.

DANCE WITH ME is on Kindle and KU and will be available for purchase on JULY 17th 2021 for $5.51. Well worth every penny !!!

Alex took time out of her very busy day to answer a few questions…….

  1. How did you come to start writing? I started to write one Friday lunchtime after declaring to my work colleagues, I was going to write a book and it took off from there. I had a Zoom call with a friend of mine and she just encouraged me to do it and here we are, seven months later with a book about to release
  2. Why MM (male / male) Romance? Originally, it was going to be an MF romance but my middle son said “It’s 2021 Mum, you should write a gay romance” so that’s what I did. I’d already read a ton of it so it wasn’t that much of a change to alter the names. The story just went from there and Joe and Seb were born.
  3. Who / What inspires you? I’m not sure anyone inspires me. I have a lot of authors that I love to read and I suppose some of my inspiration comes from them. So many authors have been helpful to me and I’ve found the MM author community to be inspiring. Let’s go with that 😁
  4. Is DANCE WITH ME your first book? Dance is my first ever book. I’ve never written anything before although I am an avid reader, having read 500 books last year in all genres ranging from YA to suspense but for the last year, I’ve read exclusively MM books. I had read a few before but got hooked on them. I don’t know what draws me to them, but what I’ve read has always been excellent.
  5. How many books are planned with the NAVA DANCE STUDIOS series? I plan on three books in the series. I’m already three quarters of the way done with book two and book three already has the characters and a vague plot 😁 But I do have the covers all ready to go. Only a few people have seen them and they are as amazing as the Dance cover

Alex has a great group on Facebook where we can chat with her, talk about her books and get to know her as well as her amazing fans (including me, you will find me there too).

Be sure to send Alex a friend request on Facebook !!!

Here is an Universal link to all of Alex’s pages …..

I give this book 5 Stars!! So run off to Amazon and pre order this book NOW!! You wont be sorry. I promise.

Happy Reading



FIRE IN THE ICE by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

HI dear readers, I have a new book for you to check out! It is the newest book by husband / husband team of Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood. I have talked about Ryan and Josh before and I just had to tell you about their newest release. FIRE IN THE ICE is another beautiful hockey romance. It is the story of Tyler Jensen and Kevin Moore. Who first met in prep school and this is 8 yrs later. They find themselves on the same NHL hockey team and the sparks fly and you just have to read the book to find out what happens!!! We first met Tylor and Kevin in THE NEW NEXT ONE. A short novella of Nick Johnson and Tyler Jensen. Best friends / senior year of prep school and young first love. Kevin is a freshman in this story. We saw Nick find his HEA (happily ever after) with Jacob Meyer in NICE CATCHING YOU. The books don’t need to be read in order but things would make better sense if they were. Know that that thought is mine and mine alone. I would read .. first THE NEW NEXT ONE, then NICE CATCHING YOU, then finally FIRE IN THE ICE. I recently finished FIRE IN THE ICE and the book was just beyond amazing. Ryan and Josh write with so much heart and love and little conflict and lots of excitement. The hockey scenes are awesome and you will feel like you are in the stands watching your favorite team play.


What if love threatened to destroy everything you’d worked for?

Hockey right winger Tyler Jensen isn’t thrilled to get the news he’s been traded to the Bethesda Barracudas. The team may be red-hot in the rankings, but there’s someone there he’d rather not have to see every day.

Defenseman Kevin Moore is one of the top-rated rookies in the country. He’s living the dream playing for the Barracudas—until he hears that his old high-school crush Tyler is joining the team. Ty was once everything Kev wanted, but their age difference got in the way. Tyler decided a three-year gap was too much and left Kevin behind.

In Bethesda, Tyler doesn’t take long to notice that Kevin has grown up into precisely the kind of man he can’t resist—brawny, brainy, and beautiful. Kev feels the pull too, and as the men become closer, they work hard to keep their budding relationship secret. Professional hockey may be welcoming gay players now, but Ty and Kev aren’t sure management would like the idea of two Barracudas taking teamwork to an entirely new level.

As the playoffs loom, news of their romance gets out. Ty and Kev, caught in a storm of controversy that threatens to destroy them, need a power play to save their careers. How will they find one before it’s too late?

Fire in the Ice delivers on the promise that second chances can work and dreams can come true. If you like exciting hockey, plenty of humor, a beautiful HEA, new adults, young athletes, and enough heat to burn down the house, this book is for you. Approximately 81,000 words

Available in KINDLE UNLIMITED / KINDLE for $3.99 and i PAPERBACK for $13.99


How much are you willing to give up for the man you love?

Best friends Nick Johnson and Tyler Jensen seem to have the world by the tail. The eighteen-year-old stars of their school’s hockey team are looking forward to playing in college and hoping for careers with the pros.

Nick and Tyler know a lot about each other, but there are a few important details they haven’t discussed. To start with, neither man knows the other is gay. Making things interesting, Nick has a massive crush on Tyler, something he’s kept to himself for a long time. And although he’s never said a word about it, Tyler has wanted to date Nick since they met.

On a cold Minnesota night after a big win, Tyler finds the courage to confess his feelings to Nick. When Nick admits his attraction to Tyler, their relationship turns on a dime. As they fall in love, they skate around the challenges of a secret romance in an all-male boarding school, but what will happen when the stakes rise dramatically in a sport not known for being gay-friendly? Will Nick and Tyler make the easy choice or the hard one?

The New Next One is a prequel to the authors’ book Nice Catching You. The New Next One is a 20,000-word, new adult, friends-to-lovers romance featuring young athletes, plenty of steam, and a lot of emotion. Since the book is a prequel, one character has a HFN, and the other has a hopeful ending. You can find his glorious HEA in the authors’ book Nice Catching You.


This book was just beautiful. Prep school. Best friends form a bond / first love that sweet and electric. It is great to see how Nick grows and becomes the man he is in the other books, and same for Tyler. These two are powerful characters and you get a glimpse of the young man Kevin is going to be. It is the perfect book to start with in this series.


What happens when the No. 1 college hockey star in the country falls in love—with a man?

Nick Johnson, a top prospect for a pro hockey team, has a secret: he’s gay. Tired of living in the closet for the sport he loves, he sees no way out.

Jacob Meyer’s string of bad boyfriends left him cynical about love. Instead, he focuses on his studies as a third-year law student. With a new job waiting for him, he’s eager to graduate and move on.

On a school-sponsored trip, Nick and Jacob meet in a most unexpected way. When Nick tells Jacob his secret, they decide to hang out, just as friends. But their attraction is too strong to ignore, and they soon begin dating.

Since Nick is a big man on campus, it doesn’t take long for people to notice his attachment to Jacob. All hell breaks loose when the relationship gets out. As the national media descends, university officials try to figure out how to solve their “problem.” Their efforts divide Nick’s team, inflame fans, and put Nick and Jacob’s futures in jeopardy. Will the men be able to survive a plot to destroy them without derailing both their careers?

Nice Catching You is an out-for-you romance featuring a lot of love, exciting hockey, and a beautiful holiday. There’s also plenty of steam and a very happy ending.


I instantly fell in love with Nick and Jacob …. their first meeting was so sweet and such a “meet cute”. Jacob is so sweet and kind. Jacob is out of the closet and doesn’t hide who he is. Nick is still in the closet and nobody knows his true self. When Nick meets Jacob, everything changes. Nick wants to be like Jacob, to be out and proud. He wants to able to be free to be himself. Not have to lie about fake girlfriends. A bit of trouble comes their way and the way they stick together is a testament of the love they share and have for each other. You will cheer them on and lets not forget the hockey scenes! The hockey scenes are spot on. The lingo is right, the terms are too. Jacob’s first game is just priceless! His excitement just comes off the pages and you just can’t help to giggle and be just as excited as he is. It is one of my favorite scenes in the book. My favorite is the ending …… just simply breathtaking! That is all I’m gonna say about that. Ryan Taylor: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle Joshua Harwood: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Books to Love By | Authors Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood (

Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood – Home | Facebook

Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood (@RyanTaylorandJ1) / Twitter

Ryan Taylor Books – BookBub

Be sure to check out the links above and follow Ryan and Joshua!! Don’t forget to buy / read / review all their other equally amazing books!!!

NO BRIEF AFFAIR and LEGALLY BOUND is loosely based on Ryan and Josh’s beautiful romance.

ALL HE REALLY NEEDS is about best friends who had a misunderstanding in college but reconnect and the friendship heats up nicely and so hot!

THE CHRISMUKKAH CRISIS is a sweet holiday romance that starts with a perfect “meet cute” on a city bus.

TOO CLOSE TO THE FLAME is a moving, heartbreaking story. It is a book of healing and of hope. Of happiness and love. It’s the story of Brandon, who was based on someone the authors know. This book moved me beyond words. This book I think of often. It will be with me for a very very long time. This book is also available in Audio books.

Thanks dear Readers for letting me brag about my sweet dear friends, Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood and their freaking amazing books! Go NOW ……… to Amazon….. buy read review their books!!!

Happy reading everyone.

love you.


Author Ryan Woods

Ryan Woods is more than a talented writer. He is a husband, father, son, friend and a damn good baker. 🙂 He has recently had a his first book published, but he has had some amazing poetry published. The man is a genius with words. I first met Ryan on Facebook a few years ago and became fast friends. Many a times I have been left drooling over his yummy baked cakes / cookies that he has posted about. Every time I see a yummy treat that has been recently baked, I beg Ryan for a cookbook! LOL Maybe some day. Ryan lives in England with his wonderful family and pets.

Born on Halloween night, during the Mother of all thunderstorms, Cinnamon Paige fittingly came into this world with a bang.

Fast forward almost thirteen years, and that quirky, somewhat misunderstood pre-teen, with a taste for horror movies, graphic novels and heavy metal, awaits the arrival of her thirteenth Birthday, never in her wildest dreams realising that she will be sharing her special day with a bunch of zombies; literally.

At Cocoa Loco, the confectionery shop owned and ran by Cinnamon’s parents, business is good, but due to a Voodoo curse, Black Magic and milk chocolate are to collide in a roller coaster ride of events that will see Cinnamon, her parents, their faithful Siberian Husky – Duke, and her friends Robbie and Todd, along with former Scream Queen – Stella Scream, fighting for their very lives.

Luckily, Cinnamon isn’t your average teenager. With a head for remembering information (albeit sometimes useless), and a love of high powered crossbows, a showdown between the living and Un-Dead residents of Summer Meadows is in the offing.

Will the living triumph over the Un-Dead?

Find out, as you read through the pages of Cinnamon’s journal, and come face to face with Un-Death by Chocolate.

Available on KU, KINDLE (3.99) and PAPERBACK (13.99)

From Ryan’s Author page ….

About Ryan Woods

Ryan Woods hails from the North West of England, though his ancestors, and his heart, lie in Ireland. A lover of horror since an early age, in both literary and cinematic forms, he is also known for his dark, unforgiving poetry.
Seeking inspiration for his stories from a variety of sources, including food and folklore, a number of his tales have had a culinary twist, most notably his novel/novella The Journal of Cinnamon Paige, Un-Death by Chocolate and his short stories What’s Your Beef? and Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Chicken Fried Steak, And Country Gravy.
His poetry can be found in several collections, and his short stories can be found in a number of publications, from anthologies to magazines, including Devolution Z Horror Magazine, which featured his cryptid tale The Highland Thing in their Bigfoot Special Edition in December of 2015, notable for being his first published piece of horror fiction.
He considers himself a purveyor of “less is more” horror, relying on his character driven brand of horror to entertain the reader, rather than resorting to shock tactics, though he is not averse to giving literary birth to tales and characters that may make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, or have you looking over your shoulder; or leaving your bedside light on at night.
With sequels to The Journal Of Cinnamon Paige, Un-Death by Chocolate wandering the corridors of his mind waiting to escape, a collection of his short stories in the pipeline and a collection of his dark, bittersweet poetry also being nurtured, he hopes that the literary candy that he offers is to your liking, and he hopes that you have a sweet tooth.
Enjoy the sugar rush.

Ryan also answered a few questions for the post …..

Interview Questions.

  1. Did you grow up reading a lot?
  2. The short answer is Yes. The longer answer is Yes, with my first introduction to horror being James Herbert’s The Rats. From there I was hooked on horror and soon discovered Stephen King, Dean Koontz and many other authors who would inspire and entertain me. Books to me, like many people, became a form of escape.
  3. Did you have a favourite book growing up, and do you have a favourite book now?
  4. Once again James Herbert’s The Rats was an early favourite of mine, followed some years later by Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers (probably an unpopular choice, as not many people seem to like this book). Both of these books would be superseded by Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, which remains as my favourite horror/speculative fiction book to date.
  5. Did you always want to be a writer?
  6. Not at all. Like most kids, when I was young I wanted to be something glamorous and exciting (not that being a writer isn’t both those things), which initially was an astronaut, then I wanted to be a stuntman, followed by wanting to be an actor, but I’m way too shy and introverted to have ever become an actor. Being a writer seemed the natural progression, allowing me to enjoy that same kind of escapism whilst being able to enjoy the relative privacy of hiding behind my laptop.
  7. What do you think you would be doing if you didn’t start writing?
  8. I’d probably be stuck in some totally unfulfilling job, with an arsehole of a boss and dreaming of how I could break free from the monotony of the rat race.
  9. Do you think that there are any topics that are off limits to write about?
  10. For some writers this is seemingly not the case, for me however I would never write about graphic cruelty to children or animals. To hint at it, in context, is OK but I would never glorify abuse towards children or animals. Nor would I write about rape/sexual abuse in any graphic manner. Extreme horror is just not my cup of tea. I’ve read some, and frankly I wasn’t impressed.
  11. Who inspires you? Who are some of your influences?
  12. There’s nobody in particular who I would cite as an inspiration to me (without sounding arrogant), other than any author who is able to weave a story that captivates my imagination. It seems trite to mention the likes of Stephen King or JK Rowling, but their unprecedented success is inspirational. With regards to influences I don’t really have any. I like to think that I write my own kind of stuff without it perhaps being a watered down version of someone else, but the Odd Thomas character created by Dean Koontz probably influenced my desire to write what I like to call less is more, character driven horror.
  13. What does a day of writing look like for you?
  14. In all truthfulness there is no such thing as a typical day of writing for me. It’s never been a 9.00 to 5.00 gig. With a wife, two kids, and three dogs to contend with I fit in writing as and when I can, and when inspiration strikes. Ideas present themselves to me all the time, sometimes late at night when I’m led awake in bed, and when this happens I will grab my phone and try and do some development on the idea whilst it is still fresh in my mind. I’m kind of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy.
  15. Do you have a favourite place/time to write?
  16. The simple answer to that is no, not really. Unlike some authors who have their “office/writing den” you’ll usually find me sat on the couch writing, trying to ignore the various distractions. I don’t want to have to lock myself away in a room to write. I enjoy the company of my family too much, albeit a bit of a distraction. It’s always nice to have someone around to bounce ideas off.
  17. How do you think the Classics inspire today’s young authors?
  18. I think that many of the authors writing today are influenced in their own way by the likes of Poe and Lovecraft and Stoker, but the really talented ones are those that can take inspiration from the Classics and give them a modern twist and stamp their own authority on the Classic mythos. Whilst horror has evolved, and in some cases mutated, it is nice to see that many authors still look to the Old Masters for inspiration. They knew how to weave a tale without turning it into an orgiastic debacle.
  19. If you could live in ANY book for a day…Which book/character? Why?
  20. We’re once again coming back to Odd Thomas. One of the things that I loved about Odd Thomas was the love story element of it between Oddy and Bronwyn “Stormy” Lewellyn. I would dearly love to be Odd Thomas for that one fateful day in Pico Mundo and be able to save Stormy. If that makes me sound like a romantic sap, so be it.
  21. Tell us about Cinnamon Paige. How did you come up with her and her story?
  22. Now you’re talking Tina. My favourite subject to wax lyrical about. As with many of my story ideas I often come up with the title first, and then the idea for the story will develop from there. That was kind of the scenario with Cinnamon Paige and Un-Death by Chocolate. Initially she was to be called Paige Turner (a little literary play on words), but there was already a character in existence by that name, so I decided to drop the Turner, make Paige her surname and gave her the Christian name of Cinnamon (one of my favourite scents). So, that was the protagonists name sorted, next for the story. My favourite horror icon is Zombies. I’m one of those weirdos that would actually welcome a Zombie Apocalypse. So I decided that I wanted to write a story with Zombies at the heart (or brains) of it. But, I also wanted to explain how the Zombies came to be, as some zombie novels didn’t seem to bother going into the background of the outbreak. You may or may not be familiar with the chocolate cake by the name of Death By Chocolate? Well, I figured as Zombies are the Un-Dead lets make it Un-Death by Chocolate. So then I had to put all the ingredients together so to speak, including why people were eating the chocolate from Cocoa Loco (Cinnamon’s mum and dad’s chocolate shop), dying and then coming back from the dead with a bad case of the munchies. A little bit of Voodoo was the final ingredient needed for the brown stuff to hit the fan, and on this occasion I’m not talking about chocolate.
  23. How long did it take you to write her?
  24. If I’m being honest with myself it took a lot longer than it should have done, but real life got in the way and The Journal of Cinnamon Paige, Un-Death by Chocolate was side-tracked for some time. I can’t give you an exact timeframe of how long it took me to write, but let’s just say that I’m not the most prolific of writers. I see the daily word counts that some authors churn out and it makes me feel somewhat inferior.
  25. Any future books with her planned?
  26. Absolutely. It was always my plan for The Journal of Cinnamon Paige, Un-Death by Chocolate to be the first in a series of misadventures to befall Cinnamon. I currently have ideas for the next two instalments in the series, with the immediate sequel being called The Journal of Cinnamon Paige, and the Death Metal Messiahs,which is about Cinnamon’s run in with a Death Metal band by the name of Cannibal Wedding who are all demons. I am currently working on this. And the follow up to this will be The Journal of Cinnamon Paige, and the Graveyard Ghoul, where Cinnamon discovers that a spate of grave robbings is down to the fact that a Ghoul has taken up residence in the local graveyard.
  27. Do you Facebook and/or Twitter?
  28. I have both a Facebook and Twitter account. Though I used to be more active on Twitter, these days Facebook seems to be the social media platform where I spend most time. If you look for @ryanwoodsauthor on either platform that’s where you’ll find me.
  29. Do you have a dream co-writer?
  30. I’ve always found the concept of co-writing somewhat strange and alien to me. I’ve always wondered exactly how the two authors go about the joint creative process. That being said, I have been talking to a fellow author recently about collaborating on a joint short story collection, each of us individually creating six short stories with a thirteenth story being co-written between us, so that should prove interesting. With regards to a dream co-writer I’d have to say anyone whose creative thought process is akin to mine and who understands where I’m coming from.
  31. What advice would you give today’s authors?
  32. I’m probably not the best qualified to give advice, but I’d say write what you want to write and be true to yourself. Don’t try and write what you think you should write. Write what you love. If you don’t love what you write, how can you expect anybody else to love it? I could have placed The Journal of Cinnamon Paige, Un-Death by Chocolate with a publisher long before I did, but none of them shared my vision of Cinnamon Paige, and I wasn’t willing to change her to fit into who they wanted her to be. She’s my creation. My baby. And I wouldn’t change the way that I wrote her no matter what. I breathed life into her, and in return she breathed life into me.
  33. On a funny, personal note…When is the cookbook coming out?
  34. Without finishing this enjoyable interview on a sombre note I’d have to say that’s something I’ll have to come back to at some point in the future. Since my illness, food preparation has made me feel physically sick, so much to her chagrin my wife now does all the cooking. I hope that at some point in the not too distant future I will enjoy the process of cooking and baking again, and perhaps we’ll finally see The Bearded Baker cookbook.

On a final note Tina I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit of my writing journey with you. It has been a privilege and a pleasure.

Thank You Ryan for everything !!! My thoughts and prayers and love are with you during this fight that I know you will win!! You have lots of books and stories still in you that need to be told to the World.

Take Care everyone. Take care of each other …….

Happy Reading.


Author Spotlight: Aurelio Rico Lopez III

When I first thought about starting up my Author Spotlights again, I made a simple statement on Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in it. I was totally blown away by the response! Aurelio was one of those authors who jumped at the chance. I’m honored and glad that he did. I haven’t had a chance to read any of Aurelio’s books yet but they are my TBR pile that seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Aurelio is a true HERO in today’s age of a World Pandemic and Covid 19. He is a doctor in a hospital, in his home of Iloilo, Philippines. It still amazes me that he still finds time to write! Birthing babies and horror stories! What can’t this man do??? Aurelio has many books and collections and anthologies to pick from. Be sure to check out his author page on AMAZON and his Facebook page. Links to BOTH are below.

Aurelio at work

The world has problems. Huge ones. Kaiju have destroyed the UN headquarters and have laid waste onto various cities.

The human race is flailing to survive, and the only thing standing between the kaiju and humanity’s extinction is the military might of The Academy.

As a free bonus, this novelette includes two short zombie tales from the author – “On Earth As It Is” and “Place Your Bets”!

Rated Ex (Explicit) – Contains graphic violence, strong language, war imagery, and other intense themes that may be too extreme for some readers. Reader discretion is therefore advised.

This beauty is on KINDLE UNLIMITED and KINDLE ($0.99)

Raising Hell is a dark, humorous tale of a man who wakes up on a rickety boat, captained by a monster from Hell. Throw in a demon with a peculiar affliction, a feisty demon mother, a case of mistaken identity, and a mission against impossible odds, and you’ve got yourself a rollercoaster ride bound for Hell.

Better strap in.

Available in KINDLE UNLIMITED / PAPERBACK $6.99 / KINDLE $0.99

The world is not what it seems. Deadly creatures masquerade as humans living among us.
Erik Barrientos is a mangkukulam, a human tasked to maintain the balance between those who are human and those who aren’t. All is well until the body of a young woman is discovered in a city dumpster. As if that isn’t bad enough, the woman wasn’t human.
Suddenly, Erik finds himself caught in the middle of a power struggle among depraved beings, including a vile and powerful creature—one he has never had to face before.

profession and forced to face the harsh reality that sometimes… you can’t bury the past.


I simply LOVE the cover to this book!!!!

Aurelio took time out of his ever busy schedule to answer a few questions for me! THANK YOU!!

1 Did you grow up wanting to be a writer?

I enjoyed writing at an early age. I’m not sure you’d consider that wanting to be a writer, but I certainly had fun doing it. When I was twelve, I used to write stories in a notebook. Then I’d ask a classmate to illustrate the stories.

2 How old were you when you decided to write?

I think the moment when I really decided to write was when Crowded Quarantine Press accepted my zombie novella Food for the Crows for publication. I must have been 20, maybe a little older. By then, I had written a fair number of short stories and poems, some of which found their way to anthologies and various online and print publications.

3 Who are some of your influences?

Off the top of my head, I enjoy reading Brian Keene, Joe Lansdale, F Paul Wilson, and Jeff Strand. My biggest influence has to be Dean Koontz though. I read The Vision when I was in fifth grade, and I’ve been hooked to the horror genre ever since.

4 How many books do you currently have available?

I must have over 20 novellas and poetry collections in circulation right now. Most of them are available on Book Depository and Amazon.

5 I know you have a day job. How do you find the time to write?

I’m a physician by profession, so that takes up a large chunk of my time. However, I truly believe that if you’re passionate about something, you’ll find time for it. When it comes to writing, sometimes, I might get to sneak in an hour’s worth of writing a day. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a few hours.

6 With your books, where should a new fan start reading?

Raising Hell (Stitched Smile Publishing ). A lot of readers seem to like that one, and I had so much fun writing it.

7 If you could change anything in your books, would you? What would you change?

I’m lucky because I’m pretty happy with the way most of my books have turned out. Unfortunately, even with well-trained eyes, an editor can miss a typo or two, but I guess that part can’t be helped.

8 Do you have a favorite POV to write from?

Third or first person point of view, definitely. I once wrote a story entitled Flee for an anthology called Book of Shadows, Volume One (Brimstone Press). My piece was written in second person point of view, and while the editor enjoyed it, a few readers didn’t because of the POV.

9 Do you have a favorite time of day / spot to write?

I’ll take whatever time I’ve got, too be honest. I’m not picky. Mostly, though, I do my writing late at night on the couch while my wife is asleep. Other times, I’ll write in a cafe where the coffee is good and strong.

10 How do you think the Classics inspire today’s authors?

I think the classics continue to inspire literature today. I know books such as Matheson’s I Am Legend (a classic, depending on how old you are) and Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde drove me to improve myself as a writer. When I was growing up, my mother taught classic literature, so I became familiar with Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, and Mark Twain at an early age. Though Frost and Twain may not have contributed to my wanting to become a horror writer, they certainly made me fall in love with English language.

11 If you could meet any author (past or present), who would you like to meet?

Just one?

I’d really like to meet Dean Koontz or Stephen King.

12 What would be the title of your Autobiography and who would play you in a movie?

I don’t think I’d ever write an autobiography. My life just isn’t that exciting. BUT, if I did write one, I’d call it Touch my Doughnut and I’ll Cut You. At least the title’s catchy. Jack Black can play me in the movie and in the Netflix series spin-off.

13 Do you think that there is any topic that is or should be off limits to write about?

I don’t think any topic is off limits when it comes to literature. There’s always a sub-genre or niche for something, no matter how bizarre. Even horrible writing gets published sometimes.

14 What is your all-time favorite book and author?

The answer to that changes constantly.


I’m on Facebook a lot. I used to have a Twitter and IG account, but I realized I was spending more time on social media than writing.

16 What advice would you give to future authors?

Write the book you want to write, but have the humility to accept constructive criticism. Read, and read some more. Read outside your genre. Pick up books from authors you haven’t read before. There are some gems out there, believe me. Most importantly, have fun.

Here you go Dear Readers, a new author to read!! Buy em, Read em, Review em !!

Thank you again Aurelio for letting me spot light you and your books.

Happy Reading




To say that I am overly excited about this post, is an understatement. I am fairly new to Josh and his books. I first became aware through a co-worker of mine. We are always asking each other what book we are currently reading, if we had read anything good lately or if we had seen the most recently released movie. That’s how I heard about Josh Malerman and BIRD BOX. I didn’t have Netflix at the time, so no, I hadn’t seen it yet. Found out it was based on a book, so I went shopping on Amazon and bought the E-book. Promised myself that I would watch the movie after I had finished the book. Both, to me are simply awesome….more on both a little later. I started following Josh on Twitter and Facebook (I couldn’t send a friend request, he was at the 5k max) and learned as much as I could about his books. I’m not sure when I said it, but I had joked that he needed to vote someone off the island so I could send a friend request. LOL Next time I checked his Facebook page, there was only 4999 friends. Sorry, NOT sorry to the one voted off. Then came SCARES THAT CARE ( ) 2019. I was super excited that Josh was going to be there for the first time. My fangirling was out in full force….. sorry. My sister and I had arrived in Williamsburg, VA mid Thursday. SCARES runs from Friday to Sunday. If you ever get the chance to go …. GO!! It’s a beautiful charity weekend and its for an amazing cause. Anyways, I wasn’t feeling all that great, so sis and I were sitting down in the lobby just people watching (which by the way is just so much fun). I had my tablet with me, but wasn’t really reading. I happen to look up, and standing at the front desk was Josh and his lovely partner Allison. The above picture of Josh was taken by the lovely Allison.  I certainly didn’t want to get caught watching, so I would look up, look back at my tablet, look at my sister and giggle and whisper “Josh is here. Josh is here”…. and start the cycle all over again. Josh and Allison finish up and start to walk away and past where sis and I were sitting. I just happen to look up and catch Josh’s eye. He stops! I smile. He walks over to where we are sitting and says something along the lines of “I know you from Facebook right?” Yes. I’m Tina Marie.  “That’s right” … and the hugging starts! Wheeeee! I had to apologize quick, I had been fighting dizzy spells for 2 days by that time (they lasted the whole weekend), and almost knocked Josh and myself to the floor. Josh and Allison are two of the nicest people ever!!! OMG. She is beautiful as he is handsome. Stood around and chatted for a bit and it completely made my day.  I believe I bought every book that Josh had available that weekend, and every time my sister and I saw them, we always got a Hello / How are you? from them. Another fond memory from that weekend, on Sunday just as the weekend was winding down, we saw Josh and Allison walking around in the other first floor ballrooms from where Josh was set up, talking with other authors and passing out the books he had left. Was so cool to see. joshandi

So, That is my story of meeting Josh Malerman. It is a day that I will never forget.

Josh’s most popular book is BIRD BOX. As I said it was made into a Netflex movie staring Sandra Bullock. It centers around a city in Michigan (where Josh and Allison live – me too lol) where people are all of a sudden going mad at seeing these creatures that have taken over the city and would in turn commit suicide. What makes this book and movie so different, is that the “creatures” are never described. Your imagination takes over and sets you on edge!

Something is out there . . .

Something terrifying that must not be seen. One glimpse and a person is driven to deadly violence. No one knows what it is or where it came from.

Five years after it began, a handful of scattered survivors remain, including Malorie and her two young children. Living in an abandoned house near the river, she has dreamed of fleeing to a place where they might be safe. Now, that the boy and girl are four, it is time to go. But the journey ahead will be terrifying: twenty miles downriver in a rowboat—blindfolded—with nothing to rely on but her wits and the children’s trained ears. One wrong choice and they will die. And something is following them. But is it man, animal, or monster?

Engulfed in darkness, surrounded by sounds both familiar and frightening, Malorie embarks on a harrowing odyssey—a trip that takes her into an unseen world and back into the past, to the companions who once saved her. Under the guidance of the stalwart Tom, a motely group of strangers banded together against the unseen terror, creating order from the chaos. But when supplies ran low, they were forced to venture outside—and confront the ultimate question: in a world gone mad, who can really be trusted?

Interweaving past and present, Josh Malerman’s breathtaking debut is a horrific and gripping snapshot of a world unraveled that will have you racing to the final page.

BIRD BOX is available is all formats – Hardcover, paperback, audio and kindle

My next book that I read of Josh’s was INSPECTION. I have never read a book like this before. A story about a group of boys living together and studying together to be the best of the best. As the truth comes out, things begin to unravel and there is no stopping it. I truly loved this book. The twists and turns you come across, you won’t see coming and that ending!

J is a student at a school deep in a forest far away from the rest of the world.

J is one of only twenty-six students, all of whom think of the school’s enigmatic founder as their father. J’s peers are the only family he has ever had. The students are being trained to be prodigies of art, science, and athletics, and their life at the school is all they know—and all they are allowed to know.

But J suspects that there is something out there, beyond the pines, that the founder does not want him to see, and he’s beginning to ask questions. What is the real purpose of this place? Why can the students never leave? And what secrets is their father hiding from them?

Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, in a school very much like J’s, a girl named K is asking the same questions. J has never seen a girl, and K has never seen a boy. As K and J work to investigate the secrets of their two strange schools, they come to discover something even more mysterious: each other.

INSPECTION is available in all formats – Hardcover, Paperback, Audio and Kindle


Check out his author page at AMAZON.  Search JOSH MALERMAN

Josh’s newest book that was just recently released is MALORIE: book 2 to BIRD BOX. I have started reading this on my kindle. I think I am just hitting chapter 10. It is just as good, if not better then the first. The first couple chapters take place two years after then end of BIRD BOX, then it jumps to ten years. Malorie and the kids, teenagers really, are on another suspenseful adventure.

Twelve years after Malorie and her children rowed up the river to safety, a blindfold is still the only thing that stands between sanity and madness. One glimpse of the creatures that stalk the world will drive a person to unspeakable violence.

There remains no explanation. No solution.

All Malorie can do is survive—and impart her fierce will to do so on her children. Don’t get lazy, she tells them. Don’t take off your blindfold. AND DON’T LOOK.

But then comes what feels like impossible news. And with it, the first time Malorie has allowed herself to hope.

Someone very dear to her, someone she believed dead, may be alive.

Malorie has already lost so much: her sister, a house full of people who meant everything, and any chance at an ordinary life. But getting her life back means returning to a world full of unknowable horrors—and risking the lives of her children again.

Because the creatures are not the only thing Malorie fears: There are the people who claim to have caught and experimented on the creatures. Murmerings of monstrous inventions and dangerous new ideas. And rumors that the creatures themselves have changed into something even more frightening.

Malorie has a harrowing choice to make: to live by the rules of survival that have served her so well, or to venture into the darkness and reach for hope once more.

MALORIE is available in all formats – Hardcover, Paperback, Audio and Kindle

Josh took time out of his very busy schedule to answer a few (LOL) questions for me. THANKS JOSH!! You are a rock star! He is! He’s in a band…. The High Strung, you can listen to them via Pandora and / or Spotify ( I listen to both )

Did you do a lot of reading growing up?

Yes. There was a contest called the Pine Tree Book something or other and how it worked was you had to prove, by way of book reports, how many books you read. And I was always beat by these three girls. But I remember feeling enormous pride when they called my name for fourth place. I also remembering my parents’ reaction when I read, for the first time, a book on my own, from beginning to end. Sometimes I think that moment, and their reaction, started this whole wild life.

Did you have a favorite book growing up?

I loved the Bunnicula series. The Howliday Inn. The Celery Stalks at Midnight. James Howe blew my mind in those days. Thinking of revisiting him now.

Did you grow up always wanting to be a writer / musician?

A writer, yes. I had no musical leaning or notion whatsoever. But all my best friends did. They were already playing when we were ten years old. When we turned 19 they more or less asked me to play along, to write music, since I wrote stories and poems. That’s 19 year old logic for you, but it worked. And soon as I realized you could play two chords on an organ and sing a poem, I was smitten.

How old were you when you wrote your first book?

I was 29. From ages 19-29 I “failed” at four of them. And by failed I only mean I didn’t finish. One made it 300 pages, but I just didn’t know how to end it. Then, at 29, a breakthrough. Now I’m working on book 33.

What does a day of writing look like for you?

Depends on the book. Some are written in the morning, some at night. But it does seem like the sessions are uniform for the duration of each book. The time of day changes between books, and the word count, too. But in and of itself each book becomes a pattern, a series of uniform sessions.

Do you play a soundtrack while writing or do you like the silence?

Almost always play a soundtrack. I have a holy-shit collection of horror movie soundtracks on vinyl and I just roll them all day.

Ever get writers block? How do you deal with it?

I don’t get it. Never will. To me, writer’s block is invisible. So is the bullet that comes out of your finger when you make a gun with your hand. So I say kill it. Kill writer’s block.

If you could change anything in any of your books would you? What would you change?

Hmm. Well, after wrapping Bird Box I wondered if it would’ve been more powerful for them to have ended up in a house no different really than where they started. Not the same house, but a house full of people trying to figure shit out all over again. That, to me, could’ve been devastating. At the same time, it might’ve felt too clever.

You write, you sing. You have the movies, and Creepshow. Is there anything you haven’t done that you want to do?

I wanna direct a movie. I’m planning on it. I’ll turn one of the books that I haven’t released yet into a movie. Working on that as we speak!

What inspired BIRD BOX?

Two things really: 1) a still image of a woman and two kids, blindfolded, navigating a river, and 2) the idea that a person could go made if they attempted to fathom infinity. It scares me, the idea of “infinity personified.” As if a concept above our heads could ring our doorbell, sit on our porch swing, enter our home and heads.

Who would you like to see playing you in a movie about your life? What would the title be?

Ha! Well… I’d like a really funny Jewish dude (or girl!) to play me. So let’s say Janeane Gorafalo. I don’t even know if she’s Jewish but I feel her, you know? And I think it could be called:  Inspiration is a Monster

Do you have a dream co-author?

I’d like to write a book with John Taff. Jonathan Janz. Sarah Pinborough. I mean, I’d also be totally freaked out to write a book with anyone. But those three would be fascinating for different reasons.

If you could live in any book for a day, which book would it be?

Moby Dick. I wanna be out to sea with Ahab. I don’t wanna talk to him necessarily. But I wanna see that obsession up close.

What’s up next for you?

Working on a new book now. a script, too. Also Creepshow season 3. And A House at the Bottom of a Lake comes out wider in December. And with the band: we were recording two albums when the lockdown hit. So… as soon as we can, we gotta wrap those!

For new readers, How many books do you have available? Which one should they start with and do you have any new releases soon??

So I have 9 books out. I’m not sure which to start with. I think Bird Box is an excellent how-do-you-do. But I think Goblin and Unbury Carol are for the more colorful set.

Who are some of your influences? Who inspires you?

Too many to name! Lately it’s been Joe Dante, Toni Morrison, Philip Roth.

How do you think the Classics inspire today’s young authors?

Well, for me, the real fun began when I realize that the classics aren’t as dense as they are billed to be. There’s a reason these books are beloved through the ages. They’re not only brilliant, but readable.

We met for the first time last year at SCARES THAT CARE ( ) in Williamsburg Virginia. Any plans of going to future Charity Weekends??

Absolutely! And how fun was that? I loved it. Yes, all the plans. And this lockdown is making me wanna spend a year on the road.

Do you ……… Facebook / Twitter / Instagram ?

Yeah. It’s all Josh Malerman. No fancy handles. I guess i am the only Josh Malerman in the world.

Any advice for future writers?

Yes: remove the words “good” and “bad” from your head. They mean nothing when it comes to writing that first draft of a novel. Think spirit over vocabulary. Feel over form. And you don’t have to express yourself in full in every book. It’s okay for a book to show only a part of you.

Well, there you have it dear readers. My dream interview!! Thank You again Josh for letting me spotlight YOU and your amazing books!!


Happy Reading




Author Austin James

AustinHI Readers!

I’d like to introduce you to Austin James. Austin is a new friend and author. Recently met on Facebook. Austin is kind and warm.  We have chatted a few times, and I am truly looking forward to connecting with Austin more and reading his books. I have recently finished his book of dark poetry titled SHRAPNEL. Shrapnel is moving and emotional. Philip LoPresti said in the introduction page of Shrapnel, “Austin’s words have wounds, and blood, and depth, and emotion beyond any poetry”. I totally agree with this! The very first poem, 22,409 is completely heartbreaking. The first line “Ten things I don’t want to talk about …. “. The list is about what someone would not want to talk about as they process the loss of a loved one, a wife, maybe. The pain just comes off the page. Another moving poem is BULLETPROOF. A guy contemplating suicide and in the end saves his own life. Beautiful and moving.  The whole book is dark, moving, heartbreaking and beautiful. I do hope you give it a read!!

Shrapnel is available in paperback $6.99 Kindle Unlimited & Kindle $1.99

Austin has a complete list of his books on his author page at Be sure to check him out.

Austin took time out of his busy schedule to answer a couple questions for me.

  1. At what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?  First grade, so six? My teacher said, “when you write, anything can happen”…that’s all it took.
  2. What was the first thing you wrote and how old were you?  I think it was a poem in first grade. It won (something?) so I had to read it from a stage in front of a crowd one evening at the local high school, along with other winners of various ages. I remember my classmate read a poem as well. Hers felt more complex than mine, and she was surely more confident in what I’d think to be her first poetry reading. While we awaited our turns, I glimpsed her poem and saw a little unicorn drawn next to the actual word so she wouldn’t stumble while reading. I, on the other hand, had no problem with the spelling of “unicorn”—a realization that gave me just enough courage to speak into the microphone when the time came.
  3. Who are some of your influences?  It’s been an evolution, and probably always will be. First it was Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time series) in my teens. Bukowsky in my early twenties. Then it was Palahnuik for a while. Now it’s Stephen Graham Jones—a god among men, as far as I can tell.
  4. Did you read a lot growing up?  Not really, actually. I played with action figures too much.
  5. Do you have a favorite childhood book?  The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman, a novella I had to read for school when I was ten or so. It was the first book I ever read in a single day.
  6. Do you have a favorite time of day to write? A favorite spot to write?  Writing Shrapnel was torture. I was trying to survive some dark days, the darkest I’ve ever known. These poems are a bloodletting, something that kept me alive, even if barely. So writing was very sporadic—pouring myself onto the page at any given time, whether in the evening after work, at 2:30 AM when sweating myself awake, entire poems jotted into my phone at a stoplight…
  7. Is there anything you love and/or hate about writing?  All of it is a love/hate thing for me.
  8. How many books do you have available?  Three. Shrapnel, my newest, is the only pure poetry collection—the most vulnerable I’ve ever let myself be. Before this came Indistinct Conversations, a collection of fiction (and a few poems). My first book was a short novella with a few stories tacked on back called The Drip Drop Profit and Other Stories.
  9. What would be the title of your Autobiography?  “Mass Psychogenic Illness”. It’s a term I stumbled upon recently but seems very relevant to this question.
  10. If you could meet any author (living or dead) who would it be?  Stephen Graham Jones.
  11. What advice would you give to young upcoming authors?  If you don’t believe your current WIP is going to be the best piece you’ve ever written, you’re probably working on the wrong project. 



There you have it Readers, Author Austin James! Give him a read!!!!! I am really looking forward to his other books. Thank you Austin for letting me Spotlight you and your books. YOU ROCK !!!!

Stay tuned, Author Spotlights are back and the list is AMAZING!!!

Happy Reading!!


Too Close To The Flame by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

TO CLOSE TO THE FLAME is the newest release by husband team of Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood. It is their 5th published book and just as brilliant and moving as their other 4. A few posts back I wrote about Ryan and Josh and their amazing books.

Reread it here ….

All their books surround characters that, in one way or another, know each other. In TOO CLOSE TO THE FLAME, one main character is Brandon, who has been Liam’s (No Brief Affair & Legally Bound) assistant since Liam graduated from Law school, and got hired at a big law firm and when Liam (and Michael) opened their own law firm. The other is Devin. Fresh from law school, Liam’s cousin and a new hire at the law firm.

TOO CLOSE TO THE FLAME is a “dark to light” story with a beautiful Happily Ever After ending. Josh and Ryan really know how to write. As much as I love their other books, personally, this one is my favorite. I have adored Brandon from the moment we met him in the other books. He’s kind, and gentle and just all around great guy. Devin is a fairly new character. He MIGHT have been mentioned at John & Liam’s wedding in Legally Bound. I am not a 100% positive. He is just as sweet as Brandon is!

Can he ever learn to trust again??

Brandon Weber’s old boyfriend almost beat him to death. Brandon survived, but still bears the emotional scars. Eighteen months later, he has withdrawn into himself, convinced he’ll never be able to trust another man.

Devin Macadam, fresh out of law school, has an exciting new job. He is also on the lookout for just the right guy, someone to take care of and love.

When Devin shows up for the first day of work at his new office, he meets Brandon, a legal assistant there. Sparks fly, but Brandon is paralyzed by fear and isn’t about to give another man the power to hurt him again. Devin, never one to give up easily, doesn’t want to take no for an answer. Both men feel the magic, but can their relationship ever get past the friend zone?

Too Close to the Flame is a dark-to-light, sweet romance featuring out and proud gay men, lots of feels, steamy love scenes, and a wonderful happy ending.

Trigger Warning: Too Close to the Flame contains specific memories of physical abuse. That said, the book is about Brandon’s recovery and HEA romance with Devin. Our goal is to bring attention to the often neglected issue of abuse in gay relationships.

Like I said, this one is a favorite. I cried, I laughed and I cried some more. Brilliantly written with care, love and heart. I found it heart wrenching, emotional and so full of love. When you read this, be sure to have tissue handy!

Too Close To The Flame is available is paperback $12.99 / Kindle Unlimited / Kindle $3.99

Ryan and Josh took time out of their busy day to answer a few questions…. THANKS GUYS!!

How did Brandon’s backstory / abuse come about?

We knew we wanted to do a book featuring Brandon since his first appearance as Liam’s assistant in Legally Bound. As time went by, we decided that we wanted to create a unique role for Brandon, and we spent a lot of time deciding what that would be.

A friend of ours was a victim of domestic violence a few years ago. The level of ignorance surrounding that event shocked us. Some people seemed stunned that there would even be abuse within a relationship between two men, and others seemed determined to do some blame-shifting. Imagine trying to say that the person who suffers violence has “asked for it.” (Of course, anyone who knows anything about violence against women is aware that those kinds of disgusting games have been going on forever.)

Fortunately, our friend recovered physically and eventually fell for a man who has been wonderful to him. The going wasn’t easy for a while, but they loved each other and saw it through. Their relationship has made all the difference to our old friend, and they are among the happiest people we know.

We wanted to tell a story that would bring attention to the horrible problem of domestic violence within gay relationships, and also deal with the issue of trust. What does someone go through in trying to learn to trust again, and what does their partner endure?

Our friends gave their blessing to the book; we wouldn’t have written it if they had not. Too Close to the Flame is not our friends’ story, but there are distinct similarities. All of us hope that, in addition to enjoying a beautiful romance, readers will think about the deeper issues the book addresses.

If someone wanted to help somehow, what are some of the things they could do? Volunteer / Where?

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence ( does a lot of work in the area of DV against queer people (and others). There are various ways to become involved, and they need donations badly. They also offer a wealth of information and help on their website. Also, the Human Rights Campaign ( does a lot of work to promote awareness of the problem and do what they can to contribute to funding to help with it. There are many ways to become involved with HRC all over the country, and again, they need donations.

Liam and John have 2 books, and I think you’ve hinted at more but any of the other couples going to get more books?

Liam and John will probably get one more book of their own at some point. In addition, we want to do more books with the other couples we’ve written about but don’t have a definite timetable in mind. Meanwhile, there is no substitute for fresh characters and new stories, and we enjoy doing that.

As you know, characters from previous books tend to show up in our new books, in supportive roles. We are seriously considering writing an unusual romance that would deal with the entire cast of characters instead of focusing so specifically on only two men. There would definitely be romance as well as some challenges, but we think it would be a fun book to write if we can get the right angle.

One thing is for sure: you haven’t heard the last from Ryan and Josh, or from the characters you know and love.


I truly hope you give this book a read. Its worth it. I can not express enough how much I love Ryan and Josh and their books! Each more beautiful then the last!! As long as they keep writing I will keep reading.

Thank you both so very much for letting me spot light your amazing books again! You both are awesome.

Happy Reading !!!



Author Pandora Pine pt. 2


Not that long ago, dear readers, I told you about Pandora Pine. An extremely talented author that I have recently started reading. Well, a little while ago I finished her HAUNTED SOULS series…. books 6, 7, and 8. I don’t know if there will be more to this series but I hope so. I just love Copeland and Jude. Their love story is simply put, breathtaking, and I would hate to see the books end. Pandora?? Any more Cope and Jude books??????? So, after I finished HAUNTED SOULS (don’t worry, I will tell you about the books here shortly), I started in on another one of Pandora’s series. Her COLD CASE PSYCHIC series. This series centers around Tennyson and Ronan. Tennyson is psychic and Ronan is a cold case detective. Ronan seeks out Tennyson’s help in finding a missing child. The case is 7+ years old. Fireworks from the start!! I am already on book 3 and I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

On to finish what my previous blog started …….. HAUNTED SOULS books 6, 7, and 8.

Book 6 is GHOST PAIN.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is still recovering from a gunshot wound that nearly ended his life. Back at work for the first time since the shooting, Jude and Cope interview a potential client who claims he’s being haunted by an ex-boyfriend. A man, they discover, that is missing and presumed dead. Making matters worse, Cope can’t connect with the man’s spirit.

Ghost Detective Jude Byrne is torn between working the case and insisting Cope stay home to recover. After almost losing him once, Jude doesn’t want to take any chances with the second chance they have been given.

As the suspect list continues to grow, so do incidences of phantom chest pains for Cope. Convinced he’s not crazy, Cope enlists the help of Madam Aurora to make contact with the reticent spirit.

Can Jude and Cope find the killer or will the next ghost pain finish what Cope’s gunman started?

This one was, just like the others, a great read. Full of heart and soul. Hold your breath, edge of your seat, gripping, and intense emotions!

GHOST PAIN is available in Kindle UNLIMITED. Kindle price is $4.99


This one centers around Jude ………

A mysterious vision sends P.I. Jude Byrne into a near-frenzy. The skinwalker who killed his father is about to strike again. With his family in danger, Jude knows he must return to the Navajo reservation where he was raised to confront the killer head on.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is a stranger in a strange land. He doesn’t know much about the Navajo culture or his place in Jude’s family. What he does know is that his gifts aren’t welcome, even though the spirits trying to speak to him may hold the key to the killer’s identity.

As the investigation progresses, there’s something niggling at the back of Jude’s mind, a shadowy memory that could stop this evil in its tracks. Can Jude recover this ghost of a memory in time, or will the killer claim his next innocent victim?

One of my favorites, you hear more about Jude’s past and what happened to him when his father was taken / murdered when Jude was a young boy. This also brings Jude and Cope closer and their happiness just comes off the pages and you can’t help but be happy for them. All their wishes, and dreams that you learn about in the other books start to finally come true. LOVED this one!

Available in Kindle UNLIMITED. Kindle price $4.99


Ghost detective Jude Byrne is having the time of his life as a new husband and father. Lost in the shuffle of dirty diapers and late-night feedings is Cope’s birthday. Struggling to find a present for his husband, Jude is drawn to an antique, manual typewriter.

Unbeknownst to Jude, psychic Copeland Forbes has been planning to write his memoir. Eager to get started, Cope writes until he falls asleep. He’s woken by the click of the keys and a page full of song lyrics Cope knows he didn’t type.

When the typewriter continues to write, even with no one sitting at the keys, Cope realizes there must be a ghost in the machine. One who only uses hymn lyrics to communicate. Over time, the shy spirit begins to reveal clues to a powerful enemy lurking in Salem.

Will Jude and Cope solve the mystery of the ghost writer or will the evil consume them?

Another great read. Spooky and a bit creepy. Ghosts you can’t see or hear ….. I may have to reread some of these when I start to miss Cope and Jude.

Available in Kindle UNLIMITED. Kindle $4.99

I really hope you all give Pandora and her books a read!! They are brilliantly written, funny, sexy, warm, spooky, and you are just gonna hate to see them end!!! LOL Her COLD CASE PSYCHIC series is just as great!! Not knowing, I read Pandora’s books out of order. LOL Sounds like something I would do right?!?!? I won’t say too much, don’t want to spoil anything. All I will say is that you meet Tennyson and Ronan in HAUNTED SOULS. They are Jude’s best friends, and are mentioned often.

The first book in the COLD CASE PSYCHIC series is ………………………


Demoted to the cold case squad after shooting a suspect in the line of duty, Detective Ronan O’Mara knows that his career with the Boston Police Department is hanging by a thread. His first assignment is the case of Michael Frye, a five-year-old boy who has been missing for seven years. With no new leads or witnesses to interview, Ronan has to start from scratch to solve this mystery. When he sees a handsome local psychic on television, Ronan figures he’s got nothing to lose in enlisting the man’s help to find Michael.

Psychic Tennyson Grimm is riding high after helping South Shore cops find a missing child. He’s even being courted by the Reality Show Network about a program showcasing his abilities. He has no idea that his midday appointment with a customer, who instead turns out to be a police detective, is going to change the course of his life and his career.

With the blessing of the BPD, which badly needs an image make-over, Ronan is allowed to bring Tennyson in to assist with the Frye case. Being thrown together in front of cameras is never easy, but add in an emotional missing person’s investigation, a tight-lipped spirit, and a cop who’s a skeptic, and it definitely puts a strain on both men and their working relationship.

When the child’s body is found, the work to identify his killer begins. As Ronan and Tennyson get closer to solving the case, the initial attraction they feel for one another explodes into a passion neither man can contain.

Will working together to bring Michael’s killer to justice seal their fledgling bond, or will unexpected revelations in the case tear them apart forever?

Please be aware this book deals with the topic of child abuse, specifically, sexual abuse.

Oh, this one was a great yet tough read. Nobody wants to read about a kidnapped small child and the way they find his body. The killer surprised me, and I am sure it will surprise you too. Tennyson and Ronan get closer and closer as you continue to read their stories …… beautiful couple and I am really looking forward to reading all their stories.  Currently there are a total of 14 books in the COLD CASE PSYCHIC series. I am about half way through book 3 (DEAD SILENT)

DEAD SPEAK is available on Kindle UNLIMITED and Kindle $4.99


When the spirit of a young male prostitute comes to psychic Tennyson Grimm asking him to find the john who brutally murdered him, Tennyson can’t say no. Only able to communicate through the use of images, rather than words, getting any information out of the young man is frustrating and slow going.

Cold Case Detective Ronan O’Mara has been on a roll solving cases since he and Tennyson last teamed up to solve the Michael Frye case. Unfortunately, the red-hot romance that had blossomed between them during that investigation is now off in a ditch, thanks to Ronan’s self-confessed pigheadedness.

Agreeing to work together despite the rift in their relationship, Tennyson and Ronan discover they are in for more than they bargained for when more victims start to reveal themselves to Tennyson.

Realizing they might have a serial killer on their hands, the two men work tirelessly to stop this madman from killing again, but when the killer targets the son of a prominent member of the Boston Police Department, can Ronan and Tennyson save him before it’s too late?

A moving read. The reason these kids where being hunted, and how they ended up on the streets is heartbreaking. This one will stay with me for some time to come!

Available on Kindle UNLIMITED. Kindle $4.99

A little background on the covers of both series ………… Jude is always on the covers of HAUNTED SOULS books and Ronan is always on the covers of the COLD CASE PSYCHIC series. Don’t know where Pandora found these handsome hunks but WOW!! Glad she did. LOL Read Pandora Pine!! You truly won’t be sorry.



Author Pandora Pine

pandora I recently came across Pandora’s books not too long ago. I can’t remember how though, I think we are members of the same book group. A couple quick questions about her books and became fast friends. I am currently reading book 6 in her HAUNTED SOULS series, which is what I will be telling you all about in today’s post. The series centers around Copeland Forbes. A psychic and witch from New Orleans and Jude Byrne from Salem. How they meet and all the things they get into. The series is more then about ghosts, spells, hauntings and such. It’s about friends, family, and love. The emotions you will go through as you read will leave you speechless and your heart pounding. I call myself a slow reader, but I haven’t been able to stop reading about Cope and Jude. I think I’ve read books 1 – 5 in under a month. LOL. That’s a first for me. So, lets get to it …. here are Cope and Jude ……. Haunted Souls.

When a reclusive psychic shows up looking for Jude Byrne in his adopted hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, the private investigator’s walls go up instantly. Psychic or not, this mysterious man knows secrets about Jude’s past that are better left buried in the New Mexico desert. Stranger still is the personality change that comes over the flirty P.I. after he meets the newcomer.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is a man on the edge. The once popular and well-respected medium has lived in seclusion since an attack by a former student has shaken his confidence in his abilities. Sickened by an ailment no doctor can diagnose, he travels from his home in Louisiana to seek out the one man he believes he can help him, if the rumors are true.

Faced with an enemy possessing powers greater than either man has ever faced alone, will Jude and Copeland decide to work together to defeat this dark magick? Or will both men continue on as they are now, ghosts of themselves?

Book 1 is available in KU / Kindle $4.99 / Paperback $12.99

** Reading this, I instantly fell in love with Cope. There is just something about him. You are just gonna love him (and Jude) too. I just know it.

Newly-minted Ghost Detective, Jude Byrne, finally has his life in order. He’s got a job he loves, friends he can count on, and a partner he actually likes. Jude’s only problem is the growing attraction between himself and his partner. He knows nothing will sink their partnership quicker than giving in to those urges.

Psychic, Copeland Forbes, is settling nicely into Salem, Massachusetts. He and Jude have formed the perfect partnership, with the former P.I. researching the history of the places they are hired to investigate, while it’s Cope’s job to communicate with the spirits they encounter to either move them on to the other side or work out an amicable arrangement with the people now living in their home. So far, the duo has a perfect record and completely satisfied customers.

The detectives’ record is put to the test when teenager, Xavier Lewis, parks his bike outside West Side Magick and asks if Jude and Cope’s fee can be paid via weekly installments of his allowance money. When Jude tells the boy it all depends on the story he has to tell, neither detective is prepared for the tale that spills out of Xavier’s mouth. When the boy tells them about a ghostly woman in white that he thinks is trying to kill him, Jude and Copeland are all in.

The partners soon discover that not all ghosts can be reasoned with and that the risks of dealing with the paranormal are very real indeed. Will the Ghost Detectives be able to solve the mystery of the woman in white or will they become the next victims in her ghost story?

Book 2 is available in KU / Kindle $4.99

** This one was an emotional read. One never wants to see kids in danger, or being hurt. The haunting is nail-biting, edge of your seat intense.

Ghost Detective Jude Byrne has just landed in magical Key West, Florida for two weeks of fun in the sun. He’s looking forward to working on his tan instead of on haunted houses. Sitting at the hotel bar, he overhears a radio call-in show interviewing a terrified man about the harrowing experiences he had with a ghost at Casa Flores, a local bed and breakfast.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is equally thrilled to be on vacation. He’s still dealing with the effects of the Lewis case and a few weeks in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. Hearing the caller on the radio changes everything. He knows he needs to get involved with this case and places a call to PRIDE XM to offer his services to the scared young man. What starts out as a friendly phone call turns into a bet with Jude and Cope spending the night in this haunted hotel where things do, in fact, go bump in the night.

The vacationing duo soon find out they have a mystery on their hands. Casa Flores was the home of a Cuban cigar baron and his second wife. The problem was that Santiago Flores’s first wife was still alive and well back in Havana. When she learned of her husband’s betrayal, she came to Key West for revenge. In the end, mysterious deaths visited all three members of the Flores family.

Can Jude and Cope get to the bottom of what really happened at Casa Flores or will they become the latest victims in this ghost town?

Book 3 available in KU / Kindle $4.99

** This one was a fun read. Sometimes I found myself giggling. Cope and Jude were suppose to be on vacation. LOL. Just can’t help themselves. Book 1 it was personal with Cope, book 2 the ghosts were evil, this book, they just didn’t know better I think.

Be careful what you witch for…

Ghost Detective Jude Byrne is missing the excitement of the high-profile investigations he and his partner have been handling. Every time the bell jingles over the shop door, he finds himself hoping it’s their next big case. Jude gets his wish and then some when Anson Hollister, curator of the Salem Witch House, walks into West Side Magick with a frightening story to tell. He’s been visited by the spirit of Thatcher Webb, the judge who’d presided over the Salem Witch Trials, sentencing nineteen innocent women to hang.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is enjoying the slower pace of life with Jude. Back from vacation and settled into their new house, he’s content working cases that don’t make him want to sleep with the lights on. Agreeing to take Anson’s case, Cope becomes violently ill on a trip to investigate The Witch House, making him fear there is something more sinister involved rather than the simple haunting Anson described.

With no sign of Thatcher Webb’s spirit, the investigation is at a near standstill, until warlock Callum Churchill, who’s ancestor, Abigail, was one of Thatcher Webb’s victims, disappears on a visit to The Witch House. Can Jude and Cope find the missing witch and put a stop to the diabolical goings on or will they become the next spirits haunting the ghost house?

Available in KU / Kindle $4.99

** An enjoyable read. Kept me on the edge of my seat. The ghost was extra spooky and the house was too!! One scene (no spoilers from me), had me holding my breath and had my heart rate up! OMG!

Psychic Copeland Forbes can’t get a good night’s sleep. His dreams are being haunted by two restless spirits, one crying out for his help and the other bent on destroying him. Only able to communicate through dreams, the anguished spirit gives Cope just enough information to send him running back home to New Orleans to solve the mystery.

Ghost Detective Jude Byrne is against Cope going back to The Big Easy. It was trouble as long as the Mississippi that sent Copeland fleeing New Orleans in the first place but, if Cope insists on going, Jude is going with him. To make the mission as safe as possible, Jude puts together a team of psychics, warlocks, and detectives he’s hoping are strong enough to keep everyone, namely Cope, safe.

When the spirits’ identities are revealed, tragedy strikes a member of the ghost detective team. Will help arrive in time or will they be left with only the ghost of a chance?

Available in KU / Kindle $4.99

** This one was the most emotional book and my personal favorite. The torture / nightmares that Cope goes through are so gripping. I was left floored when the identity of one of the ghosts is figured out. The other, OMG! I didn’t see THAT twist coming. At one point I was just sobbing and broken. This one will stay with me for some time to come.

I just recently started book 6. As all the others, I am enjoying every word. Pandora is a very talented writer. All of her books are filled with love, hope, family, friends and ghosts. What could possibly go wrong?!?!? LOL. Join me on this journey and find out.

Pandora took time out of her busy writing schedule to answer a few questions for this post. THANK YOU PANDORA !!!

1. At what age did you know you wanted to be an author?
From middle school on, I was always the kid who was excited to get writing assignments. I’ve always loved reading and would wonder if I could grow up to do that one day. It wasn’t until after my 40th birthday when I decided to give it a try as something more than a hobby.

2. What are your likes / dislikes about writing?
There are no dislikes when it comes to writing. I love the entire process from getting thunderstruck with an idea, to when the characters introduce themselves, through the plotting, writing, editing, and finally pressing the button to publish. If a dislike ever cropped up, I would know that was the time to walk away. For me, writing has always been an absolute joy.

3. How many books do you have published? Where would be a good start to a reader new to your books?
Ghost Writer, which will be out sometime in June will be my 65th book. If you’re interested in psychic/paranormal stories, start with Dead Speak, book one in the Cold Case Psychic series. You’ll love meeting Tennyson and Ronan for the first time. If you’re into contemporary series, try Pillow Talk, it’s book one of the On The Radio series. Lastly, if you’re interested in First Responders, try Gunnar’s Guardian. This is book one in the Protect and Serve series about five foster brothers who save people for a living.

4. What are you currently working on?
Ghost Writer is with my editor. I’m hoping it will be available within the next two weeks. I’m about to sit down and start writing Deacon’s Defender, book two in the Protect and Serve series. It’s about a fire captain on the hunt for an arsonist. He believes the firebug is mild mannered newspaper reporter, Deacon Fairbanks. Is Deacon the arsonist? Will Ozzy give in to the burning desire simmering between him and Deacon? We’ll all find out in July when the book debuts! I’ve also been asked to be a part of Heart2Heart volume four, which features paranormal stories. Look for that in July.

5. Do you …. Instagram / twitter / facebook / website ?


Pandora’s Box:


Thank you again Pandora for letting me spotlight your amazing books and do a short interview. Its amazing getting to know you through Cope and Jude and the gang of HAUNTED SOULS. How I wish I could move next door to them. 🙂 I am really looking forward to reading all your other books too! Five down, Sixty to go!! LOL.


Happy reading everyone.

Be Safe, Take Care.


Author Noah Steele

100103859_3341693962529270_4849384961880358912_oNoah Steele is another new author for me. When I had finished Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood books, I had asked whom should I read next. Everyone said NOAH STEELE. Looked him up and found these pretty amazing books. Noah is a new friend that I have added on Facebook once I looked him up and started reading his books. He’s witty, charming, kind, and a true gentleman who lives in Toronto with his equally handsome boyfriend. Noah has posted on Facebook, his beautiful view from his writing desk. What a beautiful sight to see! How does he get any work done is beyond me. LOL Noah is busy writing the final book in this series. I’m looking forward to the book and not looking forward to the end of the series. It is beautifully written, and so full of love and heart and emotion …. OMG! You will laugh and you just may cry a time or two also. All the books are linked in more than one way. They all take place in the same city. One of the main characters in each book are all best friends and work together. They are all in each other’s stories and a part of each other’s world. It’s awesome. You will come to know and love each couple as you read on in the series.



Aiden Reed is stuck in a major boy rut.

Every date ends in something worse than disaster—boredom.

That is, until star racer Derrek Luna crashes the end of a terrible date at Aiden’s cozy bookstore. Derrek’s confident charm and killer good looks throw Aiden’s quiet, cautious world into chaos when he says he wants a shot at Aiden’s heart.

Derrek is sure Aiden is different. He’s sure Aiden won’t just vanish without a word. Not like the others did. But the closer Derrek gets to the man who charmed him without a word from across a crowded room, the more his life on the track threatens to keep them apart.

Aiden is ready to take the risk—he thinks.

What if Aiden’s panic attacks scare Derrek away?

What if Derrek’s ghosts come back to haunt him?

…what if it doesn’t matter because they’re already in love?

RACING INTO LOVE is available in all formats. Kindle Unlimited / Kindle $3.99 / Paperback $14.99


When daydreamer Oliver Park falls—literally—into the arms of a boy he’s never seen at the coffee house before, the spark of mystery muscle boy Seth Kane’s touch sends him reeling.

He hasn’t felt anything like it since he was in love with his ex-boyfriend turned best friend Aiden. When Seth asks Oliver out, the immediate heat between them is too great to ignore.

But Seth is holding back.

Are stolen moments with Oliver enough, or will Seth’s growing love risk putting a target on Oliver’s back? Someone dangerous stands in the way of the new couple’s happily ever after. Someone willing to do whatever it takes to keep Seth and Oliver apart.

Can Seth get close to Oliver without letting the sweet, soft boy get too close?

What if the truth sends Oliver running scared?

Is their whirlwind romance worth the fight?

Again, in all formats. Kindle Unlimited / Kindle $3.99 / Paperback $14.99


When grief-stricken law school dropout Marc Marchand visits an art exhibit, the long-forgotten butterflies in his chest finally beat their wings again—all thanks to kind-hearted Scottish artist Connor May.

Marc has been living in a world turned gray ever since he lost the first great love of his life. But Connor fills the world with colors Marc forgot existed. He burns like a hearth melting the ice around Marc’s heart.

When Marc takes the one chance he thought he’d never take again, the two share an unexpected kiss both familiar and strange.

The sparks between them are undeniable. He’s falling for Connor, and Connor for him. But is that love strong enough for Marc to leave his grief—and his guilt—behind?

Kindle Unlimited / Kindle $3.99 / Paperback $14.99

This next book is part of the CUT TO THE FEELING Series but it is only a short story. I loved every one of the books, including this one. I wish it had been longer. I wanted to know so much more about Alex and Beckett. I’m not a hundred percent sure where CUT TO THE FEELING falls in the series. I do believe I read it after the third book.


A sudden change of academic plans throws theater nerd Beckett Benson into an unexpected partnership with campus hockey god Alex Hayes.

When Alex jumps at the chance to act in a love scene for their drama final, Beckett refuses—until Alex gives him a reason not to.

It only takes one kiss for both boys to know they want more, but with one week before their final project—and their time together—ends, will the instant spark between them burn bright or burn out?

Acts of Love is a short side story novella set in the Cut to the Feeling series as book 2.5….. Thanks to Amazon for answering my question. Read after book 2.

Kindle Unlimited / Kindle $2.99

Noah took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions ……………….

1. How did you get into writing?
I’ve been writing since I was like 10! Being an avid video-game fan and a voracious reader even in elementary school hooked me on the power and magic of stories from a really young age, and it felt natural for me to go from consuming stories and worlds created by others to letting those inform the way I started to create my own. There are probably still some of my old teenage fanfics floating around the internet! I have unpublished drafts of things that will never see light except as bits and pieces that might make it into published books now that I’m publishing professionally. I didn’t make the leap into writing as a real career until the encouragement of a friend who’d been self-publishing convinced me I could do it!
2. Did you always want to be an author?
A little yes and a little no. I did for a LONG time, but just kept hearing from people that it was a gamble, too risky, not a viable career, not something I could do full-time. Even when I shifted gears to work for publishers, all I ever kept hearing was “nobody gets involved with publishing for the money”. So I detoured a lot, but still ended up coming back to writing as both a dream and a goal. I only wish now that I’d tuned out those voices and started publishing a lot sooner. But if I did that, I don’t know if my Cut to the Feeling series would exist!
3. What do you love / hate about writing and being an author?
I love connecting with readers, talking to my fellow authors, and the buzz and community spirit that exists so strongly in M/M Romance. It’s also a lot of fun getting to dive into the heads of so many different characters while writing! I’m not sure there’s much I dislike about writing or being an author. I guess I wish we all had more hours in the day? Sometimes getting stuck can be a real pain!
4. What are your currently writing?
I’m currently writing Sounds Like Love, the final book in my new adult instalove Cut to the Feeling series. I introduced Theo as a side character in the series way back in book 1, and now he’s finally getting his happily ever after! I have another side project I’ve been quietly scribbling notes about when I’ve been stuck with Theo’s book, but I don’t want to say too much about that because I don’t know what will come from it yet! Sorry to tease!
5. Do you TWITTER / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM? How can new fans find you?
I’m on lots of social media! Here’s a link list of the best places for readers both old and new to keep up with me, my books, and my writing life:

Website + Newsletter Sign-up:

FB Page:

FB Group:





Take a chance on Noah and his amazing books. You truly won’t be sorry. Enjoy them, my dear readers!!

THANK YOU to Noah Steele for letting me showcase him and his books here. Looking forward to the new book when it comes out and telling everyone about it. Keep writing and I will keep reading!!!